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Top College Football Podcasts

America is the land of football, and the NFL plays a huge role in it. The Superbowl is known to be one of the biggest halftime shows in sports history. But before athletes declare themselves for the NFL draft, they showcase and build their skill in college first.

No, we are not ranking down the best college prospects. We’ve already done that. Today we are going to list down the top college football podcasts you could find on iTunes, Spotify and other streaming apps. The list was based on their content, accuracy and the number of colleges they cover on their podcast.

I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the article while also gathering some valuable information.

Athlon Sports

With 100 episodes to show for, Athlon Sports Cover 2 College Football Podcast covers each and every aspect of the game. The Athlon editorial team covers every week of the preseason, regular season, postseason and offseason and gives them an entire breakdown of college football.

The show is hosted by Braden and Mitch that breakdown every possible angle of the game and keep their listeners engaged for hours.

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Top College Football Podcasts 1

Ap Top 25 College Football

Ralph Russo tackles on-field and off-field issues affecting the sport at the college level throughout the year by inviting players, coaches, TV analysts, school administrators and NCAA officials to his Podcast to share their thoughts.

The show gives you everything from hilarious takes to pinpoint information about the players and teams. With 293 episodes and counting, the show covers it all from the big game to signing day or spring practise; this weekly chat about college football covers it all.

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Top College Football Podcasts 2

The Audible with Stew & Bruce

With 316 episodes and counting, hosts Bruce Feldman and Stewart Mandel discuss the latest happenings in the world of college football. The hosts invite big names and end up interviewing even bigger names, giving an insight into the most relevant topics that are hard to find anywhere else. Bruce and Stew have you covered year-round, from National Signing Day to the National Championship.

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Top College Football Podcasts 4

The Solid Verbal

The hosts’ Ty and Dan, talk all things football. They talk about teams starting with the letter M, Cryptids as quarterbacks, non-conference trips, Oregon-Ohio State storylines, and more.

Ty and Dan take a look into the distant future, and the hosts predict and evaluate ten players from some of the 2022 NFL Mock Drafts, grading each on where they need to improve to earn a top spot.

The hosts even take a look at this year’s talent pool for the NFL Draft and select rival seven-man squads. The show has over 50 episodes and plans on growing more.

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Top College Football Podcasts 5

College Football Bros

As the name suggests, the show is hosted by three brothers, Michael, Ryan, and Trey Newman. The podcast covers all the things that are happening in college football, leaving no stone or story unturned.

Their episodes are full of humorous, innovative, original, and intellectual opinions about the sport. Through the creative segments and information-packed discussion that they have created on their show, they deliver clear and concise information, all the while delighting their listeners. With 230 episodes under their belt, the Bro’s cover the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-12, SEC, or any other conference.

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Top College Football Podcasts 6

College Football Daily

Hosted by Trey Scott, College Football Daily covers the biggest stories in the world of college football every weekday. The show is powered by 247 Sports Network and has a panel of local experts in the Podcast as well.

The Podcast even invites celebrities, scouts, coaches and ex-players onto the show to have a more in-detail conversation about football. The show has 611 episodes and counting.

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The College Football Podcast

Expert opinions and analysis are what you get if you are listening to The College Football Podcast. The show even takes the fans opinions and perspective into play to create a diverse conversation and argument to keep the listener entertained for hours. The show has 99 episodes and counting. Though a fairly new podcast, the level of accuracy about the things they say is uncanny.

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Top College Football Podcasts 8

Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody

Hosted by Steven Godfrey and the familiar and lovable cast from Sb Nation, comes Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody. The Podcast has 328 episodes and counting and covers the favourite hot topics in the world of college football.

The Podcast highlights parts of the college football universe you might not have even considered, taking new and different angles on the national storylines and explaining why the standard angles exist in the first place.

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Top College Football Podcasts 9

Shutdown Full Cast

Shutdown Fullcast believes in giving its listeners direct and crisp information on the happenings in the world of college football. The host, Spencer Hall, prefers sticking to just one topic, football, without going off script and addressing other topics.

Spencer Hall hosts the show with Jason Kirk and friends, and the group goes back and forth on topics to keep you engaged. The Podcast has 526 episodes and counting.

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Top College Football Podcasts 3

Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast

With 187 episodes and counting, Matt Waldman, an NFL outsider with a rookie scouting portfolio author, Matt Waldman gives his evaluation and insight of prospects that have earned the attention of NFL insiders and scouts. Matt talks about college football almost every week, highlighting the best and the top plays from around the country and listing down his top college prospects.

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Top College Football Podcasts 10

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