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Best Business Intelligence Courses

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the process of converting raw data into useful information with the help of advanced technologies and various tools that are used to perform Data Analysis. Business Intelligence provides technological support to companies and organizations to enhance their performances, and make data-driven decisions that can bring advancements.

Business Intelligence uses technologies, advanced statistics, strategies, and predictive analytics to help businesses draw conclusions from data analysis and get insights into future Business Operations. People who work under the positions of Business Intelligence are the ones who have comprehensive knowledge of Data Science and Intelligence Systems that help them run and improve businesses tactfully.

If it is your dream to work with Business Intelligence, and are seeking the best courses that can fulfill your dreams, then here are the best ones:

1. Business Intelligence Concepts, Tools, and Applications Course by the University of Colorado on Coursera

The first course on our list is presented by the University of Colorado on Coursera, which is a part of the Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence Specialization course. Even though it is better to opt for the whole specialization, there is also no problem if you want to just focus on Business Intelligence and its tools and applications with the help of this course.

In this course, you will be learning about Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, and will be able to work as a Business Intelligence Developer in the future with its guidance. From working with large data sets to understanding the Data Warehouse environment comprehensively and working with Business Intelligence tools, technologies, this course will train you with all the necessary skills you require. If you are a complete beginner then you must opt for the whole specialization course, and if you are an experienced professional hoping to gain skills in Business Intelligence, then this course is just for you.

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2. SQL – MySQL for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence by Udemy

If you want to learn about Structured Query Language or SQL for working with Data Analytics and gain skills in Business Intelligence, then here is the best course available on Udemy that has been most rated and preferred.

This easy-to-understand course will cover many important topics and will make sure you become an expert of SQL, and use MySQL in Database Management Systems. From learning how to code in SQL, create, design, and operate with SQL databases to working with data analytical tools, solve tasks with big data and use other skills that you will gain in this course to solve real-world data problems. This comprehensive course contains plenty of downloadable exercises, course notes, and quiz questions, and is ideal for people interested to work in positions like SQL Developer, Database Administrator, Business Analyst, and Business Intelligence, and other relevant job opportunities.

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3. Introduction to Microsoft Business Intelligence End-user Tools by Pluralsight

An intermediate course for professionals who want to know better about Microsoft Business Intelligence End-user Tools. There are a whole bunch of Microsoft tools that might be confusing for you hence, this course will let you explore tools like excel, PowerPivot, Report Builder & Report Designer (Reporting Services), Dashboard Designer (PerformancePoint Services), and Power View, and make you proficient in them. You will learn to use all of these tools in real-life, and discover their strengths and weaknesses through your own eyes, and the course instructor will guide you in that.

After completing this course, you will be all set to decide which tool will be best for your end-users.

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4. Global Business Course by Harvard University

One of the best things you can do to gain a comprehensive understanding of Business Intelligence is to have a look into Global Business. An online course presented by the prestigious Harvard University, that will cover major topics related to Global Business, such as Business Intelligence, Business Development, Business Analytics, Risk Management, Operations Management, and many others.

In this course, you will be learning how to deal with everyday business challenges and risks, strategies to overcome them, assess opportunities that will help your organization grow, along with many other significant topics that will be covered throughout the course. After completing this course, you will have a sound knowledge of Global Markets and Business, and the Economic, Social and Political factors that bring changes to the business environments.

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5. Online Business Intelligence Certificate from Colorado State University

If Business Intelligence is your aim to enhance your professional career, Colorado State University has just the right Professional Certificate program on Business Intelligence. This online program is specially designed to introduce professionals to the technologies and processes involved in Business Intelligence, that are a part of day-to-day operations. Students will also learn about Decision Support System (DSS), which will enhance their decision-making skills.

In this course, you will come across the key functional areas of business intelligence such as reporting, data, text, and process mining, Business performance management, predictive and prescriptive data analytics, complex event processing, and so on. The main purpose of this program is to prepare students for the professional world and develop unique skills that will help them meet the requirements of organizations. From Data Mining to designing and implementing Data Mining Systems (DMS), you will learn it all in this amazing certificate program. After completing this program, you can also pursue the online Master’s degree in Information Systems to broaden your knowledge and skills even more, and become suitable for higher job positions.

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6. Become a Business Intelligence Specialist by LinkedIn Learning

We all know that LinkedIn Learning offers courses that help job-seeking individuals ready for the industry, and this course on “Becoming a Business Intelligence Specialist” will do the same. A course that will establish a conceptual understanding of Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics, and help learners acquire practical, tool-based skills, that will eventually make them job-ready.

This course with a total duration of 19 hours is divided into 7 different video lessons, each of which will focus on one important area of Business Intelligence. The best way to understand how Business Intelligence works is to opt for a comprehensive course like this on LinkedIn Learning, because it will begin from basics and by the end, you will be all set to work. This course will cover every important topic from Microsoft Power BI and IBM Crystal Reports to Looker, Tableau, and Google Analytics.

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7. Introduction to Connected Strategy by edX

When it comes to the platform of edX, there are several courses on Business Intelligence covered by world-famous Universities. You can begin with the “Introduction to Connected Strategy” course presented by the Wharton University of Pennsylvania to gain insights on the impact of connected strategies as well as many business opportunities that comes with it.

The best part about this course is that it is absolutely free of cost, so no worries about investing and nothing to lose. This intermediate-level course is for students who have prior knowledge of the business concept, and want to know about business intelligence. The connected strategies that you learn from this course will improve your understanding of customer relationships and create connection architecture.

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8. Applied Business Analytics Program from MIT

The online Applied Business Analytics Program from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology will train students to gain management skills. A course that will teach you to deal with data, make data-driven decisions, and recognize many business opportunities, this course will introduce you to the practical framework of Business Analytics.

From producing data models to taking important decisions, this course will prepare you for the professional world in just the duration of 6 weeks. Ideal for Managers and Team Leaders, or professionals who want to work with Business Intelligence and Analytics, the course begins from August 26th (2021) so hurry up, opt for this course, and fulfill your dreams.

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9. The Business Intelligence Analyst Course (2021) by Udemy

Another course on our list by Udemy is the most recent course that will fulfill your dreams of becoming a Business Intelligence Analyst. Ideally designed for beginners or those who aspire to work with BI, this course will introduce them to the field of Data Science, Statistics and Excel, Database theory, and tools like SQL, Tableau, SQL + Tableau.

You will be gaining many technical skills throughout the course, and come across many secret strategies that lead to the success of businesses. With real-life examples, and exercises, course notes, quizzes, and other materials, you will get prepared to work as a Business Intelligence Analyst.

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10. Excel Business Intelligence: Power Query by LinkedIn Learning

The last course on our list by LinkedIn Learning is for those who want to get introduced to the powerful tool of Microsoft used in Business Intelligence, Power Query.

A part of the “Excel Business Intelligence” series, this course led by a successful professional and an expert instructor, will show you the robust capabilities of Power Query and how you can easily work with it. You will also excel in other Business Intelligence tools like Power Pivot, and DAX, and by the end, you will be able to use Power Query efficiently. Get your hands on this skill-enhancing course, and succeed as a Business Intelligence Professional.

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These are the best courses on Business Intelligence that will not only help you enhance the required skills but also and make you eligible for various job roles including  Business Intelligence Analyst.

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