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Best Advanced Machine Learning Courses

A branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning refers to the study of algorithms that enables a computer to adapt new data with the help of human intervention. Machine Learning plays a significant role in the world of Data Science and also helps in data analysis.

If you are a Data Science enthusiast, or have a background in Computer Science, and want to learn the functions of Machine Learning to improve your skills and experience, then here are the best online machine learning courses to help you with understanding:

1. Advanced Machine Learning on Google Cloud Specialization by Coursera

The first course on our list available on Coursera is a part of Google Cloud training, an advanced level course provided to make students an expert in Machine Learning. It will take approximately 3months to complete this course where you learn various methods of machine learning and the production of machine learning models necessary for analyzing data. You also get your hands-on lab practice through the platform of Quicklabs and learn to produce efficient models yourself. For students who are Data Science enthusiasts and want to work in the desired field, this machine learning course is going to benefit them in many ways, also professionals who are willing to enhance their skills can get great help from this course.

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2. Advanced Machine Learning Course by edX

An initiative by ITMO University to digitally advance the young generation of the world, this Advanced Machine Learning course on edX is an intermediate-level course for students or professionals who want to begin with machine learning.

To understand this course thoroughly, you must have basic knowledge of Calculus, Statistics, and Linear Algebra. Learn to analyze and classify data, gain insights on the various techniques of machine learning and work with required tools. Get a chance to digitally enhance your career with the guidance of expert professors of the Digital School of ITMO University, and expand your knowledge and skills in Machine Learning.

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3. Advanced Machine Learning Specialization by Coursera

An advanced level course on machine learning by the reputed High School of Economics- Moscow, Russia is ideal for professionals who want to expand their knowledge of machine learning. This specialization course is focused on various methods of machine learning including the Bayesian method. By learning the modern machine learning methods such as the AI techniques, you will be able to enhance your problem-solving skills and have a better understanding of the world of data science and its important connection with machine learning.

If you want to master your skills and add more value to your professional career, then you should definitely opt for this course. This course is also a good one for students who want to expand their knowledge in Machine Learning.

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4. Applied Machine Learning: Algorithms by LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning has been behind the success of many professionals for many years, by providing them with appropriate courses and guidance to enhance their career and help them land up with the best jobs. The Applied Machine Learning course is aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of machine learning and its relation with algebra.

This beginner-level course will begin with the general introduction of machine learning and progress with the introduction of algebra, a variety of algorithms playing a significant role in machine learning. From analyzing problems in machine learning and solving them to the pros and cons of algorithms, you will get complete knowledge in all of them. The duration of this course is 2 hours and 24 mins, and the certificate received after the completion of the course is going to add extra value to your CV and help you find your desired job.

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5. Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science by Udemy

A top-rated course on Udemy that can help you become the master of Machine Learning through rigorous learning of Python and R codes. This course is itself designed by two Data Scientists who will lead you to the world of Machine Learning step-by-step, unfolding various theories and methods that will eventually enhance your skills.

With the help of Python and R code, you dive in deeper into the functional areas of machine learning, and also get acquainted with algorithms and regressions. This course is an unique blend of theory and practice that will help to choose your career in the field of Data Science.

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6. Machine learning with Python for finance professionals by edX

Yet another course on our list by edX especially designed by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants for Finance professionals, the course is meant to develop machine learning skills to help professionals advance their technical knowledge and experience. Ideal for professionals already working on the fields of Accountancy, Finance and other relevant business positions, this course will enhance their experience through introducingPython code for data analysis. Alongside, you will also learn about machine learning, big data and Artificial Intelligence to help develop solutions that will benefit a business organisation.

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7. Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Machine Learning by LinkedIn Learning

With this beginner-friendly course of LinkedIn Learning, learn the close ties between machine learning and artificial intelligence. Here, in this course you will learn to use algorithms, programming codes and models of statistics to improve your experience of analyzing data, to get faster and efficient results.

This course is ideal for students interested in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and also work professionals looking for a course to enhance their skills.

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8. Machine Learning Fundamentals by edX

The last course on our list by edX and powered by the prestigious University of California San Diego, is an advanced level course part of the MicroMaster’s program in Data Science.

This course will introduce you to regressions, probability estimations, linear models, ensemble methods and other essential fundamentals of machine learning. This course is provided by an expert professor of UC San Diego who will help you build a comprehensive understanding of Machine Learning Fundamentals. The duration of the course is 10 weeks and is free to attend, however you are required to make a payment of $350 to earn a certificate.

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9. Machine Learning for Trading Specialization by Coursera

Number 9 on our list and a perfect course for Traders, this Machine Learning for Traders course by Coursera is provided by a tie-up between Google Cloud and New York Institute of Finance. A course ideal for day traders, fund traders, analysts those involved in investment management or portfolio management, are going to gain insights on trading strategies with the help of Machine Learning and Python.

To utilize this course utmost, you need to have a prior knowledge of machine learning libraries and Python programming, and also Financial Markets. Be a part of this course and improve your trading experience with the help of technological skills acquired with the help of this course.

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10. Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp by Udemy

The last course on our list by Udemy is going to put emphasis on vital areas of Data Science including Python, machine learning, algorithms, big data analysis, regressions and much more.

If it is your dream to become a Data Scientist and want technologies to come into your grip, then this course is going to be your best fit. This course can be attended by both beginners and experienced programmers, and gain a deeper insight on functional areas of Data Science. However, you need to have some understand and experience of programming to completely understand this course and its purpose. Enroll for this course ASAP to enhance your skills today and come one step closer to your dream of becoming a Data Scientist.

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Keeping in mind the confusion in choosing the right course for you amongst many that can help you with machine learning, we have provided a short yet vivid description of what you can expect on these courses available on the online platforms including Coursera, edX, Udemy, and LinkedIn. Every course on our list is going to help make you in becoming an expert in Machine Learning.

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