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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign

Addiction is one of the growing problems our society is facing today. Addiction doesn’t harm anyone except the one who is having it. It develops by using a substance whether it is alcohol, drug or overeating and smoking out of the limit. It is seen that youth falls in addiction more than others. There are many people in our society who are suffering from different kinds of addictions and all they need is compassion and support from others to overcome it. Addiction is a big societal problem and an increasing number of cases concerning addiction is a large matter of concern for all of us. To shed some light on this issue, Seasons Recovery Centers LLC has brought a scholarship program for students. This scholarship is open for all students of any majors.

The motive of this company behind making available this scheme is to raise awareness about the addiction and its dangers among the people. Seasons Recovery Centers LLC is looking forward to bring the attention of people to this problem and educate them. To address this life-threatening problem of our society, the company is seeking help from students, and that is the reason it has developed this scheme. What you need to do is to share your personal story related to addiction or if you have never fallen into any kind of addiction and encountered anyone who is addicted, then you can write down a well-researched essay and send it to the company. The best story or essay will be selected for the award. By participating in this program, you can not only contribute to rooting out this problem in our society but also gain some free money for your college.

Seasons Recovery Centers LLC was begun with the idea of helping people in addiction as well as improve the state of addiction treatment resources for everyone. Seasons Recovery Centers LLC is a place where the best minds work together to create something truly new, better and at the leading edge in the treatment of addiction and its co-occurring disorders. It helps people from across the North American and the rest of the world, address, understand and manage the disease of addiction.

Brief Description

Get quick information through this table:

Organization Seasons Recovery Centers LLC
Educational Level All
Subjects All
Amount $1,500
Access Mode Online
Number of Awards N/A
City Malibu
Nationality Domestic
Country United States
Application Deadline May 31, 2021
Application Fee N/A
Requirements Essay

Who May Be Eligible

Students in any major are invited to apply for this program.

How to Apply

Applicants are requested to use an online application form to send their entry for this program. The information provided in the application form must be correct and complete. The decision will be made based on your information and essay.

Supporting Documents

Entrants also need to write down an essay covering the following topics and upload an image to the application form:

  • Why do you believe we as a nation are dealing with an addiction crisis?
  • What are the consequences of this addiction for the individual and society?
  • How can we remedy the crisis on both the individual and societal level?


Aspirants will get a scholarship in the amount of $1,500. Students entering college or already enrolled in a higher education institution can avail of this opportunity. It will lessen their stress related to education cost and give their education fund a boost. Students can easily pay for some of the expenses such as books and supplies, tuition, transportation and accommodation, with the help of the received free money.

Application Deadline

Aspirants should send their application before or on May 31, 2021. If you want to share your story related to addiction, then apply for this opportunity.

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