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Best Courses after B Pharmacy

A Bachelor in Pharmacy degree takes you to the world of drugs and modern medicine that affect the everyday lives of humans. The field of Pharmaceuticals is all about discovering advanced medicine that throws a major impact on human ailments and severe diseases and helps patients to cure them.

After completing your Bachelor in Pharmacy degree you might be wondering which course to pursue further that will help in establishing a future in the Pharmaceutical industry. Our article consists of a list of popular courses related to Pharmacy and Medicine that will help students choose the best course for them. These Master’s degree programs on our list are from renowned universities and can be

1. Master of Arts in Clinical Medicine by Michigan State University

Studying Master of Arts in Clinical Medicine from Michigan State University is one of the best courses students can opt for after completing their bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy. The Clinical Medicine program focuses on basic and clinical sciences and provides an opportunity for students to develop skills in patient contact and care.

The College of Human Medicine of Michigan State University aims to provide students the best learning experience so that they gain an in-depth knowledge of their area of study along with a hands-on training facility. The minimum requirement to obtain a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Medicine is that students must complete a bachelor’s degree program from a recognized institution, and have a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.0 in the junior and senior years of their graduation program. Students can also choose their area of specialization from the various options provided by the Department of Medicine such as Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Psychiatry, and many others. For students who have a medical background and want to build their career in the desired field, there cannot be a better program than this.

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2. HMX Pharmacology Course by Harvard Medical School

An online course on Pharmacology by Harvard Medical School is the best way to explore this advanced field of medicine and learn about the fundamental concepts involved in it. Learners will also explore the topics such as pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, and establish an understanding of how drugs act in a human body helping patients cured of their diseases.

This course will take learners deep into the factors of drug toxicity, adverse drug reactions on the human body, the impact of drugs on the body, and lastly the discovery and development of proper drugs for diseases. Through a better understanding of the action of drugs in the human body, students will get a better insight into their significant roles as Pharmacologists. The course is self-paced, and the students will earn a Certificate of Achievement affiliated with the Harvard Medical School after the successful completion, which will add more value to their career and enrich their knowledge of the industry.

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3. MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences – Health and Pharm Outcomes by ASU

The University of Arizona organizes a Master of Science program in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a major focus on Health and Pharm Outcomes that take students into a rigorous scientific training and education program, that provides them a complete knowledge on medication therapy and pharmaceutical services. A course that is dependent on extensive research, helps students expand their knowledge and acquire skills necessary for career development in the pharmaceutical industry.

This M.S degree will not only help those who want to build a career in the Pharmaceutical industry but also students who want to pursue with their further research and opt for a Ph.D. degree.

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4. Master of Science in Global Clinical and Pharmacovigilance Regulations by Temple University

Temple University’s Master of Science program focuses both on the disciplines of clinical trials and pharmacovigilance and opens a wide array of opportunities for students in the Pharmaceutical industry globally. This course provides students with necessary skills that are essential while taking part in clinical trials or interpret results.

Students will build a comprehensive understanding of topics such as pharmacovigilance and clinical regulations and their evolution in the modern world, pharmacovigilance data, pharmacovigilance, and clinical terminologies, various key concepts involved in the process, and much more. This course can be pursued both on-campus and online, and its schedules are flexible. Upon the completion of the course, students will receive a valuable certificate.

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5. MS in Pharmacology by University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

Next on our list is a master’s degree program from the renowned University at Buffalo NY, that is offered by the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. This master’s program in Pharmacology focuses on the basics of pharmacology, toxicology, drug discovery, and translational science that are linked with original research.

The students get a chance to learn and research under the guidance of internationally recognized faculties and are given scopes to conduct Interdisciplinary research to expand their knowledge. From gaining insights into every stage of the research process, learning analytical techniques to developing interdisciplinary collaborative skills, strategies and implementing them into current health issues. This master’s program will make students ready not only for their careers but also open the doors for future research possibilities.

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6. Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy by MCPHS University

The Master of Science program in Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science is an online course ideal for students hoping to work in the field of Pharmacy in the future. This online master’s program has a flexible curriculum and provides advanced training in pharmaceutical economics and policy, and pharmacy administration. The main focus of the course will be on areas including global drug policy, pharmacogenomics, pharmacy management, health epidemiology, and other related areas.

Upon the completion of this program, students will be able to conduct research for healthcare interventions, interpret the results statistically, and influence the international healthcare systems by focusing on economic analysis. Students who have completed their Bachelor’s program in Pharmacy, or have a background in Economics, Sociology, or Statistics can easily apply for this master’s program and get benefitted from it.

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7. MS in Health Informatics by University of Illinois at Chicago

Another online master’s program on our list, the University of Illinois offers a well-designed Master of Science in Health Informatics program for students who want to build their future in this rapidly growing industry.

This course will develop technical and leadership skills among the students who will revolutionize the healthcare industry and bring advancement into patient care. Through the right knowledge of technology and implementation of new strategies, the students will be able to bring more advancement to the industry and improvise patient care facilities. A perfect blend of health and technology is what makes Health Informatics a significant part of the Healthcare industry.

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8. Master of Science in Regulatory Affairs for Drugs, Biologics, and Medical Devices by Northeastern University

Northeastern University at Toronto’s MSc program in Regulatory Affairs for Drugs, Biologics, and Medical Devices can be pursued both on-campus and online or a blend of two (hybrid). The College of Professional Studies organizes a unique course for students who have a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy, and are seeking further opportunities that can change their lives.

By choosing Northeastern University for pursuing your master’s degree, you gain access to a total number of 275,000 alumni who have renowned employer partners scattered globally. This program will help students meet the requirements of career development, and gain insights into the areas of regulatory affairs, biologics and biopharmaceuticals product formulation, and medical devices that lead to the advancement of the healthcare industry. With appropriate industry-specific training, students will be ready for the industry not only in the U.S but also worldwide.

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9. Master of Science in Pharmacy Leadership by University of Cincinnati

MS in Pharmacy Leadership is an online course provided by the University of Cincinnati that makes students ready for leading in the industry of Pharmaceuticals. This program is a perfect combination of professional development and leadership skills that leads to an amazing learning experience to prepare students for their career advancement and prepare them to become leaders and managers in the pharmacy field.

Through this course, students will not only be able to enhance their knowledge of the pharmacy field but also develop leadership, communication, and mentorship skills. One of the best online courses in the market that will prepare students for the professional world by honing their skills and testing their abilities.

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10. Master of Science in Systems Medicine by Georgetown University

The last course on our list and a great choice to pursue your master’s degree in, Georgetown University’s Master of Science in System Medicine program is all you need to enrich your knowledge about Big Data and technologies that are essential for the physicians, biomedical scientists, and modern computer scientists. This program lets students receive hands-on experiences in state-of-the-art-omics technology and trains students for the modern world of medicine by introducing them to Big Data.

With the help of capstone projects and internships, students gain desired hands-on work experience. Since the college is situated in Washington DC, students are provided with the best internship facilities in nearby reputed hospitals and institutions. Pursuing a master’s degree in Systems Medicine is not only an unconventional choice but also can help students choose their careers in the field of medicine as Physicists, Biomedicians, and many other relevant positions.

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