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Birthday Charts for Classroom

A child’s birthday is the most exciting day on their calendar. Not even Christmas can compare to the thrill of counting down the days until that special day when everything revolves around them. Most things may be forgiven by children, except for missing their birthdays. They’ll undoubtedly do it for you, but have your kids remind you when their birthday is approaching in class. If they are going to celebrate it with their friends, the birthday experience gets even better. That’s just one of the reasons you should set aside space in your classroom each year for a birthday display.

Birthday celebrations in your class don’t have to be a big deal. Make it sustainable, and make sure that everyone, including those whose birthdays coincide with the holidays, is recognised throughout the school year. Simply ensure that whatever you do makes them feel unique. This could include everyone singing happy birthday, receiving a special birthday sticker, serving as the teacher’s assistant for the day, sitting in a particular spot, or donning a birthday crown. It’s easy to make with just a single piece of light-weight card, some crayons, and some watercolour paint. Try these paper plate hats or keep it simple with these alternative crown designs discovered on Pinterest.

Another reason to exhibit a birthday chart is that it can be an effective tool for teaching the notion of time. The youngsters can observe a real-life example of a month sequence. They can count down the days until a birthday, and it’s not only their own. If you have a school calendar, make a note of everyone’s birthdays on it.

You can use images of the kids holding a placard with their birthday on it to embellish. This is a very good presentation for pre-readers. Alternatively, you can use a birthday chart that you can customise to incorporate everyone’s birthdays. Simple ones can be found, or if you have a themed classroom, your birth chart can be included in the theme.

Plan ahead of time how and when you’ll celebrate birthdays throughout school breaks and summer vacations. This can assist to prevent some children from being anxious about their own day and wondering when it will be celebrated. You can include their families in your celebrations too. With some parents sending cakes to school to help celebrate, having certain procedures in place for food preparation and sharing from the beginning of the year can save you time throughout the year. Of course, the distribution of birthday invitations is another area where certain criteria should be established. It’s always heartbreaking for a small child to be turned down for a party. You can avoid this issue in a class by asking families to enable you to distribute the invites.

So, the key takeaway here is that a birth chart is simply inevitable in a classroom for young children. However, as a teacher, you probably have more than enough on your plate. You might be thinking, why to go through the extra hassle of hand-crafting a birthday chart when you have so much more to do. If that’s precisely your thought, we got you covered. Take a look at these ready-to-use birthday charts on amazon which only requires minimal effort to make it a full-fledged birthday reminder. You can even let the kids do the rest for you.

We will jump right into the list:

1. Fancy Land Happy Birthday Chart

These adorable birthday chart sets will look great on a bulletin board or in a classroom. It’s perfect for back-to-school classroom decor. There are 12 distinctly coloured rainbows on this chart for each month and a heart at the centre of each rainbow. Around this, the kids can scribble their names in their own handwriting! You can just tape them on the wall or bulletin board.

2. Creative Teaching Press Cupcake Cut-outs

This pack contains a set of twelve cupcake shaped cut-outs for each month. Each of these is jumbo-sized too and can be seen from any corner of a standard-sized classroom. After marking the kids’ birthdays in individual fun-themed cupcakes, you can pin these on your bulletin board at the beginning of each month. The sturdy paper cut-outs can be reused year after year to create custom classroom displays as well.

3. OutusHappy Birthday Bulletin Board Set

The board set includes 60 pieces of adhesive dots, 6 pieces of balloon pattern cards, 1 piece “HAPPY” letter banner, 1 piece “BIRTHDAY” letter banner, 12 pieces of different styles of cake decorative cards. These cards are bright and colourful, decorated with words which are corresponding to the month. The cake decorative card measures approx. 5.91 x 6.69 inches and as a result is very convenient to hold. Can be applied for creating different classroom projects on windows, chalkboards, bulletin boards, doors and hallways.

4. Teacher Created Resources Birthday Graph

This one includes 80 pieces in total because it is designed a bit different. The blue background board has all the months marked on its x-axis at the bottom. The space above each can be utilized to put individual month-themed stickers with the kids’ names on them. For example, if January has 4 birthdays, you stack 4 on top of each other, which makes the shape of candles. The more birthdays in a given month, the larger the corresponding candle! This unique and interesting design is sure to pique the interest of the kids.

5. Teacher Created Resources Eucalyptus Birthday Chart

This is specifically designed for themed classrooms. See if the Eucalyptus theme goes well along with your classroom’s decor and ambience. This birthday chart’s wood, foliage, and geometric design offer a stylish touch, and it’s a great place to keep track of birthdays. The chart is 17 inches wide and 22 inches wide.

6. Eureka Color My World Vertical Birthday Chart

This product takes up less space on your wall with the tall and slim design. The vertical design contains a 12 stack yummy cake drawing, with each layer representing a month of the year. It measures 45 inches in length, but only 12 inches in width. The cake layers however are large enough to write at least 6 names in each month, and more if you really wanted to.

7. August 50 Piece Happy Birthday Celebration Kit

Made with premium glossy material, this design not only works as a birthday calendar but also contains enough goodies to be considered a full-fledged birthday decoration kit as well. The wooden board themed cards contain names of each month, and there are even cake-shaped, party hat-shaped and balloon-shaped decorative pieces within. For writing the kids’ names, you get pieces of coloured and pre-glued paper. So that even if the chart itself is monotone, the kids’ names stand out!

8. Teacher Created Resources Birthday Mini Bulletin

This is yet another great design from TCR. Seems like this list is full of these, but we’ll stop making entries about them if they stop making fantastic classroom products! The header piece reads “Our class BIRTHDAYS” in multicolour fonts. Each month has a unique colour theme, like blue for January, pink for February, etcetera. The set contains 61 pieces in total. The item dimensions are: 6.5 x 0.25 x 26 inches (LxWxH).

9. Confetti Happy Birthday Mini Bulletin Board


With this one, you get a1 inchHappy Birthday Let’s Celebrate” title piece, 12 monthly headers, A “Today is your Day” sign, A picture frame, 45 colourful labels for student names and 120 adhesive point dots for sticking all of these on your wall or bulletin board. Speaking of the latter, this design is compact enough to be contained in a bulletin board. The birthday mini bulletin board pieces are composed of robust cardstock and have a PET film layer laminated on top for a long-lasting, waterproof finish. Each card features a beautiful pattern, such as confetti, watermelon, Halloween pumpkins, Santa Claus, and so on. Each month’s bulletin board item, which is connected to specific festival aspects, displays relevant features, reminding kids to remember their peers’ birthdays. The 45 labels for student names are reusable and you can use a dry-erase pen to write on it.

10. Teacher Created Resources Birthday Mini Bulletin Board

This is the last TRC product on this list, we swear! Yet another unique and vivid design, with hanging labels that stick to a line like clothes on a washing line. Each month label has such a line underneath. There are décor pieces as well like cake-shaped and party-shaped pieces, but the header and the month labels are the core of the design and are more than enough to do the job if your classroom is starved for space.

11. Outus62 Pieces Birthday Bulletin Board Set

Warm and fresh hues, as well as elegant succulent designs, are included in this Succulents birthday bulletin board collection. Clip the Succulents calendar cut-outs and Succulents name labels on a jute rope (not included in the pack) with wooden clips to have a DIY Succulents banner, or just stick the succulents tags on the bulletin boards.

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