Ethel Hayes Destigmatization of Mental Health Scholarship

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Ethel Hayes Destigmatization of Mental Health Scholarship

Have you ever experienced mental health challenges? Or has your loved one ever gone through such circumstances? Don’t be disappointed anymore in your past! is pleased to help students who have gone through such a hard time in their lives; the organization has announced an original scholarship for all the students who have closely experienced the mental health challenge. The selection for this scholarship is entirely based on the essay provided and the applicant’s financial need.

The Ethel Hayes Destigmatization of Mental Health Scholarship exists to honour his mother; he found out that mental health was not well understood or openly discussed in the community. Even he suppressed his feelings, an approach that caused many challenges for him later in life. To support more open and honest dialogue about the millions of people who are caught with mental health and those who have loved ones struggling with mental health, the Ethel Hayes Destigmatization of Mental Health Scholarship is being brought. aims to bring darkness towards the light; they believe that to improve people’s living. Only providing education won’t be enough, but we first have to find the delicate students seeking help and are caught by mental challenges as this may harm the students’ entire career. And help them to overcome their problem and pursue their goal.

Brief Description

Kindly go through the table below to get more information about the scholarship:

Educational Level All
Subjects All
Amount $6,561
Access Mode  Online
Number of Awards 1
City Multiple
Nationality Domestic
Country United States
Application Status  
June 14, 2022
Application Fees Nil
Requirement Application

Who May Be Eligible

Please know the eligibility criteria before applying for the scholarship, it is as follow:

  • The fellow must be having an excellent academic history.
  • The scholarship is open for students who have or are having challenges with mental health or ones whose loved ones have struggled with mental health.

How to Apply

All applicants are kindly requested to fill the complete application. They prefer to apply to and submit the application accompanying all the required documents needed to be considered. The application should be filled and submitted via the online process at the website. Kindly make a note that incomplete or late submission will not be considered.

Supporting Documents

Few mandatory documents:

  • The fellow must fill and submit the complete application.
  • The student should prove being diagnosed with mental health problems or loved ones struggling with mental problems.
  • The fellow must type and submit an essay on how their journey with mental health has impacted their beliefs, relationships, and aspirations.


The scholarship will reduce the load of the expenses of students. The provided scholarship should only be brought in use to pay the freight of student’s expenses like Tuition Fees, Fees, Books, and other student requirements. This scholarship encourages students to achieve their goals and overcoming the barrier. A $6,561 scholarship will be awarded to one eligible student.

Application Deadline

The college accepts the submission till June 14, 2022, so submit your application soon as possible to receive one of these rewards.

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