Ourecho Challenge for Grades 5 to 9 Students

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Ourecho Challenge for Grades 5 to 9 Students

Biodiversity is a term that is commonly used to indicate all of the species that exist on earth. All forms of life on earth depend on one another that creates the balance which our plant relies on to function properly. From tiny creatures like hard-working bees to huge ones, including amazing blue whales, every single life plays an important role in our echo system. No matter how small or how big, all have vital roles to play and do their parts. Wildlife provides healthy support to the ecosystem in pollination, seed dispersal, climate regulation, water purification, nutrient cycling, and control of agricultural. Unfortunately, increasing human activities have made a negative impact on both wildlife and the ecosystem. Keeping this in mind, EarthEcho International has created an excellent program called “The Ourecho Challenge 2021” for U.S. middle school students.

The Ourecho Challenge 2021 is a STEM competition that inspires young students to take a closer look at the biodiversity system of their communities. As a part of this contest, students will have to identify the threat to local ecosystems and suggest how it can be overcome. The ideas of candidates will help preserve, protect, or repair those natural resources in many ways. The contest will select ten winners to join EarthEcho International on June 10-11, 2021, to showcase their ideas to protect and restore biodiversity. The organization will choose the three best teams that will be provided with grants to turn their ideas into reality and start working on their projects. For this contest, candidates can apply by filling out an online application form at the EarthEcho International website.

EarthEcho International has been working as a non-profit organization formed in 2005 by siblings Philippe and Alexandra Cousteau in honour of their father Philippe Cousteau Sr. This organization was started with the vision of creating a world where every single child can breathe fresh air, drink clean water, and walk on green grass under a blue sky” serves as our vision to this day. EarthEcho has been devoted to inspiring youth to identify and find the solution to the environmental challenges in their communities first.

Brief Description

Get quick information through this table:

Organization EarthEcho International
Educational Level Grades 5 – 9
Subjects All
Amount Varies
Access Mode Online
Number of Awards Multiple
City Washington
Nationality Domestic
Country United States
Application Deadline April 22, 2021
Application Fee No
Requirements No

Who May Be Eligible

U.S. middle school students are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

To participate in this program, candidates will have to complete an online application form with all correct and complete information. In the form, you will have to provide some personal information regarding your name and address etc. An adult mentor must submit each entry online on behalf of the teams they are mentoring. Mentors can be traditional educators, parents, home school instructors, and/or adult facilitators of more informal learning environments.

Supporting Documents

Applicants are required to submit more than one essay. They can find detailed information regarding the length of the essay and the topics they have to compose essays on the official website of EarthEcho International. They also have to provide permission parent/guardian form and upload any images or photos that may enhance their proposed project or can share a video to enhance your proposed project.


The award will be granted as fellow:

  1. Grand Prize: $5,000
  2. 2nd Prize: $2,000
  3. 3rd Prize: $1,000

Application Deadline

The last date to apply is April 22, 2021. Candidates should send their application before or on this date to receive better consideration.

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