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Beavercreek Women’s League High School Scholarships

For more than 22 years, Beavercreek Women’s League (BWL) has been giving out two scholarships namely Beavercreek High School (BHS) and Women In Transition (WIT). BHS is awarded to graduating high school students who need financial aid for their future educational endeavours. Students must fill out the applications forms provided by BWL and give interviews to a panel of members comprising of counsellors, teachers and community representatives. These scholarships are for the students who show promise and capability to succeed in their respective fields. WIT is awarded to the women who are returning to school, changing their careers and/or undergoing unexpected life challenges. Currently, a WIT scholarship is given to at least one woman, but sometimes it varies depending on the applications.

Scholarships are awarded to talented students who have received academic achievements in educational programs. With the ever-changing cost of tuitions, scholarships have become a necessity for students from poorer backgrounds to afford their education to receive diplomas and/or degrees. Scholarships are also beneficial to people who are facing financial issues, lifestyle challenges and/or returning to school after a long gap. The amount awarded is meant to be used for education-related expenses and depending on the type of scholarship it can be renewed. Also, it can be used for living expenses like food and travel costs. Students can easily accumulate debts while taking loans for their education and awards like these are meant to reduce that burden so that students can concentrate on their studies.

Since its establishment in 1969, BWL has supported many families, women, and communities. It is a civic organization represented by its three-hearted emblem and is open to promoting worthwhile community projects. BWL has gathered over $100,000 scholarships for BHS students and they also accumulated $63,500for WIT scholarships through their annual scholarship Luncheon. One of their main features is to provide mental stimulation and development through study. Along with that, they also encourage a spirit of helpfulness and promote friendship and diversity.

Brief Description

Refer to the below table for more details of the scholarship:

Organization Beavercreek Women’s League
Educational Level High school
Subjects All
Amount $1000
Access Mode Offline
Number of Awards 1 or more depending on applications
City Beavercreek, Ohio
Nationality Domestic
Country United States
Application Deadline June 15, 2021
Application Fees N/A
Requirement Official transcript, personal statement, application form

Who May Be Eligible

To eligible, the candidates must be following all the eligibility criteria:

  • Females who are 25 years old or older and must be a resident of Green County, Ohio. Preferably a resident of Beavercreek, Ohio.
  • Earned at least 20 college credit hours from a recognized college in the past five years
  • Received at least a 2.5 GPA on a scale of 4 GPA.

How to Apply

For an application, contact the following numbers: JoAnn (937) 426-4882, Carolyn (937) 426-0864, or Linda (937) 572-1965.

The filled out applications and all the relevant documents must be mailed to the following address in an envelope:

Carolyn Tipps
Attn: BWL Scholarship Committee
4341 Kemp Rd., Beavercreek, OH 45431

Supporting Documents

  • Most recent official college transcript
  • Completed application form
  • Personal statement essay no more than 200 words on the back of the application responding to the question: “Describe the transition you are undergoing in your life and explain how this scholarship would benefit your future?”


The main reason behind Beavercreek Women’s League (BWL) for offering two scholarships namely Beavercreek High School (BHS) and Women In Transition (WIT) is to help the students struggling financially. WIT is also meant for the students who are changing careers, returning to school and/or facing issues or challenges in life. BWL wishes to promote the future of students who show capabilities in helping their communities.

Application Deadline

The application envelope must be postmarked no later than June 15, 2021. Scholarship recipient(s) will be notified by June 30, 2021.

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