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Best Online Music Theory Courses

Music theory is the fundamental foundation that music education should provide to become a complete musician. The theoretical know-how of music helps to study the tones and their interrelationship with each other. The essentials of the structure of chords, scales, transposition, and the facts behind these are also included in the theoretical study. There are a lot of basics to be learned in the theory, regarding seventh chords, notation, time signatures, Roman numbers, and key signatures. Theoretical learning is complex for sure, but definitely not hard to learn.

It also touches on the studying of concepts of melody, rhythm, counterpoint, harmony, form, tonal systems, scales, tuning, intervals, consonance, dissonance, durational proportions, and acoustics of pitch systems. Orientation, improvisation, sound production, and ornamentation also come under the study of music theory.   

There are a few essentials to be understood in order to create a chunk of music. Notations, key signatures, time signatures, and chord progression should be properly understood. The music created to be considered as ‘good’, need not be complex and difficult, but it needs to be simple and should be enjoyable by every single music lover.

The knowledge of the theory of music is not a necessity or mandatory or compulsory, but it can enhance the learning of instruments better. All the tuning activities on a guitar are extensively influenced by the music theory.

It is also helpful for any type of major subject. The composers can be more aware of other’s works and so that they can make improvements in their own style of music. An in-depth understanding of the theory of music can enhance the musicians to speak, read and write the language of music or effectively.

Following are some of the courses regarding Music Theory;

1. Music Theory by Cleveland Institute of Music

The course on music theory enables the student to develop the auditory and logical skills that help in improved understanding and thinking capacity of being a musician. The faculty of the department gives an opportunity for the learners to interact with them, and take tips for composing and performing. The faculties are highly proficient in the domain and since their background varies, they also train in composing, vocalizing, piano performing, string instruments handling playing brass.

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2. Elementary Musicianship: Theory in Motion by Eastman Community Music School

The theory in motion is a five-level program focalizing on hearing and other sensory understanding of music. The learners also get to know more about music literacy and musicianship. Various terms and their study are also introduced to the learner. The program follows a successive path by including the recent and updated studies of well-known personalities in the discipline. The classes are always lively and relaxing, so the understanding also tends to be better. The students develop abilities to listen to the music from within, better singing ability with enhanced intonation and better expression, develop effective improvisation and graceful movements. Above all the learners reaches a level where they can communicate through music. The course fee is $150 for every semester.

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3. Music Theory by the New School

The course is well organized and rendered by maestros in the sector who are well known throughout the globe. They actively participate to change the future of music, where the learners become a part of. The teachers also act as mentors in helping to mold the entire self of the student, leading to the transformation into a new individual.

The intellectual thinking of the experts at the center is so deep and innovative, that they understand the importance of theory in enhancing a musical performance. Faculties are research experts and professionals in the field.

The way of teaching is in-depth, as a learner tends to understand the need and importance and the core of a musical piece while playing it. Such approaches lead them to be perfect in what they do and ultimately reach their targets in music. Only such a musician can reach the heart of the listener, and make them feel what exactly the musician is feeling. All the learners become well aware of the piece they playing including the meaning and the emotion. The following specialties are incorporated in the course;

  • Theory analysis (Schenkerian analysis)
  •  Pedagogy
  • Musicianship
  • Keyboard skills
  • Reading scores

The course is made even more attractive through special events, seminars, symposiums, and other informal academic activities based on music.

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4. Composition and Music Theory by Shepherd School of Music

The department of music in the institute at the Rice University provides various graduation programs for the subject. The training is in such a way that it improves musical academics, along with the wholesome development of the learner. They can turn into musicians, music practitioners, as well. There are highly expertise faculty experienced in music theory and music composition.

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5. Northwestern’s Program in Music Theory and Cognition by Northwestern Bienen School of Music

The course is exceptional in its delivery, as it combines theory in music with the understanding and awareness part of it. This will change the prospects about the piece of music, creativeness, imitation, progression, listening, and elucidation of music being played. The concept of listeners has changed drastically over time, as they differ dramatically from the traditional ones. The present-day listeners are those with global musical listening experiences. The subject of study is a proper amalgamation of both understanding and theoretical aspects of music using different technologies. These can also lead to experimental research incorporating music theory and cognition.

They also encourage continuing educating by the following research in any of the specializations;

  • Music and memory
  • Tonality
  • Rhythm and meter
  • Popular music
  • Musical design based on gender and sexuality
  • Schema theory
  • Music and communication
  • Theory based on musical history
  • Cognition

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6. Music Theory by Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University

The department has an innovative and specialized method of teaching the curriculum along with research of fine class. The faculties are well versed in the sector and they are researchers too with a lot of experience in publishing works and performance.  The coordination between the learners and the educators is commendable and such an atmosphere leads to a more assorted and complete future in music.  The teachers are well experienced in techniques like serialism, transformation theories, informatics, and cultural studies. The education received here is surely going to be very well modernized in accordance with the changing technology and time.

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7. Music Theory by Michigan State University

The course is offered in Masters and Bachelors degree as well as certificate programs. The course aims at developing the student both academically as well as for a career. The skills in analysis, pedagogy, research, and musicianship are provided by well efficient and scholarly educators with a varied concentration and backdrops. They also acquire the auditory abilities throughout the course to advance themselves as musicians and improving in performing, conducting, composing, listening, and learning. Seminars are conducted along with classes in teaching methods, analysis, and workshops in counterpoint and skills in handling the keyboard. The learners themselves can be teachers to impart knowledge on music theory and aural abilities in the presence of the educators. Interactive sessions are conducted with specialists in the arena every month. A secluded research project can be outlined by the learner under the guidance of the faculty guide. The research work is then presented before experts nationally. But in the first place, the students are allowed to grow and flourish in a society of encouraging and compassionate colleagues and friendly and amicable educators.

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8. Music by the University of Puget

The course is delivered as an exclusive program for music in the Liberal College of Music in the University. The curriculum and teaching methods are of high class and from specialists in the field. The students are trained for performing and educating. The course makes them fit into varied career opportunities and also promotes higher specialization in music. The department of Music is so capable and strong with workshops, performances and helps to improve the cultural life of the learner.

Career aspects;

  • Music teacher/professor
  • Song writer
  • Singer
  • Solo performer
  • Band director
  • Opera musician
  • Music theatre performer

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9. Music Education by Westminster College

Several degrees in Music are administered under the music department at Westminster. The education can lead the learners to opt for any future option based on their interests. There are chances for performances conducted by the department all throughout the year. They even get the chance to work as an intern to educate musically the children and adults. Music theory is one of the core subjects in the curriculum. Pitch, scales, rhythm basics, sight-reading keyboard basics, and many more areas are covered.

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10. Master of Music Education with Certification (MCERT) by Vandercook College of Music

The master’s program is aimed at students who have completed their graduation in any music subject including Music Theory.  The program is a complete package with detailed study and practical experiencing. Specialization areas are available in instruments as well as in music education. Other core subjects that can be chosen are;

  • Curriculum and administration
  • Music history
  • Jazz arranging
  • Musical theatre

The course is available online and can be completed at the ease of the learner.

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