Texas Principal Fights for His Job as Race Roils School District

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Texas Principal Fights for His Job as Race Roils School District

Colleyville, Texas — James Whitfield would be up by 6 a.m., wearing a suit and prepared to lead a high school of around 2,000 children.

Presently, the nearest he can get is dropping off his 9-year-old child at the school across the road. That is because, since September, Whitfield has been suspended from his work and be called the first Black Principal of Texas‘ majority-white Colleyville Heritage High School, in the Fort Worth region.

Whitfield stands blamed by local guardians for pushing “critical race theory,” or “CRT,” on understudies, a trendy expression for guardians and government officials who feel that endeavors to show America’s troublesome history on race, and make classrooms more okay with diversity, have become excessively disruptive.

However, the following debate has cost him his job, for now, he still has a lot of allies, some of whom blare as they pass him in the road.

“They’ve seen, you know, how I treat them, how I treat their students,” Whitfield says to “MTP Reports.”

“It is very bittersweet because I should be going and doing that,” he said. “I should be doing that work” He added.

Texas is one of eight states with quite broad new laws restricting the education of critical race theory, a decades-old graduate-level study that inspects the connection between the law and racial disparity.

Conservative coordinators and guardians have seized on the expression. “We ought to show American pride, not to despise our nation and to abhor one another,” one parent said at a nearby educational committee meeting in June.

There is no proof that Colleyville Heritage High School or Whitfield really showed critical race theory, however, a large group of occurrences made him a target for these worries.

After Whitfield was named Principal, a few guardians gave undefined objections about photographs of him and his white wife celebrating their anniversary that were kept in the photos collection on his Facebook page. Many guardians were shocked after he participated in a district-approved presentation on diversity. A few guardians were especially furious after he composed an email about George Floyd’s homicide wherein he said systemic racism was “alive and well.”

A school board candidate, Stetson Clark, called him out by name at a July meeting, requesting that he be terminated “due to his outrageous perspectives” and connecting him to a push for the “execution of critical race theory in our region.”

Whitfield defended the email he sent, telling “MTP Reports” that he needed to empower “awkward conversations” locally in the wake of high-profile allegations of police wrongdoing and racially motivated violence.

“We had Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor,” he said. “Here in Fort Worth, we had Atatiana Jefferson, who had quite recently been killed in her home.”

In an assertion to NBC News, the school district said “proposed the nonrenewal of Whitfield’s agreement because of deficiencies in his performance as a principal” and that “critical race theory” was not a factor.

Whitfield, who will get an opportunity to defend himself at a formal review on Nov. 9, said the case is deluding.

“My students, my families, the families that I serve, the children that I serve — and you see the groundswell of help from them — they’re not fools,” he said. “They can recognize the truth about this.”

As of now, an administrator told teachers they would have to adjust books on the Holocaust with “opposing” opinions to consent to their translation of new rules. After NBC News distributed exclusive audio of the exchange, the locale apologized.

State Sen. Bryan Hughes, the creator of Senate Bill 3, the second and more severe of the anti-CRT laws established in the state, told “MTP Reports” that the enactment was frequently misconstrued by critics. It will in any case permit teachers to “talk about troublesome things in our past,” he said, yet it will put limits on how that discussion unfolded.

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