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Best Vue JS Courses

The most demanded Javascript framework, Vue Js, is a progressive step for user interfaces. The Vue Js core focuses only on the view layer of your application but leaves you free to integrate other libraries and tools, and can be entirely used to build more robust single-page (SPA) applications. By today, approx. 97000 live websites are using the Vue Js framework.

Vue is a growing framework that has nearly 890k installments per month. Many data scientists prefer Vue Js for their future projects since it possesses rich features that help to build an interactive user interface and dynamic single-page applications. If you are looking to pivot your career plan to Vue Js, it could be the right choice as the future of Vue Js looks bright and promising. In this article, I have enlisted the top 10 Vue Js courses which will teach you about the nuances of the framework. These courses are handpicked by me through enormous research. So what are you waiting for? Let us do some coding!

1. Vue – The Complete Guide (w/ Router, Vuex, Composition API) by Udemy

With around 170000 students, this course is one of the top-rated Vue Js courses available on the internet. In this course, you will not only learn about the new version 3 of Vue Js but also will learn how to leverage Vue.js in both Multi- and Single-Page-Applications (MPAs and SPAs).

The course is a lengthy elaborate one with 49 hours of on-demand video. The course is divided into 44 sections and 670 lectures. Max’s teaching skills are both engaging and power-packed. So this course is highly recommended for you.

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2. Vue Js Essentials with Vuex and Vue Router by Udemy

Stephen Grider is one of my favorite instructors from Udemy. Stephen builds complex JavaScript front ends for top corporations in the San Francisco Bay Area. In this course, he gives a practical touch with 5 coding exercises for you to excel in Vue Js frameworks.

You can also learn to authenticate users with an advanced OAuth2 flow. You will learn the entire complexities of Vue Js in just 11 hours after picking this amazing course.

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3. Vue.js: Getting Started by PluralSight

PluralSight is one of the best online educational platforms available on the internet, instructed by Chap Campbell This course will quickly get you started with Vue.js by teaching you right from the scratch. This course will help you learn how to bind to data input by a user and react to user events.

The course is top-notch, very crisp, and up-to-date. Having a PluralSight membership will bag you a great offer for these amazing courses. This is the best introductory Vue Js course you will ever find.

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4. Vue.js Fundamentals by PluralSight

If you haven’t gotten PluralSight membership, get one already. This comprehensive course is another beginner-level program on Vue Js which covers the core fundamentals of creating components, directives, filters, routing, Vuex state management, and deploying to production.

To get a PluralSight membership only costs around $29 per month and $299 per year. If you are a full-stack programmer, this course has a lot of beneficial courses available on your foot. When you’re finished with this course, you will have gained the fundamental skills and knowledge of Vue.js needed to create reliable and professional Vue applications.

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5. Hands-on Vue.js: Build a fully functional SPA [Educative] by Educative

Offered by Educative, this course is a fantastic course that is fully updated according to the Vue Js 2021 version. The course comes with 99 playgrounds, 9 quizzes, and 53 illustrations for you to get a good understanding of the Vue Js frameworks.

You will be taught about the Vue Js framework with a practical approach by developing a working Vue.js Single Page Application. This course will help you start right away. If you take this course, you do not want to be fiddling with SDKs and IDEs.

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6. Nuxt.js – Vue.js on Steroids by Udemy

The bestselling course on Vue Js, Nuxt.js – Vue.js on Steroids is a top-rated course with whooping 4.7 stars. The course is highly recommended by top programmers. This course has a strength of nearly 26000 students.

It is a minimal, crisp course that will teach you to build normal, optimized SPAs with minimal effort. It is a 6.5-hour self-paced program that will teach you how to create Next/ Vue apps from scratch. The course is instructed by Maximilian Schwarzmüller, a renowned programmer as well as the founder of the Academind webpage with Vue Js.

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7. Complete Vue Developer in 2021 (w/ Vuex, Composition API, Router) by ZTM Academy

Offered by ZTM Academy, this course is a 29 hours online course which is the best one to learn Vue Js online. This is also a project-based course where you will learn all the modern toolchains of a Vue Js developer in 2021 and the course is designed to learn Vue Js fundamentals through developing a music platform similar to Spotify.

ZTM membership is just 23 dollars a month. It is highly recommended because ZTM offers numerous class courses for programmers. Get ready to master the latest ecosystem of a Vue Developer from scratch.

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8. React JS, Angular & Vue Js – Quick start & Comparison by Udemy

Not focused primarily on Vue Js, this course is an enhanced program on all java scripts. You will understand the JavaScript world and its many packages and tools better through this comprehensive program.

The 8-hour self-paced course will have 144 lectures filled with detailed comparisons on various frameworks. This is yet another course from Maximilian Schwarzmüller, Udemy’s favorite Professional Web Developer and Instructor.

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9. JavaScript – From Beginner to Pro-Build real-world JS apps by Udemy

Through this course, you will understand and use complex features like the ‘this’ keyword, function constructors, prototype, inheritance, first-class functions, closures, and use the Vue Js framework to the best of your ability. The course is divided into 18 sections with 85 lectures.

The 12.5-hour self-paced program comes with additional 79 coding exercises to master JavaScript. This is the first basic step to enter into the Vue Js field so I recommend this course if you are an absolute beginner.

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10. Vue Js 2: From Beginner to Professional (includes Vuex) by Udemy

This intermediate course requires a prerequisite basic knowledge of the Vue Js framework. It is tailored and instructed by Bo Andersen, a Lead Developer with over 81000 students exclusively on Udemy.

In this course, you will learn how to build reactive web applications at any scale with Vue. Although Vue Js is easy to learn, it is an incredibly powerful framework that can be used to build large web applications as well as small ones so I highly recommend this course by Anderson.

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