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Insurance Guide Local College Scholarship

These days, College education is beyond the reach of students who hail from poor families. It has become a quite expensive investment that anybody can make, and as a result of which most of the students are lacking access to higher education or compromising with their educational dreams. Insurance Guide Local believes that education is the basic need of human, and it should be affordable and accessible for everyone. And as part of its belief, it is helping students, who cannot afford to go to college, through its outstanding college scholarship. Insurance Guide Local is now looking forward to getting applications from promising students for its 2021 college scholarship. If you are enrolled in college or trade school and find yourself struggling with finances, then this is your opportunity.

Each year, Insurance Guide Local comes with a $500 scholarship that aims to support students pursuing their post-secondary education at a college or trade school. The purpose of Insurance Guide Local behind supporting students through scholarship is to help them advance their education, get better educated and better prepared so that they can contribute in improving communities as they enter the workforce. The award amount will lighten the financial burden on students and their families and take their all worries away. To start the application process, you need to gather some documents like an essay, transcript etc., and forward it to the Insurance Guide Local by the deadline.

Insurance Guide Local was started by two former insurance agents as a high-quality source of insurance information. The information on the site includes definitions of insurance terms, list of local insurance companies and their offerings, helpful tips, consumer awareness, and other data and information helpful to site visitors. It is dedicated to making every effort to provide accurate and objective information. Through this site, you can get access to the information that is actually useful to site visitors.

Brief Description

Get the quick information through this table:

Organization Insurance Guide Local
Educational Level College and trade school
Subjects All
Amount $500
Access Mode Online
Number of Awards N/A
City N/A
Nationality Domestic
Country United States
Application Deadline May 15 each year
Application Fee N/A
Requirements Essay, proof of enrolment and transcript

Who May Be Eligible

To ensure if you are eligible, check out the following requirements carefully:

  • Candidates must be US Citizens;
  • Applicants must provide proof of current enrollment or acceptance at an accredited college or trade school;
  • Aspirants must already be attending college must be able to show that they are maintaining a 3.0 GPA or higher.
  • Applicants who have not yet started their first college semester must have achieved a cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 or higher and provide documentation of such.

How to Apply

An essay at least 500 words in length and no more than 750 words answering the following prompt:

  • As you look ahead to finishing school and entering your chosen profession, what is it that will set you apart from others in the same field? Other questions to consider as you write: What will you do to bring unique value to your work? What will you do to prevent being just mediocre in your vocation?

Submit your complete essay with proof of your current school enrollment and recent college transcript to Submit the essay in MS Word, Adobe PDF, or Plain Text format.


Please don’t forget to include your name, phone, and email address in your submission email.


Winners will $500 scholarship for their higher education. This amount can only be used for school tuition and related expenses. A check for $500 will be made payable directly to the award recipient’s educational institution. It will make their learning journey ever easier and give them a competitive edge over their peers.

Application Deadline

Applications close on May 15 each year. Please make sure that your application reaches to the university on time.

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