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Best React Redux Courses

Redux is generally an open-source JavaScript library that is used to build and manage applications. React uses Redux to build a high-performance user interface (UI) without much hassle. While Redux is mostly used with React for writing and designing JavaScript applications, Redux can also be used with any other JavaScript framework or library.

React Redux is the official Redux UI binding library for React, hence if anyone is using Redux and React together, they should also use React Redux to bind these two libraries. There are lot many functions of Redux React that we will be learning on the courses featured on our list. These online courses on our list are for anyone interested to learn the uses of Redux React and who wants to enhance their careers or professional skills. Here are the best online courses you can opt for to learn how to use React Redux efficiently.

1. Modern React with Redux by Udemy

The first course on our list by Udemy will introduce learners to the world of Modern React Redux that will help them gain knowledge in many things. In this course, you will be Introduced to the up-to-date versions of React Redux, and learn how to build amazing single-page applications with React JS and Redux, get familiar with the fundamentals concepts of Redux and structuring applications, and become fluent in using various significant tools used in the framework of JavaScript.

A course ideally designed for Software Engineers who want to get their hands on React Redux, and explore the JavaScript library to enhance their skills in developing functional applications. Any Programmer, Engineer, or Developer who wants to learn React will get great help from this course.

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2. Building Applications with React and Redux by Pluralsight

A course for intermediates who want to master building applications with React and Redux, this course will introduce them to React Library and make them familiar with the use of Redux. Students will learn to build powerful and fast React applications, use tools like Webpack, Babel, ESLint, npm scripts, Jest, React Testing Library, Enzyme, and much more.

From creating a UI environment to running and testing a modern application built with React Redux, you will be mastering everything necessary to become a skilled developer.

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3. Full-Stack Web Development with React Specialization by Coursera

The Full-Stack Web Development with React Specialization course on Coursera is presented by the Hong Kong University Of Science and Technology, which will help students gain skills in the areas of Bootstrap, Node.js, jQuery, and many other software tools. From Front-end Development to building hybrid mobile applications, you will specialize in every important area of React. However, one needs to have prior working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make the most out of this course.

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4. Learning React Redux in less than 1 hour by Skillshare

Now you can learn how to use React Redux in just 1 hour with the help of this amazing course by Skillshare. A perfect course for beginners, that consists of 9 lessons covering the areas of fundamentals of Redux, using tools like ReactJs, HTML5, Rest APIs, Node.js, and much more to learn. Beginning right from the basics to diving deeper into the main components of web development, in this short duration of 1 hour, you will get familiar with many things, and eventually, you can begin with building, running, and maintaining applications. This course is ideal for any react enthusiast who wants to enhance their careers as Developers.

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5. Building Modern Projects with React by LinkedIn Learning

Another great option to enhance your professional career is opting for this course on our list by LinkedIn Learning that will add extra value to your resume and LinkedIn profile, and ultimately make you more likable and noticeable by the best job recruiters.

The building Moden projects with React is a course that introduces you to the environment of React, its various tools, and what roles they play in the process of development. In this course, you will be learning how to build a real-life React Project with the help of an expert instructor, and how you can manage the complexities of state, side effects, structure, and styling while the process. You will also learn how to add Redux, create thunks, use selectors, work with styled components, perform testing, and many more significant things. If you are looking for a course that will introduce you to the environment of React before beginning with advanced-level courses, this is just the one for you!

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6. Developing Cloud Applications with Node.js and React by edX

A course offered by IBM on the platform of edX is just what you need to learn how to develop and deploy web applications with the help and use of JavaScript frameworks. This course is absolutely free of cost and is self-paced which is a great option to progress with the course on your own time and way. 

In this course, you will be learning about Full-Stack Development, how to build and deploy web applications, and make you familiar with the framework of JavaScript. By using Node.js and React, you will be developing a front-end user interface (UI) with the help of ES6 and the React JavaScript library. This course brings a great opportunity for students who want to work as Web Developers, Cloud Developers, Software Engineers and so on, however, you need to have basic knowledge in the areas of HTML5, JavaScript, DevOps, Git, and fundamental concepts in Cloud programming to understand this course comprehensively and grow your skills.

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7. Advanced React and Redux by Udemy

Another top-rated course on our list by Udemy is specially designed for those who are done with basics or intermediate level courses, and now want to learn advanced React to reach that next level. Those who have enough knowledge about React and Redux are going to gain some expert skills through this course.

Since this is an advanced-level course, do not expect introductions rather, this course focuses on important points and areas that need to be covered by students. This course will introduce you to how to thoroughly test React and Redux code, make you familiar with Higher Order Components, rewrite a popular Redux Middleware from scratch to handle asynchronous actions, and so much more! This is a comprehensive course that will prepare you for the best and worst situations, and make you a master of React and Redux.

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8. Redux Course from Ui

If you are not very aware of what Redux is all about and want to focus more on it, then do not worry, here is a course by Ui that is just the right one for you.

A free course that will introduce you wholly to the functional areas of Redux, covers 31 topics, includes video lessons of 357 mins, and also comes with 6 quizzes and 3 projects. There cannot be a better way to get deeper insights into Redux and its uses than opting for this course that begins with a brief introduction and slowly introduces the React Redux environment. If you are a complete beginner and have no prior knowledge in relation to React or Redux, but want to learn it to enhance your career, then this course is going to be your treasure.

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9. The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux) by Udemy

Yet another course on our list by Udemy that deserves a mention,  is a comprehensive course on developing React while using Hooks and Redux. A course specially designed for those who have not yet begun with React, and want to learn about it to be able to implement it in the development of web applications.

In this course you will be learning about the ways to build, test, and launch React applications, how to use cutting-edge ES6/ES7 JavaScript, the process of Setup Authentication, deploying React applications live to the web, get familiar with React libraries, and tools, and what not? You will come across every important topic that you need to know before you can begin working with React. This up-to-date course is presented in an easy-to-follow way so that learners can adapt necessary skills quickly, and become a skilled developer who is fluent with React.

If you are hoping to begin or switch your careers, looking for a comprehensive course on React, then this course on our list is your perfect match.

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10. The Complete React Basics 101 Course for Beginners by Skillshare

The last course on our list by Skillshare is a special course for complete beginners who have a lot of queries and doubts about React, and want to get familiar with it completely.

A course that will help you get started with React, is a detailed course with brief introductions and covers every topic that you need to know about before becoming a React Developer. This course will also help you gain skills in the areas of HTML5, React Design, App Development, JavaScript, CSS, and many more important areas. Your right way to begin with React lies within this amazing course by Skillshare. You can now enroll in this course for free and make the most out of it.

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