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Best Scholarships for Graduate Students in Florida

Scholarships are a medium of help for students in terms of both academic and extracurricular aspects. If you are in Florida and looking out for some graduate-level scholarships, give this write-up a reading. Florida offers some of the high-valued scholarships for graduate students, and students can use the number of scholarships to back up their financial status for education.

Graduation levels can be expensive for most of the good university courses. These universities and organizations often offer financial help for those students who are in deprivation. Florida scholarships for university go to qualified scholars who pass based on economic necessity or merit. If you want to get any scholarships in Florida, you should be sure about scoring a GPA of 2.0.  

This article has some ideas about the benefits and eligibilities of different Florida-based scholarships for graduate students. Therefore, look at the list below. Feel free to contact for any further related queries.

1. Pete Gilmore Memorial Kiwanis Scholarship

This scholarship is granted every year to a local state freshman who intends on taking a major in finance or accounting at an approved college or university in the land of Florida. Candidates must possess a grade point score of 3.25 or greater and be fit for open or decreased school lunches. For applying for this particular scholarship, the student must fillup an application form. This award is granted yearly in remembrance of Pete Gilmore. 

For the last few years, Tampa Kiwanis Foundation has granted economic support equating $120,000 by year to funds throughout Tampa Bay. 

Provided by: Tampa Kiwanis Foundation
Eligibility: Graduate freshman
Amount: $3,000 annually
Deadline: January 31
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2. Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program

Bright Futures scholarship is the most ambitious of all. Florida Academic Scholar (FAS) winners may get funding for up to five years from high school graduation for a maximum of 120 semester hours to complete an initial baccalaureate qualification. The Florida Academic Scholar with the most important educational ranking in every county will additionally get the Academic Top Scholars Award. There are around three scholarships under this program that graduates can apply for. The Florida Academic Scholars Award equals $212.28 per credit ampere-hour. The applicants will get an extra $300 per term for college-related expenditures.

Provided by: University of Central Florida
Eligibility: Graduate students
Amount: Varies
Deadline: Varies
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3. Fullbright Global Scholar Award

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program is the most comprehensive dialogue program in the United States, providing scholars and young specialists with events to pursue global graduate education, excellent research, academy education, and basic and secondary academy instruction in over 155 nations globally. The Fulbright Global Scholar Award recognizes U.S. academics and experts to join in multi-country, trans-regional projects. The Fulbright Scholar Program is intended to develop and establish connections within the United States and residents of the world.

Provided by: Fulbright
Eligibility: Multi-disciplinary scholars
Amount: Varies
Deadline: September 15
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4. Education Matters Scholarship

Unigo provides this special educational scholarship for students. The Education Matters Scholarship is permitted to U.S. learners 14 years of age and above and registered in an approved postsecondary higher education establishment. One victor will get a $5,000 scholarship. The possible winner will be the candidate with the more excellent score for overall perfection. The scholarship award winner must present proof of registration on or before December 31, 2025. The unlimited money awarded for this scholarship is $5,000. The scholarship will be in the order of a draft made obligatory to the approved post secondary establishment of higher training attended by the receiver.

Provided by: Unigo
Eligibility: 14 years of age and above students
Amount: $5,000
Deadline: November 30, 2021
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5. Lagrant Foundation Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship is available for U.S. graduate students with a standard point score of 3.2 or greater who is African American, Asian/Pacific, or Indigenous American ancestry. In summation, the candidate must be honored in education that features public relationships, retailing, or advertisement. In interest, the applicant must be a full-time undergraduate at a four-year, approved institution within the U.S., providing a whole of 9 units or higher per term/semester. Additionally, the candidate must make certain to have at least a minimum GPA of 2.0. Winners must be prepared to engage in scholarship exercises in May 2022. If accepted, the candidate needs frequent TLF scholarship projects to win the scholarship. Lastly, the candidate must make a one-year dedication to communicating TLF to receive expert supervision and educational assistance.

Provided by: The Lagrant Foundation
Eligibility: Graduate U.S. students
Amount: $$75,000
Deadline: February 26
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6. José Martí Scholarship Challenge Grant Fund

The José Martí Scholarship Challenge Grant is a merit-based grant that provides monetary assistance to adequate scholars of Hispanic origin who will serve Florida public or eligible private institutions. This scholarship is open to Florida high school students and current graduate learners of Hispanic origin and enters at a participating Florida establishment. Learners must have an unweighted combined grade score percentage of 3.0 or greater. The yearly award value is $2,000, $1,000 per term registered. Candidates are listed first by the highest necessary as defined by the FAFSA, followed by the most required GPA, and third by form resignation time. Candidates will be assessed and informed of eligibility decisions mid-summer.

Provided by: Department of Education, Florida 
Eligibility: Graduate students or high school seniors
Amount: $2,000, $1,000
Deadline: Varies
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7. 2022 ARRL Foundation Scholarship Program

This scholarship is granted to U.S. students who are allowed radio amateurs and live in central Florida. The scholarship is currently receiving requests from qualified amateur radio workers seeking higher education. More than 100 scholarships varying from $500 to $25,000 will be granted in 2022. Instructions for the 2022 Scholarship will be declared by November 1, 2021. Scholarship beneficiaries will be announced in May 2022 through email. All candidates must present a finished online form. The ARRL Foundation Scholarship Panel will evaluate all candidates for qualification and scholarship settlements.

Provided by: American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Foundation, Inc
Eligibility: Higher studies students
Amount: $500 to $25,000
Deadline: December 31, 2021
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8. Florida Library Association Minority Scholarship Fund

The Florida library association scholarship is provided to minority learners who are presently registered under FSU or USF. Candidates applying for the scholarship must be registered as graduate learners in an education and training library science program. The FLA grants are open from a dedicated capital and have been awarded since 1989. This capital amount is provided through contributions and fundraising ventures. The principal fundraising exercise is the Silent Auction included at the FLA Annual Conference. Candidates may ask for more than an individual scholarship if eligible.

Provided by: Florida Library Association
Eligibility: Graduate
Amount: $2,000
Deadline: December 9, 2021
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9. USF Presidential Award

The fraction of beneficiaries for this application changes according to the number of learners adhering to the qualification conditions in any provided year. Florida high school students with an excellent standard score of 4.0 or above and SAT averages of 1430, including ACT averages of 32, are available for this scholarship upon acceptance to the University of South Florida. Academic qualifications include holding a 4.30+ GPA, including 1430+ SAT or 32+ ACT. USF is the fastest-rising academy in America. As per U.S. News and World records (U.S. News), this university is under 2021 Best Colleges rankings. 

Provided by: University of South Florida
Eligibility: High school students or graduates
Amount: $20,000
Deadline: January 15, 2022
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10. I Have a Dream Scholarship

This scholarship is admissible to all U.S. learners who are 14 and older and currently registered (or enrolled no next than fall of 2027) in an approved postsecondary institution of higher education. The individual scholarship victor will get a $1,500 grant. All learners, despite academic merit or economic necessity, are requested to apply. The sponsor is looking for qualified candidates who understand directions, offer well-written forms, and precisely and creatively approach the matter. The Scholarship award will be in the order of a draft made obligatory to the authorized postsecondary institution of higher learning attended by the scholarship award winner.

Provided by: UNIGO
Eligibility: Graduate or Super secondary student
Amount: $1,500
Deadline: January 31, 2022
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