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Birthday Pencils for Students

Birthdays are extremely special when it comes to little ones, they keep on anticipating this single day throughout the year. But especially if you are a teacher and worried about how to celebrate your student’s birthday in the classroom, we have got cute little gifts on our list to help you out.

Birthday Pencils are a great option to gift children on their special day, these little sets can be gifted wholly or handed individually to all the other children attending birthday parties. The best part is these birthday pencils can also be used in Office parties as well, so these attractive pencils are not only fun gifts for kids but also adults. Here are some of the best Happy Birthday Pencils that you can buy:

1. Raymond Geddes Birthday Assorted Pencil Pack of 144

Raymond Geddes Birthday Assorted Pencils can be the best birthday gift to give your children and students. These colorful wonders are super attractive and will be loved by every child. These pencils come in eight cute designs and have a latex-free eraser attached to the end.

Parents and Teachers can buy this birthday pencil set to gift children on their special day. These pencils have 2 HB lead, are made of wood, and a total of 144 pieces are there in this pencil bag.

Geddes is a trusted name since 1924 and has been making creative school supplies and toys for the young generation. The company makes a thousand different products to give children a happy childhood.

2. Happy Birthday Pencil Pack of 200 Pieces with Top Erasers by Kolewo4ever

These wooden Happy Birthday Pencils come in varieties of attractive colors and designs. These pencils are ideal for classroom use and can be gifted by teachers to children on their birthdays. Buying a pack full of these pencils is a smart choice for it contains 200/100 pieces in every bag and is pretty affordable. These pencils run smooth and are easy to write and erase, the little colorful erasers at the end are soft to touch and help in erasing properly.

Made from quality wood, these pencils are easy to sharpen and also offer a good grip. Their size is perfect for every pencil case to fit in. Well, these pencils are not just for classrooms these can also be bought by Parents or Office workers for birthday parties.

3. Fun Express Wooden Happy Birthday Pencil Set of 48 

Fun Express wooden Happy Birthday Pencils come in one attractive design and are sleek as well as easy to sharpen. A single bag of these pencils contains 48 pieces, and they also have erasers attached to the end.

A great choice for classroom birthday parties or parties at home, these pencils are certainly likable, and anyone would love to use them.

4. Musgrave Birthday Mix Pencil Pack of 144

If you are looking for Happy Birthday Pencils with the most attractive designs, then Musgrave wooden pencils are just for you. Not only do these pencils have an extremely attractive look and shimmery coating, but also they are fun to use. These super-cute pencils will be adorned by anyone you gift.

The bonus part about these pencils is that they come in a variety of colors and designs, and we all know that children are the happiest when they get to choose their favorite colors.  These pencils are great for both classroom and office purposes because we adults do want to revive our inner child on birthdays.

5. DesignWay Happy Birthday Pencil Pack of 24

DesignWay Happy Birthday pencils are especially for those who want to gift a pack of pencils as birthday gifts. This pack of 24 pencils can be gifted individually or can be a fun gift for kids, and anyone who attends birthday parties.

This pencil is non-toxic, made of wood, sharpens, and writes smoothly. Also, its eraser is soft and does its work properly. DesignWay Happy Birthday Pencils can be used as mini gifts for birthday parties at home, school, or even offices.

6. Birthday Smencils Cylinder Pencil Pack of 50 by Scentco

Scentco’s pencils or better known as “Smencils” are exactly what children love. With pleasant scents and an attractive outlook, these birthday pencils are what children dream for. Since Scentco is renowned to make the “funniest stuff on earth”, these pencils are indeed fun to use and smells great every time children use them.

The most amazing fact about these pencils is that they are made from a recycled newspaper which means Scentco prevents thousands of trees from being cutting down. These pencils are pre-sharpened and run smoothly. These pencils can not only decide the future of kids every time they use it in their studies, but it is also actually protecting the environment and its most important parts- trees.

7. ArtCreativity Happy Birthday Pencil Set of 24 with Colorful Birthday Salutations

ArtCreativity aims to make “writing a smile-sparking affair” through its lightweight, wooden attractive pencils. The Happy Birthday Pencils by ArtCreativity are not only eye-catching but also is a great choice to gift children on their special day. It is little gifts like these that can bring great joy to children.

The pencils are vibrant, have high-quality HB nib, erasers attached, write smoothly, and are completely non-toxic and latex-free. These pencils can be gifted to children of all ages and even adults organizing birthday parties. There is also a 100% money-back guarantee on these set of pencils so you can always return them if not satisfied.

8. Moon Products Happy Birthday Glitz Pencil Set of 12

Birthday Pencils by Moon Products are shiny, have an attractive outlook, come with pretty erasers, and have been voted number 2 by users for their quality. Celebrate those special days of your children with these super cute pencils and make them happy. A total of 12 pencils come in one set so it can be gifted as a whole, or handed over individually, either way, children are going to love it. These birthday pencils are made of wood, graphite, paint, and rubber, and can be used in favor or treat bags.

9. Happy Birthday Pencils with Eraser and Emoticon Design

Play Kreative Happy Birthday Pencils come in a very attractive look and are made of wood. These pencils are easy to sharpen and their eraser rubs clean. These attractive, eye-catching pencils can be a part of Treat bags or Goodie bags to add that extra happiness in children’s face.

Play Kreative’s pencils can be a part of the birthday bashes, classroom celebrations, office birthday parties, and much more. Help little ones have their best birthdays with the help of Play Kreative’s Happy Birthday Pencils that they can take back home with big smiles.

10. Moon Products Happy Birthday Award Pencil Pack of 144

The last one on our list and indeed the most vibrant ones, Moon Product’s Happy Birthday Pencils are rich in quality and come in many attractive colors. Children will love to choose the color of their types among these 144 pieces and will have a big smile on their face while using them.

These Happy Birthday pencils come with erasers, are economically priced, are non-toxic, and have pretty designs on their bodies. Children would absolutely love to receive these pencils on their birthdays.

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