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Tell Me About Yourself: Interview Questions

An interview is actually a meeting organized between two people i.e. an employer and an interviewer on the same table. An interview is the base or recruitments. It is considered the most important and personalize part of hiring’sat different levels. At the beginning of interviews, “Tell me about yourself,” or questions like that, are common as they ease both you and the interviewer into the conversation.

It helps the interviewer to hear a concise, summarized description of your history and talents, and it provides them insight into what knowledge and expertise you believe are most important to the position for which you are interviewing. For interviewing purposes, a panel of experts is established who can judge a person from his abilities and capabilities perspective.

Importance of interview:

An interview is a really important and basic step in the recruitment of employees in any company or industry. It is also held to ensure whether the applicant or the interviewee has the skills, potential, and ability to fit in the required post.

In an interview, a candidate discusses his achievements, potentials, and research work. Hence, an interview plays an important role in the selection of employees in any firm.

Types of the interview:

Normally there are different types of interviews held at different places yet there are 2 main types of interviews which are as follows.

1- Screening interview:

A screening interview is used to shortlist the crowd of candidates. It usually takes 15-30 minutes.

2- Hiring-Decision interview:

These interviews are normally more extensive to select than the others. These are particularly held to hire some people from the pool of applicants for the particular designation of a firm.

Normally people are very much confused about the interview questions. So, they don’t prepare themselves according to the requirement of the firm. Pe0ole, especially the freshers look very much confused about the interview and their facial expressions are very much confused. Their faces reflect their nervousness and so they don’t answer the questions wisely.


Questions asked in an interview

Following is the list of questions asked normally in an interview

  • Tell us about yourself
  • What are your greatest strengths?
  • Who do you consider to be your biggest weakness?
  • Why do you want this designation?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What attracted you to our company?
  • If already working, then why you want to leave your current job?
  • What do you know about our company?
  • If you get this job, what kind of targets do you have in your mind?

Tell us about yourself:

This question is very simple but unfortunately, some people fail to answer due to their confusion and nervousness. Here is a tip, never give the details of your past or complete history. Give a pitch of yourself and talk about your current life. Talk about your experience and relevant fields.

Many people consider this a very simple question, they think the answer to this question is just Name, Age, Education and it’s enough. Yet, it is actually not enough.This question is based on few words but its answer has an ocean of words.

When an interviewer asks this, they really mean tell me about yourself as it is important to the role you are applying for and this company. I think they’re giving you an opportunity to articulate succinctly why you have the right qualifications.To answer this, you have to shed light on your past, present, and future.

1. Past:

While talking about your past, you have to be very careful about it. Keep it in mind don’t talk about irrelevant past. Asking your past does not mean you have to tell the past of your personal life, it actually means that you have to shed light on the past or history of your job experiences or your previous job life. Never ever discuss the problems of your marital life or household issues. This question requires you to answer it relating it to your professional life. Where you have to tell about the projects you have done, the official campaigns handled by you. The meetings attended by you. The achievements you had achieved. This is all.

2. Present:

Now you have to tell them about your present. In simple words, you have to tell them about your current situation whether you are jobless or currently working somewhere as an employee or you are thinking of leaving your current job or you are looking for a good opportunity than the current one. May be you have to tell them why you’ve fired from the previous job. Or why you want to leave your present workplace. Or are you quitting your job just because you want more better salary package. All these things are enough to answer about your present.

3. Future:

Now, regarding your future, it does not mean that you have to tell that you have to own a house, own a new car or you are planning to marry soon and if already married then planning a family. Does it actually mean that what are you supposed to do if you did not get this job? Or what other plans do you have for this company if you get this job or how will you benefit the company? How will you prove yourself best to this company? Or how beneficial would be your recruitment for out company? Would you be able to handle the campaigns if started in future? Would you be able to do interviews for recruiting purposes? Could you give us your  extra time, in simple words over time? All these things should be in your mind.

Tips for Interview Preparation

Inject some passion:

While telling them about yourself, answer them passionately, don’t look confused. Be confident. But there’s the most important thing which is worth mentioning i.e. don’t be over confident.

It gives really very much bad impression to the employers or those who are supposed to take your interview. First think about what you have to speak and then speak it in front of them. Here is another situation, in which you may be trapped at any time.

For instance:

If you have worked previously in a firm which is specialized in making cosmetics and now you are sitting to deliver your interview to a firm which is actually specialized in beverages. Both are different companies. Both have different techniques, different methodologies and if the interviewer asks you that you don’t have the experience in our field or you are totally different from our field then how would you handle the situation?

First of all, staying calm and peaceful is key. So, face them calmly. Say them indeed you have no experience in the particular field but you are very much passionate about your work and you are very much eager to learn how totally different companies work opposite from each other.

I assure you that I will soon learn your pattern, your criteria of work and I will indulge myself in the culture of your company. If you will provide me with this opportunity, I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness. This is how you can trap them into your words.

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What are your strengths?

When you are about to answer this question, think of quality, not quantity. In simple words don’t say a list of adjectives. In spite pick a single quality that is relevant to that position.

What do you think is your greatest weakness?

When you are asked this question, you have to answer wisely, maintaining the equilibrium. Hit the balance by thinking of something that you are struggling with or trying to improve. For example, maybe you’ve been struggling with yourself while facing a crowd of people, then mention that you’ve recently volunteered to overcome the crowd of people at different public meetings.

Why do you want this job?

Normally, companies want to hire those people who are very much passionate about their work. So, you have to answer with great expertise. For example, I’ve always been very much passionate about construction and I very much appreciate your quality of work in this regard. Therefore, I believe that I am perfectly suitable for this post.

Why do you want this designation?

To answer this, you’ve to cover the main three things i.e. you can not only provide them quality work but also deliver good results. Moreover, you can fit yourself completely into the culture of their firm.

Why do you want this job?

Again companies want to hire people who are passionate about the job, so you have to answer great about why you want this job. For example, I have been always fond of construction, and your company is playing a very important and great role in this regard. So, I want to be a part of your company.

Where do you find yourself in the upcoming 5 years?

If you are asked this question in an interview, be honest and specific about your future goals. It’s ok to say that you’re not quite sure what the future holds, but that you see this experience will play an important role in making any decision.

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What salary are you expecting?

If you are asked this question, then you have to answer this question broad, such as:

“My salary expectations are in line with my experience & qualifications “


“If this is the right place for me, I’m sure we can come to a salary agreement “

This shows that you are willing to negotiate.

Following are the Do’s in an interview:-

Bring extra CV’s

Arrive early from the given time

Be polite while talking to interviewers

Make eye contact with them

Outline your achievements from school to your practical life

Show enthusiasm

Prepare your answers for the interview

Wait for your call for an interview

Expand your answers

Evaluate the company

Ask questions if needed

Stress your desires

Good nonverbal behavior

Enough research on the company

Dress properly to look good

Use the best fragrance you have

Put a smile on your face

Greet the interviewers

Knock the cabin door before entering

Say Good-Bye or Thank them while leaving

Be patient with everyone

Stay Confident

Walk calmly

Following are the Don’ts in an interview:-

Use multiple languages

Act Desperate

Leave your cellphone on

Be aggressive

Be extremely soft-spoken

Negativity as it outs bad impression

Talk about salary unless asked

Show lack of knowledge about a company

Over-confidence puts a negative impact

Discuss your marital life

Share your personal life as they don’t have any concern

Crack jokes because they would be the mangers

Be loud or shout

Negative comments on previous employers

Falsify the application

Late for the interview

Blunt in front of interviewers

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How to greet the interviewer panel?

The fresh guys, due to nervousness and confusion normally don’t know how to greet and how to react. It’s not rocket science. Basically, these are the ethics we are learning from our parents and elder ones since childhood like how to greet others. So, simply we have to follow the same rule.

By knocking on the door we will ask for permission to enter then you will greet the interviewers by saying GOOD MORNING or GOOD AFTERNOON depending upon the time of the day. And answer their questions gently by putting a smile on your face.

Normally people are very much confused about the interview questions. So, they don’t prepare themselves according to the requirement of the firm. People, especially the fresher’s look very much confused about the interview, and their facial expressions are very much confusing. Their faces reflect their nervousness and so they don’t answer the questions wisely.

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How to prepare for an interview?

To prepare for an interview, you don’t need to wait for any other person who will ask you the general questions asked in the interview.

You can prepare yourself by searching various questions on the internet which are frequently asked by the interviewers, you can also read various articles, contents or blogs of various people to learn how to answer the questions accurately. After learning what to answer, you have to stand in front of a mirror and look into your eyes, by staying confident, ask yourself the frequently asked questions, and then by staying normal, calm, and confident answer those questions by looking into the mirror.

At the end of the interview, sincerely thank your interviewers for their precious time from their busy routine and scheduled time for you.

Say something like this;

“Thank you really very much for your quality time, I really appreciate it.”


You may say:

“I very much appreciate you taking the time with me this morning”

Last but not the least, leave the room or cabin nicely and write a thank you letter to the company for sparing time for you from their scheduled routine and then wait for your selection call.

If you get the selection call then thanks them to give you the opportunity to prove your skills and assure them that you will not let them down and will be above their expectations.

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