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Yorktown Recycling Contest

Recycling has become very important for us and our environment. Recycling refers to using waste material to create a new product instead of throwing it out. Every small step that is taken toward recycling make a positive impact on the environment, and now think if we all embrace the recycling habit, we will not create waste that will result in a reduction in the necessity of generating new products. Through recycling, we can contribute to conserving the wildlife and environment, alleviating the waste and protecting natural resources. To do its part in making people more aware of recycling and inspire them to practice it, Yorktown officials have presented a fantastic “Yorktown Recycling Contest”.

This is a logo contest for which applicants will need to come with beautiful designs that reflect the importance of recycling and encourage people. These designs will be used as a logo to decorate the new food-scrap recycling bins that will be placed at Downing Park. The designs must be inspired by environmentalism, waste reduction and composting. The mission of this program is to not only giving a platform to artist to showcase their artistic skills but also instil a positive attitude toward conservation and waste reduction in people through the logos that will include your designs. By participating in this completion and providing the design, you think, can help inspire people to adopt recycling habits and create no waste to keep our environment clean. So what are you thinking about? Create an inspiring design and send it to the organizer of the program. It could be your important step toward making the earth a clean and better place to live in.

Yorktown is a fantastic community-based in Northern Westchester County, New York. It encompasses forty square miles of rolling hills, farmland, residential areas and light industry. With a pleasant mix of commercial, residential, and recreational opportunities, this community offers more than 36,000 perks and facilities. Yorktown was created in 1788 and named in memory of America’s revolutionary was happened in Yorktown.

Brief Description

Get the quick information through this table:

Organization Yorktown Officials
Educational Level All
Subjects All
Amount Varies
Access Mode Online
Number of Awards N/A
City Yorktown
Nationality Domestic
Country United States
Application Deadline May 15, 2021
Application Fee N/A
Requirements Artwork

Who May Be Eligible?

Anyone can apply for this program. There is no particular requirement for this competition.

How to Apply

Create unique designs inspired by recycling, environmentalism and waste reduction. Proposed designs must be sent digitally at supervisor@yorktownny.org by the submission deadline is May 15.


The winning designs will be used for a logo created to decorate new food-scrap recycling bins that will be placed at Downing Park. Along with this opportunity, candidates will showcase their artistic talent, refine their skills and enhance their confidence. Moreover, they can contribute to raising awareness of the importance of recycling through their artwork.

Application Deadline

Applications are available until May 15. Applications submitted after this date will not be received and considered.

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