ERC Good Citizen Scholarship for High School Seniors

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ERC Good Citizen Scholarship for High School Seniors

Are you interested in helping the community, extracurricular organization, activities, or clubs in which they have participated or are actively involved, or currently serving with them? Here’s an excellent opportunity for you for your involvement. ERC Good Citizen is taking the initiative towards students in Portsmouth and Norfolk, who have their dedication and demonstration of citizenship within their school and community. And help them to complete their graduation without any worries. And create idealism in front of them.

This scholarship’s primary focus is to give a helping hand to deserving students through these funds and let them receive the best life opportunity. They are well aware that students are the world’s future, and their talent needs to be preserved. Through this scholarship, they encourage students towards community service and create an idealism to help the community. Their mission is to inspire and motivate the students and improve their students’ academic achievement. They believe that education can provide an excellent future to individuals’ lives, and education can change the living of the people in the whole world. “A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something extraordinary.” ― Nelson Mandela.

ERC is involved for many years to encourage students in community service; they believe that students have the strength to develop the community. That is why they are providing scholarships to those students who have been giving their best and showing their interest in community services. They believe that a student with a good head and a good heart is a formidable combination. And when they are being supported with their requirements of education and needs, they become an exceptional human who has the power to change the world. The Elizabeth River Crossings Good Citizen Scholarship will be awarded to one graduating senior at every of the eight public high schools in Portsmouth and Norfolk

Brief Description

Revise the table below for more information about the scholarships:

Organization  ERC Good Citizen
Educational Level  High school senior
Subjects All
Amount $6,000
Access Mode  Online
Number of Awards 1
City Portsmouth
Nationality Domestic
Country United States
Application Status   May 7, 2021
Application Fees Nil
Requirement     Application

Who May Be Eligible

Kindly see the checklist below for being eligible for the respected scholarship:

  • The fellow must submit the complete application to the provided address.
  •  The fellow must Attach a copy of the letter of acceptance from the college that they plan to attend for the graduation.
  • Applicants must be involved in any community, extracurricular organization, activities, or clubs in which they have participated or are actively engaged, or they are currently serving with them.

How to Apply 

All applications and letters of recommendation must be submitted via email Applicants must submit all the required documents and letters of recommendation through email at Subject: [name] Good Citizen Scholarship Application before the due date.

Supporting Documents 

Please go through the required documents for the scholarship are given below:

  •  Applicant must provide Two letters of recommendation- Letters of recommendation can be typed directly on the form, or they can be provided in a different format. Still, they must be attached to the email.
  • Fellows must write a brief description of their post-high school education plan.
  • Candidates must list any High School, community, and extracurricular organizations, activities, or clubs in which they have participated or are actively involved and if they are currently serving a position or role within them.
  • Applicants must explain in 500 words or less what they believe it means to be a good citizen and how they demonstrate these characteristics in their everyday life.
  • Students must submit Letters of Recommendation. As part of their application, they are required to submit two letters of recommendation.


These scholarships will help the students and the family members to reduce the tier burden of educational expenses. The amount should be used for expenses like paying the students’ costs like tuition, fees, books, and other students’ requirements. This scholarship will increase the students’ interest in studies and community service and allow them to see the world differently. These scholarships motivate students to achieve their goals overcoming all obstacles through literacy.

Application Deadline 

They are accepting the application till May 7, 2021, so begin your process soon to be the one to receive this opportunity.

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