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Soros Scholarship

Are you an immigrant in the US and planning to pursue a graduate education? Here is a very impressive opportunity by Paul & Daisy SOROS Fellowship for all new Americans planning to get into the graduation program. The Paul & Daisy SOROS Fellowship is a very authentic scholarship where they provide the scholarship for the students who are new Americans and perform very well in academics and need financial assistance.

Paul & Daisy SOROS Fellowship is dedicated to supporting deserving individuals in their education and helping them to receive financial support. They aim to help the students with better future opportunities and those who are striving to accomplish their goals. Their mission is to develop role models in front of the students to increase their interest in academics.

Paul & Daisy SOROS Fellowship for new Americans was established by Paul and Daisy Soros for immigrants’ students. It was started with the support of the charitable trust of fifty million dollars. In 2010, Mr and Mrs Soros contributed more than twenty-five million to the charitable trust that funds their Fellowships for New Americans. Later, Mr Soros passed away at the age of 87. In his memory, the Paul & Daisy SOROS Fellowship for new Americans continues to fulfil his wish to provide education to the students.

Brief Description 

Take a look at the table below for more information required  about the scholarships:

Organization  Paul & Daisy SOROS Fellowship for new Americans
Educational Level  Graduate
Subjects Any
Amount Undefined
Access Mode  Online
Number of Awards Multiple
City Multiple
Nationality Domestic
Country United States
Application Deadline          October 28, 2021
Application Fees Nil
Requirement Application and an essay

Who May Be Eligible? 

Kindly enrol through the checklist below for eligibility:

  • The applicant must be a New American
  • The applicant must be 30 or younger
  • The candidate must be planning to start or continue as a graduate degree program full-time in the United States
  • The applicant must apply to the Fellowship while applying to graduate school or after they are already enrolled in graduate school.
  • The applicant should have good academic standing
  • The fellow should need financial assistance

How to Apply? 

The students should go thoroughly through the enlisted documents which are required for being eligible for the scholarship. All the required documents need to be provided by the students to become valid candidate. Submission must be made before the deadline as the late submission will not be eligible for the scholarship; submission should be made through the online process.

Supporting Documents 

Please submit the enlisted documents to be considered for the scholarship:

  • The fellow should submit the latest transcript
  • The fellow should provide a resume
  • The fellow should provide the personal and contact information
  • The applicant should provide the higher-education history
  • The student should submit the graduate program for which you seek support
  • The fellow should provide recommendations (3 required, up to 5 accepted)
  • The applicant needs to submit two essays with a maximum length of 1000 words each


The scholarship should be only used to pay academic requirements like tuition, fees, and other related expenses. The scholarship should only be brought in use to pay the tuition fees, fees, book expenses, and other educational expenses. These scholarships encourage the students to accomplish their goals by overcoming a hard time. The process of these scholarships is very easy.

Application Deadline 

The submissions are currently being accepted till October 28, 2021, So kindly submit your application soon as possible to get the reward.

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