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The Best Courses to Study in Canada

Canada is one of the most student-friendly countries in the world. Years in and years out a lot of people are traveling from their country of origin to the provinces in Canada in order to pursue academic studies. It is not just the academic side of the country that encourages students to pursue the courses but it’s also other factors that come into account. In a country that has a diverse population in different provinces, a high literacy rate, and a better standard of living than most of the countries, it is an easy decision for the students pursuing their studies. Moreover, there are a lot of benefits to studying in the universities of Canada. Some of them are:

  • Obtaining work visa and can apply for a PR
  • Attain hands-on experience and skill development
  • Internationally recognized degrees
  • Financial support for education
  • High quality healthcare at low cost
  • Earning while learning
  • High quality educational programs

Canada is widely known for offering a variety of courses in almost every field. Apart from having a really nice Education system, Canada targets an all-around development of an individual. A lot of volunteer work is made mandatory for all the students in an attempt to give back to the community. Studying in Canada not only teaches one to be independent but also helps the individual grow with the people of their own age and sharing the same mindset. If one manages to get into a top course in Canada, it is highly unlikely that the person will have fewer opportunities when it comes to studies and works in the future.

Here are a few of the best courses that are offered by the universities and colleges in the country of Canada:

1. Master of Science in Computer Science by University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is the number 1 university in Canada. So, you can imagine the competition you need to go through to get admission to the university. Computer Science being one of the strongest and in-demand courses in Canada, if one likes to complete the course in the best manner possible, this university is the one for you. A lot of information about the programming languages and their in-depth application in the real world is demonstrated here. Few things you learn in this course are:

  • Knowledge and study about human-computer interaction
  • Carry out research-based studies on computers
  • Algorithms and analysis of computational complexities

This is an 18-month course that will cost CAD $34,900 annually. An IELTS score band of 7 or more is required to be submitted. Students can also go for the research option once the program is complete.

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2. Full time MBA by University of British Columbia

The Sauder’s Robert H. Lee graduate school of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver provides this course. Personal and professional development is targeted when it comes to pursuing an MBA. Every step taken to complete this MBA for the students results in them having an opportunity to get a job or an internship in the end. A number of business integrated courses are taught to the students with experimental learning. A few of the perks of this course are as follows:

  • Understand Cultural implications of business decisions
  • Global Immersion Experience (GIE)

This is a 16-month program that will allow the students to express themselves in the global scenario. The program will cost CAD $64,944 per year. 2 years of work experience is also required for this course. An IELTS score of 7 is advised.

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3. Master of Arts in Communication and Media Studies by University of Calgary

Communication and media have become an eternal part of almost every aspect of the world. It is safe to say that the world runs on media and it has the power to easily topple the reigns. The course that the University of Calgary offers a thesis-based program for research they need to provide at the end of the course completion. Few aspects that this course sheds a light on are:

  • Gives you a pre-requisite for a PhD
  • Dynamic environment for students
  • Qualitative approach

This is a 2-year program which costs CAD $8,100 roughly. A minimum GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 is required while an IELTS score of 6.5 should be enough to get admission into the course.

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4. Bachelor of Science in Physiology by McGill University

Health and medical sciences lead when it comes to people pursuing courses at McGill University. Various careers that can be pursued after this course are Lab Assistant, Hunger Policy Analyst, Medical Illustrator, etc. This course paves the path for further graduate studies in Anatomy and medical sciences. Few things learned in the course are:

  • Understanding cell and system physiology
  • Discover new ways of preventing and curing diseases
  • Get prepared for academic research

This is a 4-years Bachelors’s program that will cost around CAD $45,000 per year. An IELTS score of 6.5 is required.

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5. Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering by University of Alberta

The engineering field is most exploited when it comes to the University of Alberta. One of the most sought-after courses that are offered is the Master of Science in civil and environmental engineering. It is a full-time research-based program. This program will help you attain advanced knowledge of civil engineering. The program lasts for 18 months but you can complete the program within 4 years of registration. The fees per year are CAD $8,500. An IELTS of 6.5 is required.

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6. Master of Science in Computer Science by McMaster University

Another university that is ranked amongst the top universities for computer courses is McMaster University. Students are intrigued when knowledge about the things that they love is imparted to them in a practical and hands-on method of learning. A few of the things taught in this course are:

  • Computing research problems in various areas
  • Help develop high quality software
  • Cross-disciplinary researches are carried out.

The program is for 2 years. The annual cost of the program is up to CAD $17,000. Original research is to be conducted by the students when the course is coming towards the ending stages.

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7. Master of Mathematics in Data Science by University of Waterloo

Data science is basically computing algorithms and attain knowledge by analyzing both structured and unstructured data. In today’s world, it is absolutely essential for the tiniest of the detail to be noted and the methodology behind it to be studied. And an advanced degree in mathematics in the field of data science is considered one of the most precious courses that are offered by the University of Waterloo. It provides the following:

  • Identifying patterns and assisting in Algorithm creation
  • Consider the efficacy of tweaks and make models using mathematical reasoning
  • Code mathematics into machines

It is a one and a half to a two-year course. The annual fees are CAD $21,760. An IELTS score of 7 and above is required.

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These were a few of the best courses in a few of the best universities that one should pursue because it’s not just the academic development you get with them, it’s an overall one.

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