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AAUW American Dissertation Fellowship

AAUW is come up with an excellent fellowship program to support the United States citizen or resident students. Scholars who are engaged in science, technology, engineering, and math fields or those researching gender issues are especially encouraged to apply for the wonderful AAUW American Dissertation Fellowship. American Dissertation Fellowships are open to scholars who identify as women in all the fields of study.

AAUW American Dissertation Fellowship was started with a purpose to offset a scholar’s living expenses while the applicant completes her dissertation. This fellowship is used for the final year writing of the dissertation. The fellowship program helps the students to work better in their research without worrying about finances.

AAUW was founded by a small group of female college graduate students in 1881. They started the AAUW to give female students a pathway to achieve their dream careers, career advancement, and to encourage female students to pursue higher education. AAUW has been successful in achieving its goal and is doing each passing day to support women.

Who May Be Eligible?

Before applying for the fellowship, students should check the eligibility requirements:

  • Candidates apply for the American Dissertation Fellowship should be United States citizens or permanent residents.
  • Applicants should not be any previous recipients of any AAUW fellowship or grant.
  • AAUW American Dissertation Fellowship is open only for scholars who identify themselves as women in all fields of study.
  • Candidates who have already received a fellowship or grant for final year dissertation or writing are not eligible to apply for this fellowship.
  • Candidates can apply twice for the fellowship for the same dissertation project.
  • Applicant should be completing their first doctoral degree to participate in fellowship.
  • Applicants who study in traditional classroom-based courses of study at college or university are eligible for this fellowship. Students attending distance education are not available.
  • Candidates must have completed all coursework passed all preliminary exams and had the dissertation research proposal or plan approved by November 1, 2020.
  • This fellowship does not support online or distance learning programs heavily dependent on distance-learning components.

How to Apply?

The applicant should visit the official link and create or log-in the account to continue and fill the AAUW American Dissertation Fellowship application form.

Complete application with all the necessary details should be submitted before the deadline. Incomplete documentation or incomplete application will not be considered for the fellowship.

Supporting Documents

  • Applicants have to submit three letters of recommendation. These letters should be from the applicant’s advisers, colleagues, or any other professional who knows about their academic performance and their project. One of the three letters should be from the applicant’s dissertation advisor.
  • Applicants have to submit their academic performance result with the fellowship application.
  • An updated resume or CV should be submitted with the application. This CV/Resume should consist of all the critical personal information of the applicant.
  • A detailed budget about your research and dissertation or writing should be submitted with the application.
  • Applicants should submit their transcripts for all the graduation work and courses listed in the application. The transcript should have grades for the coursework; courses are taken and institution details where the courses are completed.
  • Applicants have to submit the dissertation certification form. This form must verify the completion of all the coursework of the applicant and qualify the examination for the doctorate. An institutional officer should sign this form as proof of approval of the dissertation research proposal.
  • A certified English translation should be submitted for all the components provided in a foreign language. This certification should have a mark of certification or official signature.


Winner of the Fellowship will be rewarded with the fellowship fund worth $20,000. This fellowship fund helps students to complete their dissertation or final year. The amount will be made available to the students, not the institution.

Application Deadline

Application deadline for AAUW American Dissertation Fellowship is November 1, 2020, before 11:59 (Central Time

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