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Moody Research Grant

LBJ Foundation rewards a limited number of grants for research at LBJ Library, which are underwritten by The Moody Foundation of Galveston, Texas. The Foundation invites the application of research associates from all over the world who want to work on their research paper from the renowned LBJ Library. The grant includes the airfare and $180 Diem for days spent in the library for the research purpose. The library facility will be totally free for the recipient. Grants range from $600 to $3000, solely for the purpose of helping to reduce the living, travelling and related expenses of the deserving candidate. To apply for the Grant, a candidate needs to submit a research proposal stating the topic, brief description, objective and purpose of research. Applications will be reviewed by a special faculty committee appointed by the President of the University of Texas at Austin at the request of LBJ Library.

This grant is an opportunity for all those associates who want to work closely on a project but cannot work further due to a lack of financial as well as material resources. LBJ Foundation is here to help you to work in your desired field by providing you with almost all of the assistance. This is the chance for you to work on your dream project that too from the best location with ample amounts resources. This is one of those opportunities that individuals crave for. Also, the grant can be used for theses, senior paper publications and other projects. You should definitely try to surprise the authority with your proposal and give all your efforts to get this grant.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports the LBJ Presidential Library and LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas. By the fundraising efforts of its Board Members, LBJ Foundation provides support to the library that enhances quality programming, expands educational outreach and administer grants for scholars and researchers. The foundation also raises funds for the LBJ School to provide an outstanding education to its students. The two institutions, one looking to the past, and the other to the future, provide for the ongoing legacy for President Johnson’s accomplishments and his vision for the nation.

Brief Description 

Refer to the table below for further details:

Organization LBJ Foundation
Educational Level Researchers
Subjects All
Amount Airfare, $180 per diem for days spent in the LBJ library for research
Access mode Online
Number of Awards N/A
City Austin
Nationality Domestic
Country USA
Application Deadline March 15, 2021 & September 15, 2021
Application fees N/A
Requirements Resume, list of your publications, research proposal, references

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for the grant, the candidate should submit the following details along with the application:

  • Background and contact information.
  • Resume or curriculum vitae (1 page)
  • Research Proposal: a maximum of 4 double-spaced, type-written pages that include:
  1. Title of project
  2. Brief description of the project including scope, objective, methodology and a possible conclusion.
  3. Relation of LBJ Library holdings to your research.
  • List of references with their contact details.
  • A list of 5 publications with citations. (if applicable)

How to Apply?

Prior to submitting the proposal, the applicant must contact LBJ Library’s archive department at (001) (512) 721-0212 or to obtain detailed information regarding the availability of materials required for research on the proposed topic. The Reading room is open from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is closed on federal holidays.

To apply for the grant, the applicants must agree to the following conditions:

  1. The product of research made with the use of grant should not be used for any political purpose.
  2. Funds are solely for the purpose of helping to defray the expenses of researchers.
  3. The grant must be used during the period for which it is awarded.
  4. The recipient will provide promptly to the LBJ Foundation a copy of any publication, paper, article or book resulting from research made possible by the grant.


Applying for this grant will be of huge help to the applicants to complete their research in the most affordable manner. Almost all the transportation and research cost will be backed up by the LBJ Foundation and the library facility will be provided totally free. This is once in a lifetime opportunity for the researcher. Grants may be used for dissertations, theses, senior papers, publications and other projects.

Along with the library facilities, the grant will be funding the airfare or mileage and $180 per diem for days spend in LBJ library for research purpose. Applicants must include the estimated travel costs and the number of days required for the research at LBJ library and the total number of days for research and travel. Airfare should be based on the most economical fare available. Car rentals and research assistance funds should not be included.

Application Deadline

The last date for the submission of candidature is as follows:

Fall- term: June 1 to December 31- Application deadline is March 15

Spring-term: January 1 to August 31 – Application deadline is September 15.

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