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International Essay Contest for Young People

We all might have heard this saying: everything starts from you. In today’s time, where most people have the mentality to wait for others to take initiatives or blame others not to do good things for society, this quotation can inspire. Luckily, our youth is valiant and goal-oriented and don’t get hesitate in taking initiatives toward social issues. Our young minds have been making a positive difference in our world and giving voice and becoming the strength of people whose condition is weak or dealing with some challenges. Our youth don’t get scared either in raising any agenda that they think is important for society and its people. Keeping youth and their power in mind, the Goi Peace Foundation has designed a fabulous contest, especially for young people. This program targets to encourage society to learn from young minds and to think about how each of us can make an impact on the world.

International Essay Contest for Young People carries a theme which is “What is Life”. All the participants will have to compose an essay on this theme and send it to the organization on or before the deadline to get selected. The contest is small but a thoughtful contribution of the Goi Peace Foundation toward harnessing the energy, creativity and initiative of the world’s youth in promoting a culture of peace and sustainable development. The best part of this program is that it is open to all nationalities, so it does not matter whether you belong to the USA or another region in the world, you can be a part of this program. Free participation is another great thing about this competition. The intention of the Goi Peace Foundation behind keeping this program any fee-free is to make more students unable to participate in this program.

The Goi Peace Foundation was founded in March 1999 with the mission of the declaration and to encourage all people to apply its values and principles in their individual lives and their specialized fields of activity. The guiding vision of this foundation is the declaration for All Life on Earth.

Brief Description

Get quick information through this table:

Organization The Goi Peace Foundation
Educational Level All
Subjects All
Amount Varies
Access Mode Online
Number of Awards N/A
City Tokyo
Nationality Domestic
Country Japan
Application Deadline June 15, 2021
Application Fee No
Requirements Essay

Who May Be Eligible

There is no specific requirement for this program. However, candidates from any country can participate in this program.

How to Apply

To enter this program, applicants need to compose an essay of 700 words or less in English or French, or 1600 characters or less in Japanese. Essays must be typed, with your name and essay title included at the top of the first page. The essay must be based on this year’s theme, which is What is Life. You can include the following points:

  • What does life mean to you? Have you had an experience that made you think about the meaning of life? What kinds of things can you do to cherish and invigorate your own life and all life on earth?

However, essays must be submitted in either MS Word (DOC/DOCX) or PDF format.


The awards will be distributed as fellow

  • 1st Prize: Certificate, US$900and gift
  • 2nd Prize: Certificate, US$450 and gift
  • 3rd Prize: Certificate and gift
  • Honourable Mention: Certificate and gift

Application Deadline

Applications will be received until June 15, 2021. Please send your entry on or before this date to secure your place in this program.

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