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Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge Photo Contest

Friends of Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge is pleased to inform you that they are accepting submissions for the 2021 Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge Photo Contest sponsored by Pro Photo Supply & The Friends of Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. All amateur and professional photographers above the age of 18 are eligible to apply for the following contest. There are four different categories available for you to choose from as Birds, wildlife, Plantlife, landscape, and structures, and submit your photos accordingly.

The 15th annual 2021 photography competition is for people who have an enormous love for photography and wildlife. The FRNWR is trying to encourage students to take part in the following contest and capture some creative and unique moments of wildlife. Your photos must depict how you see the wildlife diversity. The most talented and deserving candidates will be chosen from both the adult category and the youth category. The winners will be given 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. The last date for submission for the contest is September 10, 2021, and the winners will be announced on October 2, 2021.

The Friend of Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge’s mission is to support, protect and advance the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge and its wildlife habitat. Their focus is to broaden public awareness and participation in its environmental, cultural, and educational opportunities. The Friends of the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge was honored recently by Mrs. Michelle Obama designated it as one of the nation’s newest preserve America stewards.

Brief Description

Here is a brief description for you concerning the following scholarship:

OrganizationFriends of Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge
Educational LevelAll
Subjects All
Access ModeOnline
Number of Awards3
Contest DeadlineSeptember 10, 2021
Application FeesNot required

Who is Eligible?

Following are the eligibility requirements that need to be satisfied for participating in the following scholarship contest:

  • The applicant must be a professional and amateur photographer.
  • The applicant must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Youth Contest is open to photographers aged 10-18 and in grades 5-12 generally.

How to Apply?

The interested individuals are required to fill out the application form provided on the scholarship portal and submit it. Additionally, the candidate is required to capture some creative and unique photos that can include:

  • Birds – Birds and waterfowl in their natural habitat.
  • Wildlife – Any wildlife other than birds – mammals, amphibians, fish, insects, reptiles, and invertebrates in their natural habitat.
  • Plant Life – Trees, grasses, flowers, fungi, mushrooms, and other flora in their natural habitat.
  • Landscape & Structures – The refuge contains a mosaic of scenic views, including iconic structures such as the Cathlapotle Plankhouse.

Following instructions must be kept in mind while submitting your photo:

  • All image file entries must be digital uploads only.
  • Image files must be submitted in JPG format.
  • Each file may not exceed 5MB in size and should be approximately 1500 x 2100 in jpg format only.
  • Each contestant may submit up to six (6) digital images total.
  • Image files must be submitted in JPG format to www.ProPhotoSupply.com.
  • No watermarks of any kind can be placed on the photo submissions.
  • Photos must have been taken within areas of the Refuge that are open to the public during public access hours.
  • Any refuge scene whether wildlife, plants, or scenic landscape is eligible.
  • Color and/or black & white images are allowed.
  • Elements or objects not in the original scene should not be added.
  • Limited image modifications are allowed.
  • Watermarks, signatures, or copyright notices MUST be removed before submission.
  • If submission rules are not followed, the application and images may not be judged and/or disqualified.


All the submitted photos will be judged based on content, visual appeal, clarity, composition. The most deserving candidates will be chosen and be given the following awards:

Adult Category Prizes:
1st Place in each category: $150 Pro Photo Supply Gift Card

Youth Prizes:
1st Place: $75 Gift Card
2nd Place: $50 Gift Card
3rd Place: $25 Gift Card

Application Deadline

The deadline for application submission for the following scholarship is September 10, 2021. No applications will be considered after the deadline.

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