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Best Wildlife Conservation Courses

Wildlife Conservation refers to the process of protecting the Ecosystem and the Environment as a whole through Scientific measures. We all know that the drastic change in the climate is adversely affecting our ecosystem, and eventually, it is the Wildlife species who are suffering its impact and leading them towards extinction. It is high time that humans understand the worth of nature and protect our environment and the ecosystem so that our generations to come can have a better future.

Through Wildlife Conservation, humans can protect the various species from dying or being extinct, because it is we who have disturbed the order, and are solely responsible for restoring it. Although many organizations around the world are trying their best to restore peace into Wildlife, it is not enough, we need more people across the globe who understand the worth of nature and wildlife conservation. It is only then, there will be a balance in the Environment and the Ecosystem.

If you are one of those who want to bring a positive change and want to know about Wildlife Conservation, work as Wildlife Biologists, Ecologists, and Conservation Scientists, to help build a better tomorrow, then here are the best online courses on our list for you:

1. ExploringConservation Free Online Courses by National Geographic

What can be better than learning from a platform that has introduced all of us to the world of Wildlife? The National Geographic offers free Wildlife Conservation courses to arouse awareness in people across the world and make them known why we need to practice wildlife conservation. The sole aim of the courses is to create an impact on people so that they protect the environment and eventually the wildlife that is totally dependent on an ecosystem, that is now degrading.

The conservation courses were developed by United for Wildlife and the Zoological Society of London, for the purpose of educating everyone around the world about the importance of conservation, and how they can bring a change by getting involved in it. You can choose among any of these courses that cover topics such as, Introduction to Conservation, Prioritising Species and Spaces, Understanding Illegal Wildlife Trade, Ocean Challenges and Solutions, Conservation Project Planning, and Scientific Expeditions for Conservation. Explore what Conservation is all about with the guidance of the best Wildlife Network in the world, National Geographic.

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2. Ecology and Wildlife Conservation by FutureLearn

Another free course on our list that is presented by the University of Leeds, focuses on “Ecology and Wildlife Conservation”. FutureLearn has been a reliable online platform that introduces students to free courses from educational institutions around the world, and this course on our list is especially for students who want to learn about Wildlife Conservation.

In this course, you will learn all about the work of conservation biologists and the study of ecosystems that can help in conserving biodiversity and save its habitats from extinction. You will explore many areas of conservation and Ecology, and come across case studies that will let you examine the various impacts on wildlife due to climate change and other reasons for pollutions. This course will help you develop knowledge in the areas of key threats faced by seabirds, pollinators, and coral reefs, the impact of climate change on the global environment, advanced techniques, and technology that are used to study and conserve biodiversity by conservation scientists and much more. This self-paced course by the University of Leeds on FutureLearn is going to provide you a wonderful learning experience.

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3. Ecology: Ecosystem Dynamics and Conservation by Coursera

A course offered by the tie-up of the American Museum of Natural History and Howard Hughes Medical Institute on Coursera is a great choice for students who want to get introduced to the world of Ecology, Ecosystem, and the areas of Conservation.

This course will focus on a case study on Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park that will let students explore how Scientists actually study the Ecosystem and come to conclusions. By the end of this course, students will have complete knowledge of real-world conservation, and how human intervention can protect the Ecosystem.

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4. Wildlife Management Graduate Certificate Program by Oregon State University

For those who want to study in the field of Wildlife Management, Oregon State University offers the perfect online Graduate Certificate Program to students who seek a future in Wildlife Conservation and Management. This certificate program will prepare students to identify effective solutions to complex wildlife management challenges and will be ready to overcome any situation.

This online program is very flexible, prepares students to apply in Graduation schools, helps them develop skills, and seeks a future in the field of Wildlife. After completing this Certificate program, you may proceed with further studies by opting for an online Professional Science Master’s in Fisheries and Wildlife Administration (PSMFWA) degree or the online Master of Natural Resources (MNR) degree program to become more skilled, knowledgeable, and more prepared for the industry. 

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5. Wildlife Conservation Bachelor of Science Program by Unity College

The best way to gain comprehensive knowledge of Wildlife Conservation is to opt for a Bachelor of Science Program from Unity College which is America’s Environmental College. This BSc program introduces students to the world of wild animals and makes them understand why it is important to protect them, and how it can be done. Students who complete this program will be ready to work as Wildlife Biologists and Conservation Scientists or can pursue further higher degrees.

In this course, students will be learning about sustainable management of wildlife species by applying social, economic, and environmental concepts. Students will gain comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary to work for conservation agencies. Unity College is an accredited institution by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), so the certificate you will earn after completion will hold much value and help establish your career.

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6. Introduction to Wildlife Conservation by

If you are a complete beginner and are looking for a course that will introduce you to the world of Wildlife, and the purpose of Conservations, then here is the best course of your type by A course where you will be learning about protecting wildlife species from the threats they face every day, and the impacts of climate change on their lives.

From learning about the preservation and importance of wildlife and biodiversity to understanding the values of conservation, you will be learning everything necessary before you can proceed with a more advanced course. You will also be exploring a real-life case study of the Sariska Tiger Reserve in India to gain a better understanding. Precisely, this course has all that you are looking for.

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7. Ecology and Wildlife Conservation Course by Udemy

The Ecology and Wildlife Conservation course by Udemy can be a great way to establish a sound understanding of our Ecosystem and the Wildlife that is wholly dependent on it. This course will focus on global environmental issues and the effects of ongoing Urbanization on the wildlife, and the ecosystem as a whole. Students will get to enhance their skills in Conservation Management, be able to identify and work on environmental risks and gain confidence to work with a wider environmental management team.

This course is ideal for those who are seeking a future in the field of Conservation because this course will teach you how to work with Conservation Biologists, Scientists, and Ecologists. You will also establish a comprehensive understanding of the need for conservation to protect biodiversity. A course that is for Students, Teachers, Job Seekers, Professionals or Newbies, and anyone who is Wildlife Conservation enthusiast and wants to work on it will get benefitted from this course for sure.

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8. Advanced Diploma in Wildlife Conservation by

Yet another notable course on our list by is an Advanced Diploma course in Wildlife Conservation for those who want to work or study in the desired field. An amazing course to develop a comprehensive understanding of wildlife conservation and the key threats faced by the ecosystem, and gain many skills that are extremely essential to be able to work as a Conservationist.

From learning about the main concepts of wildlife conservation and biodiversity, methods of valuation, to digging in deep into the issues of estimating the rate of species loss, the factors leading to the extinction of a species, habitat degradation, management of wildlife diseases, and much more. By the end of this course, you will have covered all the important areas of wildlife conservation and ecosystem and will be ready to work as a Conservationist.

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9. Courses by ConservationTraining

As the name suggests, this online platform is wholly dedicated to providing Conservation training to students around the world. ConservationTraining offers free learning community that offers conservation-based training to anyone interested or hoping to bring a positive change in the environment. Students of more than 200 countries have chosen ConservationTraining because it offers 400 free courses in multiple languages, and its courses are built through the partnership with scientists from conservation organizations such as the IUCN, UNDP, UNEP, CBD, and more.

Some of the best courses you can opt for include, Coral Reef Restoration, Introduction to The IUCN Red List, Successful Vegetation Management Practices in the Sagebrush-Steppe, and many more. There is nothing to lose but in return, you gain so much knowledge in conservation with the help of ConservationTraining.

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10. Wildlife ConservationCourses by Academy of Distance Learning

The last one on our list is the Wildlife Conservation courses by the Academy of Distance Learning that feature a plethora of important topics on Conservation. The courses featured are either Certificate or Diploma courses that will help you a lot in establishing a career in the desired area of Wildlife Conservation. Some of the best courses you can opt for include Animal Management, Marine Conservation, Wildlife Management, and Wildlife Conservation.

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