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Global and Virtual Debate Competition for High School Students

The Cosmos Championship have announced the world’s first global and virtual debate competition. This competition is open to any high school students with any level of skills. Almost every week, Cosmos conducts debate competitions in different regions of the world. Even for debaters with experience, this championship acts like a good training ground to practice and polish their skills on an international stage. In order to expand, you can practice, expand your frontiers and become a better debater through this online platform. There are different formats, which can be tried by anyone. Even participants new to debating can gain the same benefits through the Cosmos Championship and practice from your home without the usual pressure of a social crowd.

Debates have always been a structured intellectual discussion between two individuals or two parties having opposite views on a single topic. These competitive discussions are organized to improve the skills of anyone from teens to seniors. These debates sometimes act as a form of scholarship contest where the winner can receive an award to pay for their education or it can be about winning a medal, trophy or title.

The Cosmos Championship is an online global debating competition and its mission is to inspire understanding in the different perspectives of our world, through debate. They organize debates for the whole season and anyone from beginner to expert can participate and hone their skills. This Championship has approximately 84 countries participating and they arranged the schedule accordingly. They have two age groups and two distinct international leagues like intercontinental leagues and the international leagues. Under the intercontinental leagues, there are four leagues namely the Pacific League, the Atlantic League, the Caspian League and the Asiatic League. The international league also has four leagues namely the Public Forum League, the Parliamentary League, the European League and the Australasia League.

Brief Description

Refer to the below table for more details of the scholarship:

Organization The Cosmos Championship
Educational Level High school students
Subjects All
Amount Educational Fund
Access Mode Online
Number of Awards Varies
City Multiple
Nationality Domestic
Country United States
Application Status Open
Application Fees No
Requirement Capability to speak English well, PC or Laptop with a microphone and camera

Who May Be Eligible

To be eligible, the candidates must be following all the eligibility criteria:

  • Be a student of age between the range 12 and 19
  • Have good English skills and capable of having long verbal conversations.
  • A Personal Computer or laptop with a clear microphone, preferably with echo-cancelling. This can pick up voices clearly, or some other type of device which can achieve similar results (such as Bluetooth headphones/earbuds)
  • A camera with good specifications connected to the PC or for laptops the one attached to it will suffice and a stable internet connection.

How to Apply

Eligible candidates can access the official website and register for the competition. There are two age groups namely Juniors (12-15) and Seniors (16-19). Also, there are two distinct league categories namely the Intercontinental Leagues & the International Leagues. Each candidate must select the one that is suitable and right for him/her. All of the required and necessary information that a student would need is available on the Cosmos Championship website.

Supporting Documents

There is no set deadline for the Championship and anyone can participate by completing an online registration form on the Cosmos Championship official website.


The main reason behind the Cosmos Championship organizing the global and virtual debate competition is to get students interested in debating. Whether they are new to it or already experienced, this platform acts as a practice to hone the skills of high school students with any level of skills.84 countries are participating in this Championship, which provides an unprecedented opportunity to engage with the different perspectives of the world.

Application Deadline

There is no deadline for this Championship as the registrations for a season are open throughout the entire season and participants can apply any time on their official website.

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