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How Expensive is GRE?

If you’re about to take the GRE, the primary question on your mind would be “how expensive is the GRE?” You might have heard from sources that the GRE test is expensive and may wonder if there are any possible ways to reduce cost.

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This article is aimed at enlightening you on how much to expect in terms of cost when it comes to the GRE test and teach you tips needed to make sure you don’t overspend. How expensive is the GRE?

The Cost of the GRE

There are two types of GRE tests, and one is the general GRE while the other is the GRE subject test. Generally, it costs $205 to take the GRE, except you live in Australia, China, India, Nigeria and Turkey. This test costs $230 in Australia, $231.30 in China, $213 in India, $226 in Nigeria and $255 in Turkey. But, the price for taking the GRE subject test is $150 worldwide. The ETS through GRE offers a fee reduction program for people who need financial aid, unemployed and receiving unemployment compensation, and for national programs that support underrepresented groups. However, not a lot of people can benefit from this program as it is operated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Additional Costs

Aside from the GRE test fee, there are others. The costs associated with the GRE are of three categories:

  • Special Handling Requests
  • Test Preparation
  • Scoring Services.

However, it is quite vital to note that these fees are optional; therefore, with proper preparation, can be avoided.

Special Handling Requests

Rescheduling Fee

This is how much it costs to change the date or location of your test. If you need to reschedule your trial, you are advised to do so at least four days before your scheduled date to take the exam, and at least ten days if you’re taking the test in China. Failure to reschedule your test will result in you forfeiting your test fees. Your GRE test can be rescheduled online through your ETS account or by contacting GRE Services by phone, fax or mail.

 Rescheduling Fee Cost



Other areas of the world


Changing your test centre


Test Preparation

This is how much you’ll need to pay to download test materials from your ETS account.

Power Prep plus Online $39.95

This GRE test prep gives you three official practice tests. This test gives you the chance to answer never before published real test questions on Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Writing. This package also allows you to get scores for your practice test within minutes and review explanations for correct answers for all questions.

The Official Guide to the GRE General Test, Third Edition $40

This package gives access to four real practice tests. It also provides access to hundreds of authentic GRE test questions, explanations for correct answers, several test-taking strategies, Quantitative Reasoning, problem-solving steps and procedures, as well as sample essay responses with reader commentary and many more.

Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions Volume 1, Second Edition $20

This purchase gives you access to 150 real GRE Verbal Reasoning questions. Like other guides, this option provides never before published questions which include hints, tips, and explanations to correct answers. It also has practised for GRE Analytical Writing.

Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions Volume 1, Second Edition $20

With this purchase, you gain access to 150 authentic GRE Quantitative Reasoning questions. It also includes clues and tips to help you ace the test as well as a review of all the mathematical topics that may appear on the test.

Official GRE Super-Power Pack $72

This bundle includes the official guide to the GRE general test, the official GRE quantitative reasoning practice questions (Vol 1) Second edition and the official GRE verbal reasoning practice questions (Vol 1) Second Edition.

Official GRE Value Combo (eBook only) $37

This GRE preparation bundle includes:

  • The official GRE quantitative reasoning practice questions (Vol 1) Second edition and
  • The official GRE verbal reasoning practice questions (Vol 1) Second edition.

SCOREITNOW Online Writing Practice $20

This service practice lets you sharpen and brush up your writing skills in other to prepare you for the Analytical Writing measure of the GRE General Test. Using topics and tasks created by ETS, this web-based service allows you to write and submit responses to two essay topics and immediately get back your scores and feedback. Also, you are provided with an additional six FREE bonus Analytical writing topics which will help you practice more.

Scoring Services

This section focuses on GRE scoring services and the cost.

Additional Score Reports (ASR) (cost per report) $27

The GRE registration fee allows you to send the test report to four schools after the unofficial test results have been released. Upon receiving the results, if you’d like to send your score report to more schools, you’ll be charged $27 per test report.

Question and Answer Review Service- Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning Sections $50

This service allows you to review your Verbal and Quantitative reasoning test, enabling you to see the questions you answered incorrectly. They also grant you access to see the correct answers to the problems you answered incorrectly on your General Test.

However, this service is available only to New York state test-takers for the GRE General Test during one of the weeks listed below. Test Dates for the Question-and-Answer Review Service:

  • July 12–18, 2020
  • September 13–19, 2020
  • October 11–17, 2020
  • November 8–14, 2020
  • December 13–19, 2020
  • January 10–16, 2021
  • April 11–17, 2021
  • May 9–15, 2021

Score Review for Analytical Writing Measure $60 

You can request this service if you believe that your Analytical Writing essay was scored incorrectly. You can ask for a rescore of your GRE score for $60 at least three months after taking the exam.

Score Reinstatement Fee $50

Immediately after you finish the GRE, you’re given your unofficial result. After seeing the result, if you’re unsatisfied with the result, you have the option to cancel the score and remove it from your records. If you eventually want your score to be reinstated. You can have them reinstated after 60 days.

Final Thought

The purpose of reading this article is to ascertain “how expensive is the GRE?” The GRE test is relatively expensive. However, with proper planning, adequate application processes, you will realize that there are ways in which you can cut down these excess costs. The primary key to reducing these unnecessary costs includes early registration and proper research. When you do this, it’ll minimize excessive payment.

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