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Best Post-Graduation Courses for IT Professionals

The best-paid jobs in recent times are always affiliated with the digital era. After the revolutionized internet rapid spread, there have been a lot of jobs open for IT students. Moreover, business analysts, cybersecurity professionals are in high demand today. In this article, I have articulated the 10 best courses to do for post-graduation after completing an undergrad in IT. These 10 courses are chosen after in-depth research. Additionally, I have attested the best university which offers that particular course I have suggested. Sounds pretty exciting innit?

Cloud computing professionals, blockchain engineers, AI developers, and machine learning engineers are in high demand, and choosing this specialization for masters can take you to places. There are great opportunities in this internet era for IT professionals. You can expect your salary to shoot up to new highs after becoming a subject matter expert or after acquiring multiple degrees in data science. With a Master in Information technology, you will not only get to widen your perspective in the field but also apply your knowledge in real-life situations. So what are we waiting for? Let us get down to business!

1. M.Sc. in Data Engineering by Jacobs University

Data engineering is the best choice to do your master’s since the data industry is always driven by a lot of challenges and is dynamic. The global data has been increasing and it has been very hard to control. The increase of cloud computing services has been on rising.

From IT to finance, from automotive to oil and gas, from health to retail: companies and institutions everyone depend on data. This course is offered at Jacobs University located in Bremen, Germany. The duration of this course is just 2years and it is the best choice to move ahead with.

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2. Master Cyber Security by International University of Applied Sciences

There has been an advent increase in hacking and protection for our data has been quintessential in recent times. Cyber-attacks have increased a lot in this digital world. This course is offered by IU International University of Applied Sciences which is completely online. This Uni is considered to be the number one university in Europe.

After completing this course, you will become a specialist in statistical and digital forensic methods and enter into a more exciting career. The course comes with a 24-month duration with 120 ECTS credits. The course is completely online which is an added advantage for pursuing this remarkable course with great future scope.

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3. Master’s in Business Analytics by Hult International Business School

Located in San Francisco, USA, Hult International Business School is a top-rated university offering Business Analytics courses. Usually, most of the Universities offer this Business Analytic course but what makes Hult’s course different is it comes with a STEM qualification.

The STEM qualification makes you eligible for a three-year working visa (OPT) in the U.S. after graduation. The total length of the program is just 11 months and I am ready to have a wider perspective on translating data statistics and analysis into impactful business decisions. The fee for this course comes at USD 49,500 which is comparatively a bit expensive.

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4. Master’s Degree Programme in Governance of Digitalization by by Åbo Akademi University

This unique course is offered by Åbo Akademi University located in Finland.  The duration of the course is just 2 years. Through this course, you will learn how digitalization enables new ways to create knowledge, to create value for the customer, new ways to configure organizational processes, and new ways to organize industry-level cooperation between organizations.

The annual intake for this course is just 20people. The course is also available online which is offered by the University’s great faculty members. The tuition fees for the Master’s Degree Programme in Governance of Digitalization is 10 000€/ year.

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5. Master in Intelligent Embedded Systems by Mälardalen University

Master in Intelligent Embedded Systems is a great choice for having a remarkable career. The program has been acclaimed nationally and internationally. It is the right time to pick this course before it blows up. It is a fact that almost 99percentage of computers today are embedded.

Embedded systems are found everywhere. Be it mobile phones, game consoles, digital cameras, cars, airplanes, medical equipment, home appliances, or even robots, it has become quintessential in this digital age. This course is offered by Mälardalen University which lasts for 2 years.

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6. M.A. Media Spaces by University of Europe for Applied Sciences

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences offers this remarkable course called the M.A. Media Spaces. The Uni is located in Germany and this course will only have a maximum of 4 semesters. The main goal of this course is to help you acquire the wanted skills to transform communication within virtual and physical spaces into inspiring and lasting experiences.

According to your career path, you can personalize your specializations if you pick this master’s course from the University of Europe For Applied Sciences. To apply for this master’s, there is a requirement of having IELTS 5.5 overall. Moreover, this university is one of the 25 best universities worldwide.

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7. Master of Telecommunications and Network Engineering by La Trobe University

One of the right choices to get into after your UG is Master of Telecommunications and Network Engineering. After the rampant increase of 5g networks and other telecommunications, it has been widely considered to be a high in-demand job.

The core subjects of this specialization deal with broadband digital communications, personal mobile communications, antennas, and propagation. This course is offered by La Trobe University located in Melbourne, Australia. It is a 2 years duration course and it is highly recommended.

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8. Cloud Security Architect specialization by EC-Council University

After the rampant usage of AWS, Google, and Azure cloud computing services, there has been a lot of demand for skilled cloud-computing engineers. The MSCS – Cloud Security Architect specialization helps you land a great career in the future. Anyone from a part of the world can access this course through EC-Council University’s online Cloud security course.

The duration of this course is just 2 years and it comes with 12 credit scores which sum up 36 credit hours. The online course comes with hands-on experience. The Cloud Security Architect Specialization trains you to harden enterprise architecture and cloud architecture from the most advanced attacks and also helps to implement secure code for great security.

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9. Digital Forensic Specialization by EC-Council University

MSCS – Digital Forensic specialization is a top-class course to pick in recent times. It is offered by the same EC Council University which is exclusively available fully online. It is a 2 years course which is located in Albuquerque USA. The cost of the tuition is 540 USD per credit. It comes at 19,440 for the tuition alone.

Through this specialization, you will learn the various aspects of digital forensics, including investigating network intrusions and mobile forensics. This specialization will help you land a safe and secure government job and also helps you lead an incident response team. The course comes with a 36 credit hour score. After completing this course you can become a Forensic Analyst, Cyber Crime Investigator, and even a Cyber Defence Forensics Analyst. The scope of this course is pretty high.

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10. Master of Science in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies

The University of Malta offers the best course to learn about blockchain technology. After the rampant increase of the scope of cryptocurrency in the future, blockchain specialists are in high demand. The Master of Science in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies is the best course to start your career in the blockchain industry.

The duration of this course is just one year. The University is located in Malta. The underlying technology is required to provide decentralization mechanisms and computational execution engines built on sound computer science and ICT principles. This course Is the best choice to move forward for a great career. Last but not the least, this course is highly recommended. Cryptocurrency is the future.

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