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Best Oracle Courses

Oracle is a database created by the Oracle Corporation, that is used in the process of grid computing and data warehousing. Oracle uses SQL as the programming language to interact with the database and provides cost-effective solutions for data management. Oracle is very secured and provides higher performance than any other database in the market.

Oracle contains the most advanced features and methods that help in achieving maximum performance, availability, and reliability through the use of core database technologies and advanced features. And obtaining a certificate in Oracle Database can open doors to a wide array of opportunities for you in the field of Data Science. If you are looking for the best Oracle courses that can make you an expert while at the comfort of your home, then here are the best online Oracle courses that will not only serve as the best beginning but also make you ready for the professional world.

1. Oracle Database Administration by Harvard University

The Oracle Database Administration course by Harvard University is an intermediate-level course that will introduce students to the functions of Oracle, such as planning, building tuning, and monitoring an Oracle 12cR2 database on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Students will study the internal structure and Oracle database environment, that plays a vital role in creating databases, tablespaces, user accounts, and many other important things necessary to support an application. This course will also let students explore and examine the problems that arise while running a large number of databases, and learn to overcome them with the right solutions.

This course is for individuals who have internet in the field of Data Science and Data Analysis. This course will introduce them to Oracle Database and SQL language that will help them a lot in their career.

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2. Oracle Certification From Oracle University

Oracle University is your ultimate online destination to search for the best Oracle Database courses. The courses provided on the website are classified according to students’ needs such as some courses are designed for professionals and are certificate programs, some are for students who want to master the field of Oracle database and expand their knowledge, and lastly, there are specialist Oracle courses for experienced professionals. The best thing is Oracle University also provides a number of free courses, that are certified and guided by Oracle experts, and can be a great way, to begin with, your understanding of the Oracle database.

From basics to an advanced level, these courses cover Oracle Database versions 19c, 18c, 12c, 12c R2, and 11g, which are explained to students with the help of video lessons, that eventually make them industry-ready. This course will help you gain deeper insights and in-depth knowledge on Oracle Database and will help develop skills that are necessary for entering the competitive IT industry. Find the best certificate course for you among the varied options, and become an Oracle expert.

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3. Oracle SQL: An Introduction to the Most Popular Database by Udemy

Now the best way to begin is to opt for an introductory course, and Udemy has the right one for you to help understand the functions of the Oracle database, and how it is a part of advancing technologies. The best part of the course is it is totally free of cost, and no prior knowledge of databases or SQL is required to attend this course, you just need to know how to use a computer, and install programs.

This course will begin with installing versions of Oracle Express Edition and the Oracle SQL Developer that are available for free and then proceed with 6 main clauses of the SELECT statement, that are necessary to know before beginning to work with the Oracle database. This course will not only introduce students to Oracle but also to SQL codes that play a significant role in the database. Since this is a free course there is nothing to lose, rather there is a lot you will gain from this amazing introductory course.

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4. Learn SQL Basics for Data Science Specialization by Coursera

If you want to put more emphasis on learning SQL, which not only plays a vital role in Oracle database but also the field of Data Science as a whole, then this specialization course by Coursera is the right one for you. This course is offered by the renowned University of California Davis and will help students develop skills in SQL, Data Analysis, Data Science, Apache Spark, SQLite, Delta Lake, and A/B testing. This course intends to develop coding skills with the main focus on SQL.

The course will begin with SQL basics, data wrangling, SQL analysis, and proceed further with the role of SQL in analyzing and exploring data. You will also be introduced to data analysis and machine learning toolsets, and learn how to use SQL with unstructured data sets. After completing this course you will have enough knowledge about SQL and Data Science and will be ready to work as a professional.

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5. Oracle Developer Essentials: Views, Synonyms and Triggers by Pluralsight

The best site to level up your Oracle skills, Pluralsight offers expert-authored courses to students who see a potential future in the field of Data Science. Pluralsight has a plethora of Oracle database courses from beginner to an advanced level designed to meet every student’s preference.

The Oracle Developer Essential course is specially designed for beginners and covers the essentials of creating and using views, synonyms, sequences, and triggers in the Oracle database. Students will learn about how to store SQL queries, logically represent data in tables, using Synonyms in Oracle, along with Sequences and Triggers that make working with Oracle database easy. You can avail of a 10-days free trial to make the most out of Pluralsight.

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6. Oracle Training Courses by ExitCertified

ExitCertified’s Oracle Training Courses are certified and are led by the best instructors of the United States and Canada. The virtual classes provided by ExitCertified have been acknowledged and proven the best in Oracle education and have been the reason behind many successes.

These courses train students to work with MySQL Developer, Database 12c, Application Development, and much more, which offers an overall great learning experience. With the best guidance of accredited Oracle instructors, you will develop all the necessary skills and acquire the desired knowledge to get ready to work as a professional. ExitCertified guarantees 100% student satisfaction, and organizes flexible schedules to fit into every student’s or professional’s time.

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7. Oracle Training by Learning Tree International

Learning Tree is one of the best platforms to strengthen your Oracle skills as it has courses for beginners, Database & System Administrators, and Application Developers. These courses are carefully designed to suit professional roles so that they can do much better at work by honing and enhancing their knowledge and skills. These courses include basic introductions of Database Design and SQL training to developing SQL Queries for Oracle Databases. You can also opt for Oracle Certification Programs to add value to your resume, and land up with the best jobs.

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8. Oracle Database 12c: Basic SQL by LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning has forever proven to be a reliable source of learning and obtaining new skills for freshers and professionals. A course from LinkedIn Learning adds much more value to your LinkedIn profile and resume, and increases your chances of being more noticed by the best recruiters of industries. The Oracle Database 12c course is specially designed for both beginners and Intermediates and will introduce them to the SQL language that is extremely important to know while working with Oracle.

This course is led by an Oracle expert who will teach how to code with SQL in an Oracle Database 12c environment. You will also learn many data using functions and will be able to modify data with the help of DML and DDL commands like DELETE and UPDATE. This course will provide a complete overview of SQL in Oracle Database, and also introduce you to many advanced concepts and techniques. If you are hoping to learn SQL to be able to work with Oracle as an expert, then this course is ideal for you.

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9. Oracle 12c: New Features for Administrators by Global Knowledge

Another course to getting familiar with the Oracle 12c environment is offered by Global Knowledge and will introduce learners to the most advanced and enhanced features of Oracle Database 12c. This program can help professionals upgrade their certification to Oracle Database 12c, and is specially designed for those who are working or willing to work as Administrators, Database Administrators, and System Administrators.

You will learn about the benefits of upgrading to Oracle Database 12c such as how it can increase security, manageability and enhance performance, and also learn to use SQL Query language. You will also be introduced to various tools and methods that will overall provide a comprehensive understanding and in-depth knowledge of Oracle 12c and SQL.

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10. The Complete Oracle SQL Certification Course by Udemy

The last course on our list by Udemy is not only the highest-rated Oracle course but also will make learners job-ready assuredly. This course will provide a complete guide on Oracle Database and SQL, that will help students to learn marketable programming and coding skills. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have prior knowledge of programming, this program will begin from the basics, and by the end, you will have all the knowledge and skills required to work in the industry as a SQL Developer or Data Scientist. You cannot get a better option than this course by Udemy to rightly begin with Oracle, and that too at such an affordable cost.

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