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Best Commercial Real Estate Courses

As the world grapples with the spiral downfall of the economy, the Real estate business is going through an unprecedented crisis. Consumer spending has changed, The value of the assets have been depreciating and Many developers can’t obtain permits they face construction delays, stoppages, and potentially shrinking rates of return. The real estate landscape may be permanently changed in the future. To adapt to the changing nature of the field, one must have some in-depth knowledge of the commercial real estate business.

Moreover, for a real estate agent or broker, to get the license one must complete the pre-licensing education requirements. With a plethora of real estate schools online, it is difficult to choose the right school. Don’t worry, you have come to the right place. We have listed the top-rated courses offered by various universities which includes ivy league courses too. The courses are chosen according to their affordability, length of the program, opportunities, availability and efficiency.

1. Real Estate Certificate Programs by Cornell University

Cornell, The ivy league university is one of the greatest universities located in New York. The University has produced many Nobel laureates, scientists and billionaires.

The Commercial estate course offered by Cornell is a six-part course that has an in-depth look at the business as a whole. The course focuses on the current trend in the real estate business. The course is designed for students who already have prior experience in the real estate business. The course focuses on preparing for the state test for licensing. It helps to develop a real estate asset management strategic plan to meet or exceed owner goals.

Every six courses prolong for 2 weeks. The duration is 3 months. I opted for all six courses, it would take 6 months. The cost of the course is relatively high. This course is highly recommended

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2. Real Estate Institute Professional Certificates Programs by Fordham University

The real estate course offered by Fordham University is one of the top courses on commercial real estate. The catholic Fordham university is located in the northeastern U.S. and it is the third-oldest university in New York.

The university offers three courses in the real estate business. They do not require application as it is a course for people who are already in the real estate field. Moreover, there is an option for a transfer credit policy. The three courses the University grants is Real Estate Finance and Investment, Real Estate Development, and Real Estate Property Management. The first course includes financial analysis and investment decisions. The second one deals with construction and development analysis and the last course deals with leases, marketing and management of real estate business. Each one is a 6-week course and it is relatively economical.

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3. Real Estate Finance Programs by the University of Arizona

The University of Arizona was chartered in 1885. It is the Top 1% of All Higher-Ed Institutions in the United States. The certificate consists of three courses which include real estate finance, Advanced Real Estate Finance and Economics for planning and real estate development.

The program is moderately expensive but the reputation for the certificate is indispensable. The course teaches the exact nuances of the real estate business in the present world. 

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4. Prelicensing Real Estate Courses by Kaplan

With comprehensive prelicensing real estate courses, Kaplan has become the top online school for real estate agents. The course offers an eight-hour Bootcamp that helps new real estate agents with their first year of licensure.

The course offers features to interact with the instructors. The cost of the course varies for each state according to the licensing feature. For new York, It is $379 and $299 for Georgia. It has an overall pass rate of 74 per cent. This course is highly endorsed.

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5. Courses by 360 Training

Of all the courses on the commercial real agent, 360 Training offers the most affordable course at a whooping $119 dollars. Although the prices differ according to each state, it is a comprehensive and most efficient course to date.

There is no need to take a separate exam prep course, it is all-inclusive. The only drawback is, 360 Training offers Pre-licensing course only for 10states. Founded in 1997, the company 360 training is based in Austin, Texas and has around a 50million worldwide users. The course is going to be worth every penny.

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6. Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate by UCLA Extension

The Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate is offered only thrice a year ie during Fall, winter and spring. The course is offered by UCLA Extension. It is the regents of the University of California. The highlight of the course is, it is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) which has increased the credibility of the certificate.

The course is specially designed for students who are beginners in commercial real estate. If u want to learn about common lender terminology that applies to commercial real estate, the types of loans available, and an understanding of the concept of leverage, this is the right course for you.

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7. Certificate of Advanced Study in Commercial Real Estate Development by NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association

NAIOP offers student credit-earning certificate in the education sector of the centre. The Certificate of Advanced Study in Commercial Real Estate Development is offered only after completion of four courses related to development, including Essentials of the Development Process and Advanced Development Practices, in addition to elective courses.

These courses are designed exclusively for advanced students who want to specialize in a particular field. The course costs a total of $1,746 for non-members. It is highly endorsed.

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8. Certificate in Commercial Real Estate by the New York Real Estate Institute

Upon graduating more than 1,00,000 students, The New York Real Estate Institute offers a wide range of real estate classes to be taken in the classroom or online. The Certificate in Commercial Real Estate course is a 19.5-hour class which is a self-paced program.

The cost of the course is $345 that is approved by the NY Department of State for real estate continuing education credits. If you want to learn commercial real estate, including commercial leasing, investment building purchases and sales ina  more comprehensive way, this is the right course for you

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9. Commercial Real Estate by Kennesaw State University

Located in Georgia, Kennesaw State University is a top-rated institution offering a wide range of courses for students from across the world. The Commercial Real Estate course is a comprehensive course costing $299.

If you want to learn the fundamentals of Commercial real estate in a very short time, this is the right course for you. The course duration is just 24hours with CEU’s of 2.4. All course lessons and applicable exams must be completed within 180 days. It is decidedly suggested.

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