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Best Bars in DC for College Students

College is a time for more than simply using new knowledge and abilities to exercise the brain; it is also a time to meet new friends and build memories. By attending local taverns and night clubs, students across the nation relieve their scholastic pressures. There are several different locations for students to hang out, from typical college bars to exclusive and historic establishments. There are a community and atmosphere for each city and university, which is reinforced by favourite hot spots and local bars.

It’s 11 p.m. in D.C. on a Friday, also known as the time to call an Uber ride for a nice night out. People commonly assume the D.C. Politics and policy are all about it, but the city knows how to party, too. D.C.’s nightlife, at least for college students, just does not get enough credit. Affordable, close, and open late.  These are the standard conditions for a college bar. There is also no lack of bars selling one or more of these prerequisites, provided that there is no shortage of colleges in Washington.

Here we bring to you a list of the best bars for college students in the capital of the United States. Hope you have a great time at these amazing bars!


This spot is recognised by most people as the bar with the legendary long line that trails down U Stree. The D.C. hotspot for nightlife provides the usual gin and tonic or vodka soda. But thanks to the way all three floors offer you entirely distinct experiences, you can recall this bar. Brixton is fun because it’s like three bars in one, but particularly in the summer, you get to get the upper rooftop bar experience because it’s outdoor, and then you have the middle dance floor and then you get the experience of the traditional downstairs bar. It’s enjoyable because you get to have three nights together in one.

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This lively hole-in-the-wall nightclub without leaving D.C. sounds just like a trip to the Caribbean. This colourful lounge still has a crowded dance floor and makes it feel relaxed for even the most awkward of dancers. Right off U Street, you’ll find this club. It offers a comfortable place for bar crawlers to grind like it’s a middle school dance for their crush. The place hosts upbeat local Latin and Caribbean performances every once in a while. For a nice night, you can still count on Tropicalia and a spot where you’ll find a few familiar faces.


The heist happened is this D.C. Nightclub’s tagline. And this place is happening. In reality, Heist is the reason why you will meet AU students at night in DuPont Circle. You will still meet a mate at Heist with a table available for those in attendance to give out bottle service. If you want to begin your weekends on Thursdays, there is always a Heist. You’ll want to hit Heist to dance all night, between the upbeat heavy techno tunes and the strobe lights, and wake up hung-over for your Friday morning lessons. or simply skip them.

Sign of the Whale

If you can picture a frat party at DuPont Circle’s old bar, you’ll appreciate the vibes of the sign of the Whale. In this small and sweaty location, the management doesn’t seem to care about fire codes, but that’s also why it’s one of the best bars in D.C. for the crowd at the college. This bar has everything you need for a casual, low-key, cheap drink special on Thursday night, and amazing throwback tunes from the 90s. You get free drinks all night if you have a happy hour and your mates can get discounted drinks. “Wale Pails,” better known as blended alcohol giant pails at a cheap price, are also a favourite of fans.

Mason Inn

On a Tuesday night, if you see AU students staggering into Glover Park, you can bet they will end up going to the Mason Inn. Mason Inn is the best spot to party away from the Tuesday worries, a diner by day, and a rambunctious bar by night. Mason Inn is a spot for a nervous young freshman to pursue his own independent college self. Yet one for books is the dance floor. It is right next to the bar and it brings drinking and partying to a whole new level. On the cheaper side, you can find drinks here, particularly if you stick to beer and shots.

The Town Tavern

This spot on Adams Morgan’s beloved 18th Street Strip is essentially one of the finest bars in D.C. Don’t let the old wooden interior fool you, for it lights up this room. DJ Dior will make even the shyest guests open up and party on Saturdays. You’re set with amazing mixed cocktails for the night if you happen to catch a happy hour from this bar. The bartenders are super fun and they can give you a free shot of Fireball if you socialize with them.


On Wednesdays, the Plastics wear pink, but on Wednesday summer evenings, AU students go to Breadsoda. This D.C. bar during the academic year is crowded and is renowned for its laid-back atmosphere and playful nature. Bar-goers will play pool and darts or hang outside for a chilling night. It’s easy to get inside, and it’s a perfect place to hang out with friends. This spot would sound great for a satisfying night out, conveniently placed next to a Rite Aid for drunk snacks afterwards. The location also offers 50 different beer choices at student prices for brokecollegestudent.


Madhatter is the bar for you, if you like Alice in Wonderland and get drunk. When you experience Madhatter’s Wonderland-themed décor, you can feel like you’ve jumped into the rabbit hole with Alice. Students enjoy this DuPont Circle bar on Thursdays for its dollar beer night. After a rough week slaving away on study reports, it still has an open dance floor to let loose on. Look no further than buying a “hat” if you want an intense night of partying. The infamous “hat” is some kind of fancy jungle juice that amplifies the night.


Flash is just like what the word looks like, between the popping picture booth and sick beats upstairs. The spot is frequented by house music extraordinaire, but AU students still love to visit the location. Flash remains open until 4 a.m. on weekends if you are in the U Street neighbourhood and want to party until the bars close. The upstairs rooftop is a more zen-open space for party people during summer evenings. You’re never going to encounter a boring moment here or a dull dance move. The third floor has also been described by some students as feeling like a disco on the moon.

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El Rey

For many AU students, margaritas and tequila shots make up the main food categories, making El Rey a popular venue. In D.C., this pub. Half-inside and half-outside, so that the hybrid bar is enjoyed by people who find it hot or cold. You don’t really dance here, so you’re probably going to be drinking all night. The kitchen remains open until after the bar shuts. Definitely order any of D.C.’s finest nachos for the trip home from the taxi.

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