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Counter Tools POS Tobacco Marketing Photo Contest

Are you against the exploitation done in the community and want to be an active participant to stop its occurrence in your community? Here is an opportunity to raise your voice through the Counter Tools POS Tobacco Marketing Photo Contest. The Virginia Prevention Works has been taking the initiative to stop tobacco in the community. They are aware of the rise in tobacco marketing even during the ongoing pandemic. Through this contest, the organization is looking to create awareness regarding the harmful effect due to tobacco consumption. And award the contestant having the same thinking as them. The prize is eligible for the participants, providing the photo of the tobacco selling in the community, which was clicked in present or past.

The mission of the Virginia Prevention Works to stop the harmful consumption of tobacco by the individuals in the community. They aim to stop the exploitation of the material, which may affect the individual’s life. And build a community that is entirely against it. Their vision is to achieve a society where each individual will have a healthy living without being addicted to bad consumption and stop marketing products that devastate human life.

The DBHDS Behavioral Health Wellness Office has founded behavioural health wellness through a comprehensive array of strategies that proved to be legal to reduce substance abuse and promote mental health. They actively work as a result of reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors for substance abuse. They believe that the substance abuse prevalence consumption and related consequences will be diminished, but prevention of mental illness may be impacted. Through the various contests held by the organization, they are approaching to stop substance abuse by the individual in the society.

Brief Description

Take a look at the table below to know more about the Contest:

Organization  Virginia Prevention Works
Educational Level  All
Subjects All
Amount N/A
Access Mode  Online
Number of Awards N/A
City Multiple
Nationality Domestic
Country United States
Application Deadline          June 14, 2021
Application Fees Nil
Requirement Application

Who May Be Eligible 

Kindly go thoroughly through the eligibility criteria:

  • The fellow should provide the complete application
  • The applicant should have excellent photography skills
  • The fellow should provide the photo on the topic of exploitation by the tobacco marketing
  • The candidate should provide the image from the local market taken during store assessments or other visits to stores in the past
  • The candidate must be involved in community service
  • The student must be actively involved in extracurricular activities.
  • The photo provided must be original captured.

How to Apply 

The candidate should provide the complete application, accompanied by the required documents. The submission should be made electronically; the fellow must submit the captured photo at The candidate should provide the original work to receive the reward.

Kindly provide the submission before the deadline as the late or incomplete submission will not be accepted.

Supporting Documents 

The applicant should provide enlisted documents along with the application:

  • The applicant should provide the complete application
  • The fellow should provide the complete identification information
  • The candidate must provide the photo from present or past on the tobacco exploitation


The awarded scholarship will help the students to reduce their financial burden. It will build confidence in an individual and allow them to take the initiative to better society and be an active participant in community service. The application process of this scholarship is comparatively easy. It will reduce the substance consumption by the people in the society.

Application Deadline 

All the applications are being accepted till June 14, 2021, so submit your application as soon as possible.

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