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Best Economics Graduate Programs

Economics is one of the most happening fields of study in the twenty-first century.  There are thousands of reasons to choose economics after high school. Reasons might include a great job market which includes jobs at renowned banks like the IMF bank, the Federal Reserve bank, and also jobs under the US government and hundreds of others. Economics also offers impressive career opportunities like research under Nobel laureates and actually winning one. This is possible and a person has a higher chance of winning a Nobel in Economics than in any other field. Why? Because the economy of the world is constantly changing and therefore the world is in constant need of theories to predict the change.

 Although after obtaining an undergraduate degree in the field it is very difficult to choose the perfect graduate program for further studies. There are plenty of graduate schools and universities providing graduate degrees in the field of economics but not all of them have desirable features that we want, and those which have all the features are too hard to get in.

The features any student looks for in a graduate school are opportunities in terms of research as well as placements. Other prior features include financial support, housing facilities, advisor facility for guidance during research, etc. Then comes a feature that acts as fuel to our desires to study the subject, the alumnus. the more impressive the alumni the more motivated students get.

While looking for a school to get your master’s degree you will also encounter perfectly good colleges like the University of Pennsylvania who do not take admission for a master’s degree and only take up scholars for Ph.D.

We have considered all these typical and nontypical problems that you might face during your graduate program hunt and created this list of best graduate programs under the best and renowned universities with impressive alumni, excellent faculty, and lucrative career opportunities.

1. Economics at Harvard University

The Economics Department of Harvard University is number one in the world and their doctoral program is one of the leading programs in the world. Harvard university not only has leading economists and Nobel laureates as alumni but also as their faculty resource. Scholars of Harvard are known to have a rewarding career in academic and non-academic fields as their placement facility is exceptionally good. One thing that makes Harvard accessible to a diverse group of students is the financial support given by them. The economic department of Harvard provides a variety of financial support programs such as research funding, teaching fellowships, etc.

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2. Economics at Yale University

Department of economics in yale dates back to 1813, therefore, offering a rich history and experience in the field.  Yale offers a variety of graduate programs in the field of economics such as the development of economics, microeconomics, financial economics, political and public economics, etc. Yale also offers combined degree courses in economics. Although to study at Yale you need to reside in the New Haven Area for the course years. Yale university’s admission process is highly selective in nature as it takes up only thirty students per semester.

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3. Economics Graduate Degree Programs at Stanford University

The department of Economics of Stanford University offers a graduate degree program, Doctoral program, joint degree program. A Master’s degree can only be obtained with a Ph.D. program, the university does not allow a course ending in a master’s degree.

The doctoral and graduate programs require students to do major in two fields and minor in two. They provide a variety of fields to choose from for research. they require the students to complete one year of teaching experience during the course and should maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout their period of course. The student with good performance receives department fellowships to cover their tuition fees and stipends. The University offers seminars and workshops throughout the year which help the scholars build connections and get exposure. this ensures good placement.

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4. Economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Doctoral Program in Economics offered by MIT is one of the leading programs in the world.  They take around twenty-four students in the program each year and provide a variety of fields to major in. the scholars of MIT in economics find themselves in the most lucrative careers including Federal Reserve, InternationalMonetary Fund, Economic Council, and many other high esteemed careers. Research opportunities are both in theoretical and empirical fields under the guidance of top-notch faculties, who really teaches the craft of research.

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5. Graduate Economics at University of Chicago

The department of Economics in the university is also known as the Kenneth C griffin department of economics. It too has 25 seats for which hundreds of students apply and therefore the selection process is very strict. In the process, they evaluate a large number of factors including research papers and excellence in previous qualifications. These strict measures are required as they provide full tuition fees and stipend to all of the students. Besides, they also give a number of opportunities to earn awards and scholarships for the future. They have housing facilities for their students.  The department also offers joint degree programs at the Ph.D. level.

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6. Economics at Northwestern University

A university like Stanford does not take applications for a terminal Master’s degree, they take admission for M.A along with a doctoral program. The university offers paid assistantships and financial assistance such as outside employment and loan to students who need financial support. The university also offers in and off-campus housing for faraway students. The economics department provides the guidance support of scholars during research.

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7. Economics at Columbia University

The M.A program offered by the department of economics by the Columbia university offers students theoretical as well as application-based coverage in the course. Students get opportunities to pursue further advanced study through elective courses offered by the department. Columbia University also offers master’s courses to mid-career professionals to expand their knowledge and upgrade them.  the department like few other universities also offers advice and counseling for students. The students are expected to go through their courseware and write research papers on electives during the course.

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8. Economics at New York University

The department of economics of New York University offers an M.A program (Masters in Arts). The students need to complete at least three semesters of courseware before moving to research. The maximum time to complete the course is five years. In order to get the certification students, need to undergo several practical applications and write research papers to prove their understanding of the field of economics. The placement of the university is good. scholars of the department get jobs at the IMF, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and many other prestigious organizations.

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9. Economics Master’s Programs at Duke University

The department of economics of the duke university provides four different master’s programs each of which covers qualitative and analytical concepts of economics. this ensures good placement. The courses offered by them are M.A in Economics, M.A in analytical political economy, M.A in qualitative financial economics, and M.S in economics and computations. Students in these degree programs can apply for a 24-month STEM extension of F-1 Optional Practical Training (OPT).

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10. Economics Graduate Programs at Rise University

The Department of Economics, located in the School of Social Sciences at Rice University offers two courses. One is a master of energy economics which is a full-time one-year course covering the energy sector. Second, it offers a doctoral program in economics that prepares scholars for research-oriented careers. The course covers theoretical, analytical, and empirical knowledge. In this program, only ten to fifteen students can get admitted.  The department had recently notified that from the 2021-2022 academic year, all students receiving MA degrees in Economics will also receive Major Concentration in Econometrics and Quantitative Economics, and will be able to apply for a 24-month STEM extension of F-1 Optional Practical Training (OPT).

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