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Gift Ideas for Law Students

Pursuing law may be a rewarding experience, but it sure as hell is gruesome as well. The long hours, amount of workload and whatnot. So why not gift your friend, studying law, something that they will love and may also help them in their future profession?

Today we have made a list of some of the most intricate and quirky items you could gift a law student. The items on this list were based on the product‘s allure, its relativity to the profession, quality and the price of the product.

I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the article while also gathering some valuable information.

1. Tablet

Now, this may seem like a head-scratcher at first, but lawyers have to take a lot of notes, period. And we are living in the 21st century, after all. So why not go all out and get them a brand new tablet to not down their notes on.

Gone are the days of writing your notes on a notepad; get them a top of the line tablet with all features built-in to show how much you care. There is an end number of options to choose from, so we’re sure you’ll find something you like.



2. Courtroom Attire

Another sike head-scratcher your way, courtroom attire. Judges have a reputation and eye for proper attire, and wearing something shabby or drab does not give out the best impression of you as a lawyer in front of anyone.

So get your friend a nice suit and tie for them to wear on their big days in the courtroom. Trust us, they’ll definitely appreciate this one.

Courtroom Attire


3. Ear-Buds

Now we know headphones come around quite a lot in our articles, but as they say, ‘don’t fix it if it ain’t broke, right”?

Help your friend drown out the constant chatter of those loud courtrooms with a pair of brand new headphones. We’d suggest buying them wireless earbuds so as to not look unprofessional in a courtroom.

Everyone uses headphones, so choose from an array of options and brands and gift them a brand new one this season.



4. Coffee/Tea Maker

Depending on their preference, get them a coffee or a tea maker because law students need that caffeine to stay up and study at nights. So helping them in getting a fresh cup of brew at 3 in the morning is surely going to get you their blessings, more times than you can imagine.

Or even while brewing their morning cup will remind them of you while they’re stirring a cup for themselves before rushing to the courthouse.

Coffee Tea Maker


5. Stationery

Almost every other student, let alone one going to law school, needs loads of stationery in their arsenal. So make a care package of some of the finest pens, pencils, folders, staplers, paperweight and other items they could use in their everyday work. And gift them a whole set or bunch of stationery for them to use.

Colorful school supplies in the shopping basket on a gray background with a copy of the text space. A stack of books with colorful covers.


6. Desk Ornaments

Gifting them a decorative item or an ornament for them to put at their desk is a great gift idea for law school students. In their gruelling and hectic day, if a bobblehead of a lawyer gifted from you brings them even a hint of joy, then this is one of the best gifts you could get them.

Or, if not a bobblehead, then a miniature of the lady justice would also be a great idea for a decorative desk item or even a wooden block and hammer as well.

Desk Ornaments


7. Briefcase

You look at any lawyer, and some of the things you’ll notice right away are his shoes, suit and briefcase. So why not gift your friend a shining new briefcase that looks professional and can hold their multiple items inside in an organized manner.

A smart, sharp briefcase gives out quite the impression as opposed to a backpack, so gift your friend a briefcase they could use for their courtroom this season.



8. Shoes

Shoes are another thing that people notice not only on lawyers but on everyone subconsciously. And a shining new tailored shoe to go along with their formal attire is another idea for a gift for a to-be lawyer.

Showing up to the courtroom in a pair of sneakers is not the way to go and something no one would want to see their lawyer wearing, so gifting them a decent pair of shoes seems ideal.



9. Gag Items

Studying law can really take a toll on students, so gifting them some gag props or vanity items would not be the worst idea in the world. There are a bunch of items like cups and glasses with justice-themed prints, printed socks, quirky or inspirational posters and law themed paperweights.

Anything to help them alleviate some of the stress from all the work and studying would be a thoughtful gift and gesture to a law school student.

Gag Items


10. Amazon Gift Card

We saved this one for last. If none of the products above fancies you for a gift for a law student then just play it safe and get them an Amazon gift card. Because you can never go wrong with a gift card. Since you couldn’t decide what to get them, give them this opportunity
to choose a gift or an item of their liking with the help of a gift card. The person would be able to purchase anything within the limits of the gift card’s value and will also thank you for making such a wise choice.

Best Gift Ideas for Law Students


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