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Best Crash Courses for JEE

JEE stands for Joint Entrance Examination and is the assessment for entrance to get admitted to different engineering colleges in India. There are two examinations in the concern; JEE Main and the JEE Advanced. JEE Main has replaced the AIEEE in order to get entry into the Institutes of Technology (NITs), Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs), and centrally funded technical institutes (CFTIs).

The exam is considerably less complicated as it is an entry-level exam consisting of two papers. Paper 1 is intended to get admission to Undergraduate Engineering courses at NITs, IIITs, and CFTIs. It also is the eligibility criteria for appearing for the JEE Advanced intended for entry into IITs. The eligibility criteria for writing the Entrance exam is that the student should have passed the 12th standard or the equivalent exam for qualification. The best rank or score needed for qualifying for the exam should be between 150 and 200 out of 400.

The examination is carried out across the 36 states and Union territories in India. The international students are provided with the specialized setup exam centers overseas to take the test for admission to IIT. In the case of foreign students, they have the facility to take the JEE Advanced test online. They are exempted from the JEE Mains so that they can directly register for the JEE Advanced examination.  

Considering the eligibility with the JEE exams outside India, Singapore National University is the only institute that considers the ranks in JEE Mains and Advanced.

Courses for preparing for these examinations should very well be started considerably early to ensure the best results. But there might be circumstances when the students have to opt for crash courses for preparation. Crash courses are designed with utmost care that almost all the topics have to be covered in the minimum stipulated time. They are set in such a way that the learners are able to acquire the correct understanding of concepts and problem-solving ability within the least predetermined moment in time. All these contribute to the improvement of the confidence level of the student for facing the Examination. Learning during the crash course session is of course tedious and rigorous. The program would be designed probably for the last 3 months prior to the exam. But for students who have already started the preparation can take this as an opportunity for obtaining additional concern, direction, and inspiration.

The courses provided in a short period of time would stress the clearing of concepts and principles in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM). This will ensure the desired result in JEE Main and JEE Advanced. The whole syllabus is covered efficiently to ensure success.

1. Crash Course JEE – Main

The course providers follow a systematic and thorough revision of the whole syllabus and provide examination-centered training to tackle the entrance questions successfully. The students who have just completed the 12th Board examination would have to just brush up the topics and make the concepts thorough once again with precision. The importance is given to the Main Entrance Examination of JEE – MAIN, but the coaching is apt for other engineering entrance exams as well which are conducted state-wide. The educators are well fit for the training and are experts in their corresponding field along with the good sort of experience in guiding lots of students for years leading them to victory.

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2. Online JEE Main 2020-21 Crash Course by ALLEN

The education institute provides the best way of coaching in the preparation of JEE Main. It has a great history of success in its name for a long period of time. The practice questions follow the same examination pattern as that of the recent examination prototype. As the rank in the examination is determined by the aggregate of the entrance and the Board examination marks, the coaching is designed in that format. So the children could perform well on the Board along with the entrance test. The concepts, principles, and practical problems are emphasized during the study. The alterations happening then and there are continuously monitored and incorporated in the coaching. The practice questions and the learning modules are developed by experts who ensure the wholesome comprehension of the subject matter.

The medium followed is English, but clarifications are done in a mixed language of English and Hindi. The topics are analyzed deeply from the basics so that none of the points are missed out. The interactive sessions help to improve the confidence of the learner and get the chance to converse directly with the teacher and make sure of the concepts. The students are analyzed well and their potential is identified and promoted so as to progress positively towards glory. The materials, classes, practice modes, teaching methodology, and tests make the student top in JEE Main and other engineering entrance examinations. The holistic approach by the course providers has proven its abilities to the contribution of success of students for many years.

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3. JEE 2021 Crash Course by Vedantu

The crash course by Vedantu is basically building up a strong information foundation for Math, Physics, and Chemistry. The revision for all the topics coming under each subject is taken care of with utmost care with the help of specialized tutors and excellent syllabus design. The way to manage time and the provision of instant doubt solving are also made available by the providers. The teachers are the best JEE coaches. Several sample tests are made available for the students for practice.

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4. Crash Courses for JEE by ETOOSINDIA

ETOOSINDIA provides the method of revision of the entire topics required for the JEE examination. The complete concepts and areas are covered within a prescribed time. The crash course can be opted according to the requirement for JEE Main or Advanced. The teachers are the perfect selection for each of the subjects as they have ample experience in dealing with the students who have been preparing and appearing for the entrance examinations of all domains. The students have to just follow the instructions and have a thorough and dedicated learning pattern. The following scheme is practiced; the revision is done in a quick manner, the attitude of the students is improved by special motivation sessions, the theoretical concepts are abbreviated and assorted video sessions are also made available for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

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5. JEE Crash Course by BYJU

The name BYJU itself says it all. They are putting forward the kind of crash course for JEE exams. The concepts are made thorough and enhance the problem-solving capacity in students in a short period of time. The method of preparation is rigorous, as the time is limited and the content to be completed is vast. The course has a special touch by the IIT/NIT experts dedicated to BYJU’s which helps them to have an upper hand among the other aspirants. Regular tests are conducted for practice, which helps the students to identify their weak points and strengths; on which they can build up towards improvement. The preparation for the Boards is not enough for cracking the JEE, as the mere understanding of the concepts learned as part of the school curriculum will be not sufficient to come out successful. The applications of the concepts are the significant sessions that are inevitable for ensuring a decent rank in the entrance. The problem-solving ability is the key area that has to be concentrated and certain important areas need to be covered in a minimum time interval.

The course duration is 6 to 7 weeks and can be taken by students who have completed their 12th and those who are preparing for the exam. The way of conceptualizing is through video lessons, which makes the topic thorough enough rather than just remember it. Sample question papers are provided with respect to each of the topics and concepts. The questions are put to practice several times so as to improve on the weaker areas. Time management techniques, tricks to enhance speed, confidence in facing the examination, and planning of the topics to be learned are taken care of. The student has to just concentrate on his studies and utilize the very moment of time to the fullest.  Practice, practice, and more practice is the only way to succeed in such competitive exams.  

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6. JEE Main Crash Course by Careers360

The situation of a student to opt for a crash course would be to get the most out of the program in a short time. Career 360 provides the exact requirements with scheduled learning methods, support from experts, and constant doubt-solving access with the trainers. The concepts and principles along with the application of these concepts are provided through videos lessons making the learning easy and smooth. They also provide Booster concepts for increased marks weightage. Some of the really tough concepts are explained through a different and unique way so that it remains inside the students forever. All these facilitate the student to come triumphant.

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7. Crash Course for IIT JEE by Vidyamandir

The crash course by Vidyamandir offers support with the help of teachers from all over India with the highest problem-solving abilities and improving the solution-finding skills in a limited time. The study materials are designed after scientific study of the matter. The essential techniques to pass out victoriously are also included in the course. Live classes along with constant support from teachers are available 24×7.

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8. JEE Main Crash Course by eCareerPoint

The course on the immediate understanding of all the necessary concepts and important theories would make sure that the complete syllabus is covered within the prescribed time. Recorded video lessons, notes in pdf format, question samples with solutions by experts, and sheets for self-practicing. The subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are covered systematically.

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9. JEE Main Crash Course Online by CareerOrbits

The crash course is provided online which is enriched with a quick revising strategy, any time doubt clearance method; progressive and detailed solutions for the questions, detailed notes are provided along with important concepts and definitions. The studying technique is more technological, as there is a provision to mark the questions and flag them so that they can be easily revised after coming back some other time helping to save time from searching. The study notes are specially packed in a different manner to make use of them at a rapid rate. Gap assessment is another peculiarity that enables one to have a strong grip on what needs more attention. The practice questions can be selected according to the level of each student and improve further from thereon.

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10. Akash Live Online Power Crash Course for JEE by Aakash

The course is apt for those who are aspiring for a better rank in the JEE examination. Classes are delivered as online live lecturing of about 100 hours. These are complemented by the administration of mock tests and revision sessions. The teachers are available at any time in need along with doubt clearance and recorded videos for complete access to the topics to be covered as per the syllabus which is created scientifically by experts. An analytical report is generated for each student so that they get an idea regarding the areas which need more emphasis. It can be accessed through any medium whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

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