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Birdathon Photo Contest

Are you passionate about wildlife photography? In such a case, you will indeed like this remarkable. The Montana Audubon arranges Birdathon Photo Contest. The Montana Audubon is well aware of the difficulties faced by the wildlife photographer to capture the right moment in their camera. Photography requires lots of patience and a unique way of looking at the world. To appreciate the efforts of this photographer, the Montana Audubon has held the Birdathon Photo Contest, where the people in the society will be able to look at the pictures captured by the contestant. The candidate should provide the photo of only the avian species, which was recently caught between May 1, 2020-June 2021, providing the identification of the bird species.

The aim of holding this contest is to make society familiar with the outstanding beauty of nature. They want every individual in the society to get to know the beauty of wildlife and their spices and preserve the species for the future. The Montana Audubon works at the local, state, and national policy levels to protect our natural heritage. Their vision for the future is to create an environment in which all Montana’s native bird species have healthy, sustainable populations, ensured by long-term habitat security. Montana Audubon uses science, conservation education and engages in public policy to preserve the state’s incomparable wildlife and landscapes.

Montana Audubon was founded in 1976, an independent, statewide conservation organization that is sincerely involved in promoting appreciation, knowledge, and conservation of Montana’s native birds, other wildlife, and natural ecosystems and safeguarding biological diversity for current and future generations. Through this photography contest, they want to enrich society with the importance of preserving nature.

Brief Description 

Take a look at the table below to know more about the contest :

Organization Montana Audubon
Educational LevelMultiple 
Access Mode Online 
Number of Awards2
CountryUnited States
Application Deadline         June 15, 2021
Application FeesNil

Who May Be Eligible

Kindly go through the eligibility criteria:

  • The photos clicked must be an avian species.
  • The provided photo must be taken within the last calendar year (May 1, 2020-June 2021)
  • The candidate should give the photo which has been taken in the State of Montana.
  • The candidate should provide the image with the bird species identified.
  • The fellow must be having great photography skill
  • The applicant must be involved in an extracurricular activity. 

How to Apply 

The fellow should provide all the identification information in the submission and the date of photo taken, approximate location, photograph title, and bird species. The submission should be done in a jpeg or png format file and sent to Danielle at Kindly ensure to apply before the deadline as the late submission will not be considered. 

Supporting Documents 

The student should provide Few mandatory documents. To apply for the contest, they are:

  • The candidate should provide the complete application
  • The applicant should submit the information and the bird species in the application
  • The fellow should give the date and location of where and when the photo was clicked
  • The applicant must submit the photograph in pdf or the jpeg 
  • The fellow should provide proof of residence


This contest will build confidence in the applicant. It will provide a stage for the fellow to showcase their skill and receive an opportunity to demonstrate their unique talent. The contest will help the student receive a reward, which will be beneficial for an individual’s future. The application process of this contest is straightforward. 

Application Deadline 

All applicants are requested to apply before the due date of June 15, 2021, as the late submission will not be considered to be eligible for the contest.

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