What is the Best GRE Prep Book?

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What is the Best GRE Prep Book?

The GRE is a standard test that is a requirement for admission into graduate programs for several schools. The test is owned and organized by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The GRE test consists of three sections that aim to test the verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing skills of its candidates. Due to the importance of the GRE test, it is advisable to make the best preparation before taking the test. Several materials and prep books can assist you in preparing for the GRE test; however, not all materials may be of help to you. So “what is the best GRE prep book?”, this article will serve as a guide in choosing the best GRE prep book for you.

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Tips To Consider When Choosing a GRE Prep Book

The following tips are to be considered when choosing the best GRE prep book for you,

  • The type of graduate program you are applying for
  • The required skills that will help you pass the test
  • The difference between your current and goal score

Several online GRE classes can help prepare for the GRE test. These online GRE courses make it possible for you to personalize your study schedule, and they cover so many lessons with a lot of practice questions and tests that can help you prepare for the actual test. Some recommended online courses are Magoosh, Kaplan, ETS, Manhattan review, and The Economist.

What is the Best GRE Prep Book?

Selecting the best GRE prep book can be very dicey, it is important that you carefully look through the book’s reviews and possibly get a recommendation from a reputable source before purchasing a particular GRE prep book. Here are some of the best GRE prep books available.

1.Manhattan Prep’s GRE practice problems

Manhattan prep’s 5Lb. Book of GRE practice problems is a close to perfect GRE prep book available for students preparing for all levels. In this prep book, the practice questions increase in difficulty, and that makes it easier to target a certain skill range and test your weaknesses. This prep book entails questions of each section of the GRE test, and each question is followed by a detailed explanation. Several online resources accompany this book which include, online GRE introduction, an archive of difficult GRE questions and a GRE practice question bank. All these make this book sit up there as one of the best GRE prep books.

2.ETS Official GRE Super Power Pack

It is very important to use practise tests when preparing for the GRE. This book contains a huge amount of practice test questions that are put together by the ETS officials. This book entails the official questions of the three sections prep books from GRE. This book is all in one, and you end up saving some money by purchasing this. It is advised that you get the paperback copy because the Kindle version may have some formatting errors.

3.Kaplan’s GRE Prep Plus

This book gives users an equipped breakdown of the GRE; it broadly explains every section of the GRE test, it has a 500 questions quiz section, a full-length mock test with detailed chapters. The book delivers one mock test and two others online that will help you understand the ETS pattern of the exam. This book comes with over 2200 practice questions with detailed explanations to test your GRE skills on different levels of difficulty. However, Kaplan’s GRE prep plus focuses more on arithmetic and formulas.

4.Cracking The GRE Premium Edition Princeton Review

The Princeton Review GRE prep book includes six practice tests that spread across all three sections of the GRE test. It also comes with exclusive access to online content with numerous prep resources and practice questions. This is one of the best GRE prep books because it provides practices across the three sections of the GRE test and gives video tutorials that explain each section of the GRE. This prep book also provides a step by step guide on how to interpret practice test results. Finally, this book also gives information about graduate school admissions, financial aid, and testing calendars.

5.Barron’s Essential Words For The GRE

This GRE prep book focuses on the vocabulary section of the test and how they can be applied in the analytical writing section. It assists you with the meaning of various words and their application. Barron’s essential words for the GRE assists you in building your vocabulary together with the implementation of new words. Its main aim is to help increase your familiarity with the GRE vocabulary standards. It is equipped with practice quizzes, sample sentences and flashcards. It also has pre-written practice exercises that test your vocabulary potency.

6.Best Testing Strategies By Magoosh

If you are looking for the best GRE prep book that can give you the tricks and tips to acquire a high score, then this GRE prep book is the best for you. It entails more than 150 perfectly written practice questions; they are all written with a conversational and accessible tone. This book contains an overview of the GRE test and describes each question type and section. It also teaches you how to avoid the common mistakes made by test-takers.

How To Prepare For The GRE Test?

Some elements should be in place when preparing for the GRE test. It is important that you identify and get the appropriate study materials and practice them effectively. You can also set a target GRE score you want to achieve and compare your practice score against the score you wish to attain. You may also decide to enrol for tutorials from professional instructors and practice alongside others intending to take the test.

Also, use the practice test to work on your speed and accuracy by timing yourself per question so you can know how much time to spend per question in order not to run out of time when taking the actual test.

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