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Best Courses on Cryptocurrency Trading

One of the most heard news these days is about cryptocurrency. There are millions of dollars made by some random fellas from Reddit by buying altcoins. Elon Musk manipulates the entire market through one tweet and he is considered to be the father of the DogeCoin (which is a crap coin comparatively). Holding crypto coins has become trendy and smart nowadays. Now let us break out of the FOMO!

When it comes to Cryptocurrency, most of them think it has only succumbed to bitcoins. Unfortunately (mark this) there are coins like Etheruem and Cardano which have more prospects than bitcoins which will beat Bitcoin anytime near the future. To understand the crypto market it is necessary to know how blockchain technology works. So it is advisable to know how a market works before you invest your bucks in Cryptocurrency. I highly recommend taking the following courses listed below and following your instincts instead of a random dude on YouTube. The below courses are handpicked by me considering their affordability, ratings and curriculum. So what are we waiting for? Let us HODL some coins which will hit the moon!

1. RocketFuel Crypto Course

It is a membership-based crypto program that is designed by one of the greatest entrepreneurs Robert Kiyosaki- the author of Rich Dad and Poor Dad. It is co-founded by Jeff Wang.

The course is a membership-based, interactive class and community to help you understand cryptocurrencies: the fundamental and advanced concepts. They have programs for amateurs, intermediates and advanced investors. They offer active telegram groups and give us a community to be highly engaged. The course has a 4.9-star rating and it is highly recommended.

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2. Introduction to Digital Currencies, University of Nicosia by Unic

Instructed by the top faculties of Nicosia University, this course is a comprehensive course designed for beginners. It is instructed by George Giaglis, Andreas Antonopoulos and Antonis Polemitis. There is no need for prior qualifications for opting for this course.

UNIC is charted number one in the world blockchain education. This course is highly endorsed since it is the first university to accept Bitcoin for Tuition Payments.

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3. Demystifying Cryptocurrency: Understanding Bitcoin and Beyond by SkillShare

SkillShare is a top class online educational platform. This particular course is designed for beginners. Generally crypto is not only about bitcoins. Several altcoins can be bought for a greater future. Vechain, Etheruem and Cardano for example.

In this course, you will learn how to do research on which coin will yield income. This online crypto currency course is best to gain an overview of the digital financial market but lacks practical aspects. Nevertheless, this course is highly recommended.

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4. Cryptocurrency Trading Course for Beginners by Show Academy

Cryptocurrency Trading Course for Beginners is a highly rated course offered by Shaw Academy. Starting from the basics like blockchain, Bitcoin, Etheruem, mining, bubble/boom just to name a few. The course is free for the next 4 weeks. There are nearly 133,206 graduates from this course

It is certified by Austin Peay State University which is globally recognized. Through this course, you will learn how to implement various investment strategies. It is a self-paced program that has a highly credible certificate.

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5. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies by Coursera

Offered by Princeton University, this course is considered to be the top-notch basic program for newbies. The course is instructed by Arvind Narayanan of Princeton University. The comprehensive course will take around 23hours to complete.

Located in New Jersey, Princeton University is one of the best Ivy League universities helping us to understand the nuances of the crypto market. Understand the blockchain technology and the technology behind Bitcoin.

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6. Learning Track: Cryptocurrency Trading for Quants by Quantra

Designed for the new age traders, this course is also beneficial for the programmers, analysts, who wish to ride the rising crypto currency markets. Quantra is a top class online platform to learn about blockchain technology.

The course is completely based on Machine Learning techniques, Statistical Arbitrage, Time Series analysis such as Hurst exponent to optimize the entry points and Long-only Momentum Strategy. The course is beneficial since the faculty will constantly answer queries of the community.

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7. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: What You Need to Know by Stanford

Offered by the top Ivy League university- Stanford School of Engineering, this course costs 195 dollars. This course will teach about the crypto craze and how to invest in the market.

A score of 85% must be achieved to successfully pass the exam. The course has featured the great Fred Ehrsam who is the co-founder of Coinbase. It is the number one crypto trading website.  After completing this course, you will learn all the potential applications for Blockchain which can change the world.

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8. Cryptocurrency by MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has offered this comprehensive course on the nuances of the crypto market. This course is highly expensive since the credibility of this course is high. The course duration is 6 weeks which excludes the orientation programme.

It is a self-paced learning course which requires an effort of 7-10hours per week. To navigate volatility, it’s necessary to demystify the real-world capabilities of crypto currency and its economic implications. This course offers a wide knowledge on these subjects. The MIT Cryptocurrency course was excellent in content, pace, hosts, guest speakers, interactive discussions, and exercises.

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9. Certified Cryptocurrency Expert™ (CCE) by Blockchain Council

Certified Cryptocurrency Expert™ (CCE) is an advanced programme that is strictly not for beginners. The CCE credential certifies an individual in the Blockchain discipline of Distributed Ledger Technology from a vendor-neutral perspective.

The training duration offered in this Blockchain Council course is 4hours. You will also have the advantage of access to Blockchain Council’s vibrant community of Blockchain enthusiasts. This course is highly recommended if you want to step up your trading game.

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 10. Cryptocurrencies and Ledgers by eCornell

This course is highly credible since it is offered by none other than Cornell University. The course is instructed by the top faculty of Cornell University: Professor Ari Juels. You will examine the design of a Cryptocurrency to understand the function of blockchains

The highlight of picking this expensive course is that Professor Ari Juels will design a theoretical Cryptocurrency from scratch to illustrate how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies use the blockchain to transfer value from person to person. After completing this course you will be able to create commercial and interpersonal connections on your own since you will be taught about the basics on blockchain tech from the scratch. This course is hands down, the top course to learn deep-rooted learning. The length of the course is just 2 weeks.

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