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Top Essay Starters for College Students

Students have a ton of writing to do, be it college assignments, term papers or essays. And the way you start off with your essay plays an important part in paving the tone of your work. From blogs to high school essays, a strong start can pique a reader’s interest and draw them to keep reading.

So today, we are going to list down the best and the most efficient way to start essays to keep the reader engaged. These essay starters were hand-picked from a variety of sources for you to have the best tricks up your sleeve.

I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the article while also gathering some valuable information.

1. A Strong Introduction

The introduction is one of the most vital paragraphs to write, and a strong start makes sure to have a strong finish too. Make sure your introduction is ripe with information but has a certain enigma to the rest of the essay.

2. Use Facts

A reader’s attention is directly attained with a fact or a statement. Back your thesis with a fun fact or a bold statement, and you will have everybody’s eyes and ears.

For example-:

Recent studies have shown that, on average, people who drink beer twice a week live up to 25% longer than those who do not.

Top Essay Starters for College Students 1

3. Start with a Question

Ask a question right away to engage your reader in your essay. This works best for a persuasive essay or even a newspaper editorial.

For example-:

Gun laws in America have caused more and more mass shooting. Is this the future you want to build for your children?

4. Selling the Script

Give the reader an introduction like -:

With our company profiting three times what it had originally invested, it is with great pleasure to tell you; our product is a huge success.

These types of introductions give the reader a glimpse into the bright future he can be a part of.

Top Essay Starters for College Students 2

5. Brief Statements

Reports rely on facts, but readers want to get to the point. An introduction with to-the-point statements and information can make a huge difference.

For Example-:

The quality of the roads in the county has significantly improved from before, but there are still a number of concerns. Poorly maintained roads have been the major contributor to accidents in the area.

6. Shock & Awe

People naturally prefer reading things that keep them on the edge of their seat. However, adding some drama into the introduction leans the reader into the rest of the story.

For Example-:

When Margaret went home last night, she certainly didn’t expect to see her husband hanging from the ceiling. Alas, here we were.

Top Essay Starters for College Students 3

7. Graphs & Stats

No, we do not mean that literally. Though starting with a good statistic that leads to more interesting information leads the reader to know more about it.

For Example-:

A recent poll has displayed that 60% of the people believe in a complete democracy. However, not everyone agrees with it, as a new study tells us that up to 40% of people would prefer something else than total dictatorship.

8. A Personal Touch

It always gives an insight to some of your personal perspective on the topic right away when you choose to get personal, within reason. You should be more confident in voicing your own opinion if you’re comfortable with it.

For Example-:

The UN was wrong in denying those villagers their civil rights when they chose to stand up to that evil warlord.

Top Essay Starters for College Students 4

9. Humour Them

To engage your audience right away, a funny blog intro or a funny personal anecdote works wonders if done right. It not only brings a smile to their face but also creates a connection between the reader and the writer.

For example-:

To be honest, the first time I went ice skating, I bumped into each and everyone in the rink.

10. Vivid Imagination

Adding vivid details into the story will make the reader experience it from your perspective too. Use images to let your reader feel like they are a part of the story.

For Example-:

The scent of roses right next to my bed reminded me of my old English garden. Funny how it totally made me forget about the broken leg.

Top Essay Starters for College Students 5

11. Trust Your Gut

Now, this is a piece of advice from our end. This list has a bunch of excellent essay starters, but to use which one to have the most impact can still be tricky. Our advice, trust your gut and go with what your gut tells you. The human mind subconsciously forms good arguments that many regrets could’ve said sooner.

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