Clark County School District Votes to Terminate Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara’s Contract

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Clark County School District Votes to Terminate Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara’s Contract

Tonight Clark County School District Board of Trustees has cast a vote to end Superintendent Jesus F. Jara’s agreement. 

Ford, Cavazos, Cepeda, and Guzman also voted in favor. 

Jara read off an assertion before requesting to be pardoned. 

Jara’s Statement is as follows: “As Superintendent of the Clark County School District since 2018, my focus has never wavered from working every day to improve the well-being and academic success of our students. While some members of this board seek to run the operations of the District and micromanage and undermine the staff and me, I have been dedicated to protecting the staff from their overreach and interference. My focus on student well-being and academic improvement has not wavered. Unfortunately, a majority of the trustees did not share that vision, and this community and our children will suffer because of it.”

To the extent Cavazos and the Board of Trustees cast a vote to eliminate her as President of the board, five board individuals cast a vote for postponing the decision.

Williams didn’t vote since she was not at the gathering at that point. 

Cavazos voted in against because any individual who votes to the table can bring back the issue at a future gathering. Cavazos kidded she would not like to do that.

Guardians were supporting and contradicting Thursday night’s decision.

Both sides concur on this – they’re disillusioned and disappointed with apparent infighting among the trustees and the now-expelled Superintendent. 

“It’s just another example of some members of this school board putting their personal agenda before their duties for our students,” said one public comment speaker.

“There are a lot more significant things to talk about,” added another public comment speaker. “When will the attention be on understudy accomplishment and not governmental issues or individual plans?” 

Parent of five Jenna Robertson told the news reporters that she feels the infighting is replacing valuable chances to discuss other significant issues. 

“I stress that it’s making a ton of drama for our children, that it’s distracting from the current focuses,” she said. 

“We don’t need drama; we need a future for our children,” added another community member.

This conflict inside the board is additionally evident during the gathering. At a certain point, Trustee Williams and Trustee Cavazos got into a central argument over control of the room and Trustee Williams not wearing a mask. 

Trustee Williams in the end, walked about before the meeting got closed.

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