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Best Certification Courses for Software Developers

Software developers are specialists who are able to create teams for developing and testing software and suggesting modifications and enhancements if any. They have the capacity to overlook the complete lifecycle of software development and also can put forth new methods for the process of software development. They can apprehend new designs for building computer programs.

Their work area may be hardware or software concerning and can also spread to becoming a web developer, a computer programmer, database administrator, or software developer itself.

The stream of software engineering is vital, as different industries and other disciplinary sectors require specified software. Not only development but also ways to retrieve and fix, if any crashes occur, should also be the point of notice to the professional.

The pay of a software professional is more due to the increased supply and demand. The women also, when compared to other sectors, are paid fairly well.

The income of a software developer is relatively higher compared to other jobs. An average salary of a beginner is $76,385; a person with medium experience draws $107,510, whereas an established professional can earn even up to $136,320 in the U.S. The chances of unemployment after the course are fairly rare.

General learning topics include:

  • Basic computer concepts and terminology
  • Database concepts and applications
  • Data manipulation
  • Problem-solving 
  • General language architecture

The US News rating has rated the job as one of the best jobs. This is because of the high pay, work flexibility, satisfaction in what is done, and independence.

There are a lot of agencies, institutes, and universities that provide courses related to software disciplines;

1. Introduction to Programming in C Specialization – Duke University

The course aims to create learners with a strong base in the fundamentals of programming and also to solve complicated glitches by scripting computer programs. The course follows 4 stages, where they teach to create algorithms in a step-by-step manner and read and write the C code for its implementation. This will act as a stepping stone to a career in the software development field. The classes are handled by;

  • Drew Hilton, Assistant Professor of the Practice in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Genevieve Lipp, Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Anne Bracy, Senior Lecturer

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2. Master’s in Software Engineering- University of Minnesota Software Engineering Center

This is a combined form of a course that provides a strong basement of software as well as the strategical use of theory and its practice to understand the present technology, systems, and analytics. It improves the efficiency of the professionals in their respective fields. The outcomes of learning are supposed to be;

  • Improved critical thinking capacity
  • Better leadership qualities
  • Enhanced interpersonal skills
  • Heightened managing capacity

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3. Professional Certificate Computer Science Essentials for Software Development – Penn University of Pennsylvania

The course begins with the basis of Java and leading to the core principles of software development, and intends to give support in the many major areas of software development like encouraging the use of JAVA language for designing, developing, and testing applications, developing frameworks, and tools for the development of new JAVA software, selection, application, and analysis of representing the data present in the code, application of object-oriented principles of programming, thinking algorithmically, improve the ability to find solutions to issues, and most specifically aids in using JavaScript tools for web applications.

The instructors for the course are;

  • Chris Murphy, associate professor of practice in CIS and director of the Master of Computer and Information Technology program
  • Henry Salvatori, Professor, and chair of CIS
  • Aravind Bhusnurmath, lecturer

The course fee is around $149, and the duration is four weeks. It includes the following subjects;

  • Software Development Fundamentals
  • Data Structures and Software Design
  • Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • Programming for the Web with JavaScript

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4. Master of Computer and Information Technology – MCIT Online (Penn University of Pennsylvania)

The institute intends to motivate students with no background in computer science. It also promises a bright career in the software industry. The overall tuition fee rounds up to USD 25,000.

The students have the desire to accept and receive the information regarding the subject. Further details can be obtained from the link; 

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5. Online Specialization in Agile Development – University of Virginia

Agile, which is a widely accepted software development method, is focused on in the course. The course is backed up by the Darden School’s Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. It is tutored by Alex Cowan, an entrepreneur and fellow at the Batten Institute and Darden faculty member of the software design and development department.

The course mainly involves how the students can apply agile, complete concepts, and correct use in their careers to develop innovation. They can also oversee the common downsides during the application process. Deeper knowledge can lead the students to work more effectively, brewing high-quality outcomes.

The main areas that come under study include;

  • Agile fundamentals
  • Application of Scrum and Extreme Programming (XP)
  • Running design sprints
  • Managing teams
  • Encouragement of experimenting 

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6. An Introduction to Programming – University of Edinburgh

The course starts from creating a base by making the students understand the fundamentals of computing in order to change the thinking process from a commoner to a software specialist. The orientation method used is Scratch, which is a visual programming language. Various resources from media are put to use to teach the usage of Scratch. 

The skills that will be gained after the course include;

  • Computer Programming
  • Algorithms
  • Programming language
  • Scratch Programming Language

A valid certificate will be available upon completion of the course. The course is completely online so that schedules can be planned accordingly. The course is a beginner kind and gets completed within a time period of 12 hours. The medium of communication is English. 

The course is led by experts in the field, 

  • Dr. AretiManataki, Teaching and Research Fellow, Centre for Medical Informatics, the University of Edinburgh
  • Ines Friss de Kereki, PhD, Engineering School, Universidad ORT Uruguay

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7. Java Programming for Complete Beginners – Alison 

This course seems to be a free course available online. It is intended to make the programming techniques of Java familiar to the users who are using it for the first time. The knowledge of a computer language is surely a must for those who intend to pursue a career in the software field. Knowing Java would only make things far better. The course is a four-hour course to teach the simple skills for using Java. It emphasizes complex techniques, too, so that it makes the student capable of writing Java programs at the basic level at least.

There are 10 modules followed;

  • Introduction to Java
  • Writing Basic Java Programs
  • Arrays in Java
  • Key Java Functions
  • Java Programming First Assessment
  • Java Concepts and Functions
  • Class Structures
  • Projects A & B
  • Course Conclusion (Summary)
  • Java Programming Second Assessment

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8. Agile Software Development – ETH Zurich on edx

The course is a computer-based course that stresses the basics of Agile methodology and its broader perspectives. It also makes the student ready to face the adversities of the IT industry by better enhancing them with the understanding of agile ideas.

The course has three important subdivisions:

  • The Agile manifesto
  • Agile principles
  • Agile roles
  • Agile practices
  • Agile artifacts
  • Agile assessment

The lead instructor is Bertrand Meyer, Professor, Politecnico di Milano, and Innopolis University.

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9. Learn Java – Codecademy

Java is the most companionable and adaptable version of programming languages; it is quite popular among the other languages. Java is made use for a number of things, like the development of software and mobile applications, and large systems. The knowledge in Java surely makes a person competent in the market as a developer.

The major skills imposed are;

  • Fundamentals of programming concepts
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Building projects using Java
  • Datatypes and uses
  • Conditionals and control flow
  • Familiarization with Java Arrays and Array Lists

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10. Master of Science in Software Development – Boston University

The university has well-sorted experience in the field of computer science. They are offering value-based online education

The institute focus on knowledge that helps the learner to adapt and be practical in the market arena. The knowledge thus acquired is like they remain forever being useful wherever required.

There are several reasons to opt for the course at MET;

  • Expertise enhancing programs like Python, Java, and application for mobiles (Android)
  • Develop the technical skills for problem-solving, understanding reasons, and identifying the goals and outcomes.
  • Dedicated to the arising technological needs
  • Convenience in taking the classes
  • Completion within 16 to 24 months
  • Faculties keep up with current market activities
  • Offers scholarships

The job opportunities are open for those who enjoy programming work. The course improves coding skills beyond explanation. They make better managers by improving their leadership skills and managing abilities. It prepares the student to excel in Agile and thereby to create better software suitable for multiple investors.

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