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Old School RuneScape Best Ways to Make Money

Old School RuneScape is an online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed and released by Jagex that is massively multiplayer. On 22 February 2013, the game was released. You may feel confused logging into the game, whether you are new to OSRS or you are a long-time Runescape player returning from a hiatus. OSRS operates a lot better than Runescape3 and there are entirely different ways of making money through OSRS. This article would discuss the best ways for Old School Runescape players, to make money.

If you are a dedicated gamer, this list will be handy for you. It is one of the most sought after multi-player games, so you can share this article with your co-players and can become rich RuneScape players. Below, you’ll find some of the best ways to make money and level up in the game. Hope you make some good money with the help of this article. All the best!


Levelling up your ability is one of Runescape’s most time-consuming activities. That being said, because of the doors it unlocks for you, skills are one of the most profitable ways of OSRS money-making. The most lucrative abilities appear to be the abilities with which it is most difficult to reach high standards, so it is necessary to use the talent time wisely. With skills such as Farming, Slayer, Hunter, Thieving, and Runecrafting, you would be able at high levels to win simple millions. Woodcutting, fishing, and mining are also strong options that will give you a steady income, but they are extremely competitive and popular. One of the most popular ways of making money in Old School Runescape is to level up your abilities and sell fish, ore, logs, runes, herbs, and everything else that you collect on the Grand Exchange. You’ll be able to hunt, mine, craft, and chop better things and sell them for more cash as you level up.

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Killing Chickens

If you are low-level and want to practice battle while making some cash, chickens are great. Killing a chicken in the OSRS is unlikely, so don’t think about taking food or equipping yourself with something specific. Feathers, bones and raw chicken fall from the chickens. If you need fuel, both of these things are worth enough to justify rushing to the bank. For fly-fishing, feathers are used and players are still able to pay for bones to step up their prayers. Feathers are packed in one inventory slot, but one slot per object will be taken up by bones and raw chickens, so you will sometimes end up rushing to the bank. The best spot to kill chickens is across the bridge from Castle Lumbridge and up the northern road. The chicken coop is on the left, away from a potato field.

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Running Through the Stronghold of Security

To help players think about how to keep their account details secure, the Stronghold of Security was introduced. Four tiers in this dungeon you will encounter and each one will have a small incentive to finish it at the end: 10k, a few emotes, and some boots. In fighting, the monsters you will encounter at each level will grow sequentially higher and most of them are hostile. At level three, you can sprint through the Stronghold of Security, but one or two hits can destroy the high-level Ankou’s at the end of the stronghold. Before attempting to complete the Fortress of Defense, it is advised to bring your hitpoint level to about 15, but you don’t have to. If your fighting level is below 50, before attempting this, capture any of the food inventory.

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Crafting Gold Amulets

You can buy Grand Exchange gold bars, craft gold amulets out of them, and market them for profit again. As for all flipping strategies on OSRS, before buying the bars, make sure you search the latest prices of gold bars and gold amulets. You’re going to net a profit and concurrently train your level of crafting. In order to start making money with this form, you’ll probably want to be able to buy a few hundred Gold Bars, so you’ll need about 100k to start.

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Tanning Dragonhides (Members Only)

By tanning green and blue dragon hides and selling them on the Grand Exchange, you will produce over 400k an hour. Purchase a good amount of Grand Exchange Green Dragonhides or Blue Dragonhide. Go to Al Kharid, then, and have them tanned. You’re going to race from a bank to a tanner until your hides are all tanned. Offer the Dragon Leather for a fee on the Grand Exchange. Before using this method, you should have several million OSRS gold, since it would cost a lot to obtain enough Dragonhides to spend a few hours tanning.

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Enchanting Sapphire Rings

Check the Grand Exchange before ordering your materials to ensure that this method would be profitable for you. Usually, from enchanting sapphire rings, you can predict around 300k an hour. Buy in bulk sapphire rings and celestial runes and buy a Water Staff. On each ring and bank, cast the spell “Lvl-1 Enchant” on the Rings of Recoil you get. Sell them all until you’re done for an enchanting benefit. If you have to train it, this is also a perfect way to boost your Magic level.

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Mining Iron Ore

By mining copper and tin, you get your mining amount to 15, then mine iron ore and sell it on the Grand Exchange. If you’re effective, you can extract over 100k of Iron Ore. The Monastery Mine should be used by members to get the most gold every hour, and non-members should pursue the East and West Varrock mines. When you upgrade your pickaxe, you can mine ore easier, using the best pickaxe that your level will allow. Get the Ardougne Cloak from the Ardougne Achievement Diaries to get constant teleports to the monastery if you’re a member using the Monastery Mine. The southern Ardougne bank is a fleeting run away when your inventory is complete. For participants who want to use the Varrock mines, you can win Varrock Armor 1 to complete the simple tasks of Varrock, which will give you a 10 per cent chance of mining 2 Iron Ore at once.

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Killing Green Dragons

Fighting Green Dragons will take you up to around 400k an hour and is a perfect way to train their battle skills both members and non-members. Green Dragons have a chance of falling both Dragon Bones and Green Dragonhide by 100 per cent. Dragon Bones are going to net a few thousand per bone for you. Crafting Green Dragonhides is still in high demand. In level 9-11 Wilderness, Northwest of Edgeville is the most convenient spot to battle Green Dragons.  When you go, do not forget to take teleport runes or a teleport tab with you. PKers routinely stalk this place, so if needed, you may want to have access to a quick escape. You’re going to need an Anti-Dragon Shield, which is normally cheap to purchase from the Grand Exchange.

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Pickpocketing Master Farmers

The higher the Thieving level, the more effective you will be at this strategy. 38 Thieving plus some food is what you’ll need. For the best way to reach a bank, head to Draynor Village. The Draynor Master Farmer is an NPC quest that you should speak to, but you’ll need to right-click to pick him up. This can get irritating, so you might choose to use the North of Ardougne Master Farmer instead. Depending on how high your thief level is and what seeds you pickpocket, you will usually make 100-300k per hour pickpocketing master farmers. A lot of the seeds are going to be relatively useless and you can dump them in order to save the bank trips, but a lot of them sell on the Grand Exchange for a lot. In specific, keep an eye out for these seeds.

Killing Chaos Druids

Destroy Chaos Druids and sell the herbs, runes, and bolts they lose in the Taverly Dungeon or Edgeville Dungeon. Chaos Druids practising is a fun and simple way to boost our level of fighting and at the same time earn an OSRS GP. Based on your stage, loading up your inventory would take 10-20 minutes. Based on your stage, loading up your inventory would take 10-20 minutes. Hold all the herbs above Ranarr to sell on the Grand Exchange – you’ll get more herbs than any other form of decline. Remember that the Chaos Druids in the Edgeville Dungeon are in the Wilderness, so if you wish to use that spot, bring teleport runes. You can quickly make the Anarchy Druids slaughter up to 200k every hour.

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