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Best Certification Courses for Finance

The field of Finance has been ever-present with global business, a company or an organisation is nothing without it. Finance is the backbone of a business, it is the reason a company survives and grows or collapses. Since the field is very significant and in constant demand under various job roles, millions of students choose Finance in their degrees or career. If you too are willing to rule the field of Finance with your skills, then here are the best online certificate courses that would not only expand your knowledge but also lead you towards success:

1. Introduction to Finance and Accounting Specialization by Coursera

The first certificate course on our list is by the reputed online platform of Coursera, this Introduction to Finance and Accounting course has everything you need to know if you are a beginner in the field. This beginner-friendly course will introduce you to corporate finance and accounting, and how they are applicable in real-life business. You’ll be introduced to various concepts and strategies involved in both Finance and Accounting that will help you develop skills required to build your career in the desired field.

The course is provided by the reputed University of Pennsylvania, and if you want to begin your understanding of Finance and Accounting in the right way, then this is the perfect course for you that you can enrol in for free.

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2. Financial Accounting by Harvard University

The Financial Accounting course by Harvard University is the most trending online course to get your hands on learning everything including financial statements and the fundamentals of financial accounting.

With the help of this course, you will understand the key concepts of financial accounting, and gain insights into various methods and strategies. This course by Harvard University will broaden your understanding and help you gain useful knowledge.

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3. Leading with Finance by Harvard University

Third, on our list is another trending online course by Harvard University that would help you lead in the field of Finance. The course is designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of the principles of Finance that are necessary to develop skills and confidence. You’ll get a general idea of how capital markets work, and how you can make confident financial decisions for business organisations. You will also gain insight into various tools and strategies that are necessary to become a leader in the field. The course will take 6 hours to complete and you would be provided with a certificate after the successful completion of the course, a certificate that would enhance your career in the field of Finance, the fees for the course is $ 1,600.

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4. MicroMasters Program in Finance by MIT in edX

The best way to gain complete knowledge in the field of Finance is to apply for a MicroMaster’s program in Finance that you will find in edX provided by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The course will provide you with every knowledge needed to build a career in Finance including foundations of modern finance, basics of corporate finance, capital budgeting, real and financial options, capital structure, yield curve analysis, and corporate risk management. You will be introduced to various methods and strategies, and you will learn to make important financial decisions. You will also be familiar with financial statements, computational methods including R programming and mathematical topics that are related to the functions of Finance such as linear algebra, probability and statistics, and much more.

The duration of the course is 1 year and 3 months, and its fees are $2,030. If you want to become an expert in the field of Finance then this course is waiting for you to apply.

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5. Graduate Certificate Program in Financial Risk Analysis by Stanford University

If you have prior, basic knowledge about the field of Finance then this online graduate program by Stanford University is the best suit for your needs. The course will provide a practical introduction to financial risk analytics and will focus on data-driven modelling, computation, and statistical estimation of credit and market risks. You will also be introduced to various tools of machine learning and the functions of Statistics. This course will develop your skills in risk management and decision-making, and you will be able to analyze data using various tools like a professional.

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6. Graduate Certificate Program in Applied Finance by Colorado State University

A complete online Graduate Program organized by reputed Colorado State University is what you need to mark the beginning of your career in the field of Finance. This course helps you gain analytical business skills, and will make you familiar with the various financial environment. Learn about Advanced corporate finance, international finance, Financial institutions and Credit markets to establish yourself as a professional, you will be taught and trained by expert Finance Faculty who would guide you in every possible way. Enrol yourself and achieve success.

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7. Graduate Certificate Program in Public Budgeting and Financial Management by Penn State University

The best fit for administrators and financial professionals at government and non-profit organizations, this online graduate certificate program by Penn State University will develop every skill required within you to flourish in the field of Finance. You will acquire advanced knowledge and skills in budgeting and finance that is essential for managerial and other relevant posts. This course can help you pursue your career as a financial Manager, Budget Analyst and many other significant roles that help businesses to grow.

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8. Financial Planner Certificate Program Online by Northwestern University School of Professional Studies

The last course on our list is an important one for students who want to know about financial planning. The Financial Planner Certificate Course by Northwestern University is designed to provide you with knowledge of every kind of planning related to finance, such as Insurance planning, Income Tax Planning, Investment Planning, Retirement Planning and much more. If you want to proceed with a career in Financial Planning, then there is no better course for you than this.

The course will take approximately 9 months to complete, and is ideal for professionals in the field of Finance to enhance their knowledge in planning or advising, or students who want to build their career as financial planners.

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