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Best Platforms to Create Online Courses

After the surge of pandemics, the education sector has completely taken a paradigm shift towards online classes. I don’t think this online course culture will change anytime soon. People have conveniently adapted to this. If you are skilled at something, you can make money out of it through online courses. 2021 is full of opportunities. Many businesses and universities have shifted to online education which is very economical and cost-efficient.

All you gotta do is to curate, edit and make different modules for the particular subject and choose the right platform to upload your online course. Not only you can earn a good chunk of money, but you will also have plenty of students across the globe. While the concept and reasoning behind building an online course are simple, the process often isn’t. It’s more than just uploading a video: it requires you to build out a course curriculum, develop assignments (if you want), design the course pages, and more. In this article, I have chosen the top 10 online educational platforms where you can upload your content. So what are you waiting for? Let us jump right in!

1. Udemy

How can I not mention Udemy at the beginning? It is one of the top educational platforms where you can have a wide marketplace for your content. Right now the Udemy platform has a whopping 40 million students worldwide and it is usually accessed by all the great scholars. Free for selling a premium course. Udemy charges 3% revenue share on course sales made by instructor coupons, 50% revenue share on courses found through organic search on Udemy

If you have to create a paid course, first you should become a premium Udemy instructor. Additionally, you keep your content more engaging, you are allowed to have a lot of assignments, quizzes, additional exercises, and many more. If you are a beginner and planning to upload your first course, Udemy is the right option for you. This is the best platform for amateurs who are willing to learn because the platform is very user-friendly. Further Udemy Marketplace insights help you choose the right topic to further continue to boost sales for your topic. This is highly recommended.

2. SkillShare

Without getting too subjective, if you have content material that is related to creativity like photography, entrepreneurship, designer, and writing, or even cooking, this is the right course for you. SkillShare is completely different in the user interface like Udemy. The reason why it is beneficial to upload your course content on Skillshare is that you can have a wide marketplace through a constant student population. They offer a premium membership] p to students who can access more than 27000 plus online educational content.

In SkillShare all you have to do is to get the premium membership and you will constantly have the audience. The way you upload your classes is also a bit different. In this platform, you will break your content into three parts- video lessons, a project, and community discussion. Each class includes 20-60 minutes of video, broken down into 2-5-minute lessons. Each project will give you hands-on experience. In SkillShare, it is free for creating a premium class. SkillShare pays instructors $10 for premium membership referrals and royalties for minutes watched in a premium class each month.

3. Teachable

Teachable is a whole lot different from Udemy and Skillshare. It is an online course creation software for building an online school with advanced marketing. If you want to build rich content and have a wide audience on the internet, Teachable will help you out completely. Using Teachable will give you a professional touch for your Course content.

Through Teachable you can create your website and upload your content. You can also use the website to upload your brand, create a sales page to launch your course. Moreover, it is very user-friendly, you need not depend on another application to boost your sales and it wouldn’t cut your commission. Teachable course builder accepts files from Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive, among other content formats. Just build a website through Teachable and market through google and social media insights, you are ready to go!

4. Podia

Podia is yet another online course creation software for not only selling courses but also digital products and memberships. The interface of Podia is very user-friendly and you can have a wide range of audiences towards this platform.

The options offered in Podia are very user-friendly. This helps you to not get overwhelmed by their course content. Through Podia, once you create an online course, you can publish it immediately or pre-launch it to collect emails. If you have additional resources to supplement your course- cheat sheets, eBooks, videos, audio, text, and checklists. You can sell them as a digital download in Podia. There is also a perk of creating a private membership program where you can build an online community for your content. The cost of Podia starts from $39/month for the Mover plan for online courses, digital downloads, email marketing, and zero transaction fees.

5. Thinkific

It is always best to build your course content through massive course creation software and then upload your materials throughout Udemy, Coursera, and other online educational platforms. There are two parts to creating a course on Thinkific: course material and landing page.

To create a course, there are pre-edited templates where you just have to upload your content. It is very user-friendly and helps you build rich content. Apart from video lessons, the templates are pre-populated with sample quizzes, downloads, surveys, and instructor messages, at regular intervals throughout the course. I would recommend Thinkific for building content since it is very easy to use and you need not spend weeks curating your content. The plan for uploading your content starts from 39 dollars per month. It is quite a decent amount of money.

6. Kajabi

Available on IOS, Android as well as Web, Kajabi is considered to be the top class course creation software to market a course on autopilot. Its marketing blueprints, called Pipelines, help you create an entire marketing funnel—from landing page and opt-in to emails and course checkout—with just a few clicks.

If you are a person who is struggling to boost sales for your course content, Kajabi will spoon-feed you to market your course content. You can also choose what you can do with all the emails you collect through the content. You can do more with Kajabi when you connect it to your favorite apps through Zapier’s automated workflows. Kajabi is highly recommended but the only jinx is it costs 119 dollars per month which is quite high comparatively.

7. LearnWorlds

Have you ever felt like you want to start your school which is your platform? LearnWorlds will help you with that. LearnWorlds will help you build an online school with multiple teachers who will upload in your school. The other instructors will not have an option to do anything they want, the admin of the school has everything at his fingertips. You can do more with Kajabi when you connect it to your favorite apps through Zapier’s automated workflows.

LearnWorlds enables connections with students and teachers via an online community that accompanies every school. Most discussion forums focus on reviewing course-related material, but LearnWorlds’ communities are designed for social interaction. It is exactly like a school set up so it is highly recommended. Moreover, the starter plan of this course is just 24 dollars per month.

8. Mighty Networks

If you are bored of publishing your online courses and getting an audience but no interaction, you have come to the right place. Mighty Network is a platform that is community-driven with vibrant people with the same interests. It is a paid community around your online course.

Users can sell individual courses, community membership, or bundle a combination of the two. The pricing is completely your choice on what you have to do and what not. Every course comes with an Activity Feed built-in that works to foster engagement and conversation as members complete your course. Moreover, even members can upload their doubts, content as well as insights through the activity feed. It costs 81 dollars per month to have the community integrations and the premium analytics.

9. Pathwright

If you’re looking for action-oriented course-creating software, this is the right platform for you. it is only available on the web and not android, ios. Once your syllabus and actions are outlined, Pathwright helpfully adds a “Needs content” note to each step.

This course creation software is a top-rated software to build your content. You can use ZApier and rope your viewers to your content. The app’s course creator is one of the most fluid and intuitive of the software.

10. Xperiencify

Last but not the least, do you ever want to build your course in a more fun and engaging way- like a game or something? Well, you can do that through this software. By allowing instructors to gamify courses and turn to learn into a more engaging experience, the app promises to boost your completion rates by as much as 10-30%.

Usually, the stats show that generally students who start a course usually don’t complete the course since they would stop midway losing motivation or for various reasons. Xperiencify will rectify that problem for your course. I would personally recommend this course builder for you. For each module students complete, they earn experience points (called XPs). Instructors can set the XP value of each module and elements within it during the course creation process.

Best Platforms to Create Online Courses

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