Gift Ideas for College Students

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Gift Ideas for College Students

It can be tricky to buy the perfect gift for a college student; however, there are some common and essential items that every student needs, so why not gift them one of these items from the list below?

Now some products might overlap and clash with other related articles; however, we wanted to include the best of the best items for you to gift your friend or just a college student. The list was comprised on the basis of the popularity of the products, their demand, quality and functionality.

Hope you enjoy reading the rest of the article while also gathering some valuable information.

Smart Watch

A smartwatch would be a perfect partner and gift for a student. The smartwatch works seamlessly with any phone, which keeps students connected to texts and calls while not having to tug out their phone each second. The watch conjointly lets them track fitness goals and might set with a student’s library of music, audiobooks, and podcasts.

Gift Ideas for College Students

WiFi Projector

Gift your friend a WiFi projector so that they can bring the big screen to their dorm room or outdoor space with this awesome product. Students can connect their phones to this projector as well. Works well with both iOS and Android. A very thoughtful and useful gift. Quite popular too.

Gift Ideas for College Students


Every student uses headphones so getting your friend a new pair would be an absolute no-brainer. Choose from a variety of options and gift them a cool pair of headphones that they could flaunt around in college. But also make sure you don’t just get the flashiest item on the market. Do your diligent research and get the best option, but also keep the receipt just in case.

Gift Ideas for College Students

Gaming Console

If you’re not on a budget, then why not go all out? A brand new gaming console is a dream for any gamer, regardless of their age. Choose from the PS5 or the Xbox Series X and get him the best gift he could ever receive from anyone. Now, these consoles may cost a bit more than the other items on our list, but there are a variety of editions to choose from, so you might as well at least check them out.

Gift Ideas for College Students


Everyone loves attractive footwear. Guys love sneakers, and girls love heels. And if not love, they’d surely want a pair of Jordan’s or Gucci heels in their collection at least. Sneakers and heels are worn by everyone and are ever trending. Gifting them, if not a pair of Jordan’s but a pair of Nike’s or Under Armour, would be one of the best things you could get for your friend.

Gift Ideas for College Students

Clothing Apparel

Who doesn’t love clothes? Get your friend a T-shirt with a quirky quote or a nice shirt for him to wear on formal occasions. You can never go wrong with a new pair of jeans or shorts either. Now, if your friend is into sports, getting them a jersey of their favourite player or team would make him go bonkers, no doubt! Jerseys are extremely fashionable no matter how old it is because it always has some heritage and history attached to it. And you can never go wrong with getting your girlfriend a sweet and sexy dress to wear to the next party or event happening on campus. Get them a dress they’ll like and will make them stand out from the rest of the women at the event or party.

Gift Ideas for College Students

Phone Cases

Everyone uses a phone, and getting them a sturdy or quirky case to go along with it would be a perfect match.  Choose from an array of options like a superhero case of a themed outer-space case or something with a funny or wise quote. Not only will it be a great gift, but it’ll always remind them of you. If you can’t choose which one to get, just go for a strong, sturdy one since guys drop their phones a lot on a daily basis.

Decorative Items

A wind-chime or a poster for the wall or even a sign to hang onto the wall or dry-board would not be the worst of ideas to gift your friend. Getting them decorative colourful wall lights would light up their room or a pretty oil diffuser to go along with it. Or maybe a replica of a superhero or a poster of their favourite band or sportsperson would be a great idea for a gift.

Gift Ideas for College Students

Coffee Maker

Not the most attractive item on this list, but everyone drinks coffee. Coffee is essential. To save him a trip to the barista and get your mate a coffee maker for him to enjoy a hot cup of brew in the comfort of his own dorm. With a variety of options to choose from, we’re sure he will appreciate this in the long run.

Gift Ideas for College Students

Powerbank/Phone Charger

Students are on their phone all the time. Be it for study function or simply for leisure, and that’s why their phone is usually running out of battery. Why not gift them a powerful power bank so they will avoid the inconvenience of a dead battery whereas on the escort a conveyable charger. Or better yet, get them a brand new charger since it always gets damaged or lost.

Gift Ideas for College Students

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