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Best Lead Guitar Courses

A guitar is a strummed instrument with strings. It was first used in Spain. It has usually a very sleek appearance with a slender stem and an acoustic box. There are normally 6 strings that are thumped using a pluck. The wood may differ based on differences in sound as; walnut, maple, or rosewood. The word ‘Guitar’ has its roots in many languages, whose meaning remains to be almost the same. It can be traced back to the Spanish word, ’cithara’, and Sanskrit word, ‘tar’, which means ‘string’.

There is basically no age limit for starting to learn to play guitar, as less than 5 years of age would be inappropriate. Interest and attitude are the most important requirement to inculcate the sense of learning at a very young age.

The course fee to learn guitar varies from place to place, and institutes. The duration of the course also tends the fee to get altered. For 30 minutes, it would be approximate $20-$30 and increases with time duration. A maximum of 60minutes can cost around $40-$60. The course for online courses may be comparatively lower.

The careers after learning to play guitar can fetch you a number of opportunities, not only as a guitarist but also as;

  • Song writer
  • Music composer
  • School teacher for music

The income from the careers in the field depends on experience and talent. They can be as high as $170,000 for the highest earners, and basically an average income of $41,000 – $81,000 per annum.

Some of the famous personalities in the arena include; Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen if to name a few.

The programs provided offline as well as online from various institutes are detailed below;

1. Guitar Program by Musicians Institute, MI Online, College of Contemporary Music

The classes are the kind that demands performance activity, so as to develop the learners into professional musicians. In this online platform, classes are already recorded and led by professionals in the field. The students are assured to get skilled in fundamentals of playing the instrument guitar, along with the capability to perform on their own, training through audio aids, and also build the confidence of performing in front of a crowd, in date with the modern trends. The course completion offers an Associate of Arts in Guitar Performance along with a Certificate in Guitar Performance.

The institute remains to be the best in offering guitar education. It ensures the overall development of the student imparting creativity and wisdom along with developing professionally and able to perform with confidence. The course will surely help to make your dreams come true as a guitarist.

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2. Acoustic Guitar Techniques by Berklee Online

The course is tended to follow an online pattern of learning guitar. The learner is sure to become an efficient guitarist after learning the techniques through the course. The following techniques can be expected after the completion of the program; rhythmic strumming, usage of other compatible tunings, and playing fingerstyle. The skills of confidence, pitch, dynamics, and organizing are improved after the course. The learning starts with light string movements, leading to spontaneous tweaking, along with deep, common, and groove-based. Topics like replacement tunings, playing modal sounds, more complex tunings are also covered. The finger speed and other attributes necessary to make the performance more effective are also given emphasis.

The course follows a mixed way of attending to the classes, with demonstrations and use of recorded sessions of music, play along with kind of tracks, specific notational and pictorial schemes. Well-known artists of the family such as; Nick Drake, Elizabeth Cotton, Fleetwood Mac, Allman Brothers are many more are leading the sessions.

The learning benefits the learner in the following ways;

  • Composing and playing tunes, to get a better understanding of sounds, and the reason of it
  • Purified Fingerstyle and strumming techniques  
  • Become more effortless and smooth in the playing
  • Understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of positions
  • Able to connect with the tone and positioning of the instrument

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3. Instrumental Performer by Los Angeles City College

The program is a certificate course for Industrial Performer, paving way for the learner to be a teacher in music, an instrument group director, or performing on your own, or along with a band or company specializing in any string instrument. Accurate knowledge is also imparted with required technical know-how in any of the instruments chosen as per one’s own interest.

The course follows the pattern of doing exercises and a set of performances based on a particular instrument with the correct method and utmost talent in music on a public platform.

The student will be able to recognize basic music notes and also the ability to write them, understand the symbols, keys, and signatures. They also have to prepare a write-up on the music industry.

The salary expected after the course completion is between the range of $26,000 and $148,000., with an average of $56,000.

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4. BM Performance Guitar by School of Music, Southern Illinois University

The Bachelor of Music with special stress on guitar enables the learner to get trained in special skills for helping them to perform, educate and produce musical substance. Since the program gives more attention to concerts, the program specifically aids develop the application side of the lessons and playing confidently as a band. There are a variety of subjects taught during the course duration, which ranges from English literature to math to Applied Music and so forth.

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5. Guitar Lessons for Beginners by School of Rock

The instructors of the program are highly talented and experienced enough to provide all the required guidance to the learners, with a proper understanding of the basics, scales, chords, tuning, and rhythm. They make use of rock songs from a well-known artist in the field to enhance the early development of guitar playing skills. The program is coordinated with special classes for the needy and the process of rehearsing and practicing together as a team. This will improve imagination and encouragement in the learners. The base of the education here in the school is mainly performance-based. This will help to increase the confidence to play in front of any audience.

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6. Bachelor of Music in Performance, Classical Guitar Concentration by Temple University

The university that offers the Bachelor’s program in Music has given an equal emphasis on classical guitar. This shows the undeniable relation between music and instruments. The study procedure is rigorous and concentrated, led by prominent teachers well versed in the field, with membership in The Philadelphia Orchestra and other organization that has professionals as associates. The learners get a lot of chances to perform on various stages along with renowned proficient bands.

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7. Guitar Lessons by Rhodes School of Music

The program of Guitar Lessons at the Rhodes School follows a slightly altered pattern than other normal courses. Here, the music rudiments are taught along with the learner’s special significance and ambition. The basics of chords, scales, terms and expressions, and techniques for writing the music notes, progression of chords, and the theoretical aspects are taken into consideration. The teacher plays along with the learners in order to improve their listening and time accuracy abilities.

The primary step of the course of understanding the fretboard of the guitar is made sure by the teachers, as they form the foundation before the learning process starts. Later on, all the musical genres are practiced through specially designed classes by the teacher. The students can select the music according to their interests and play to learn the basics.

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8. Guitar Program by School of Music, University of South Carolina

This is a guitar course the university is rather a traditional kind, which is pulling the attention of enthusiast from around the country. The course is designed in such a way, that they can choose to be a guitarist either, or become an educator. There are so many laurels to the account of the School of Music, such as; Emmy nominations, awards, grants, and so on, by those who had graduated from the place. There are many more achievements by the degree holders from famous competitions nationally and around the region, Augusta Symphony Paganini Competition and South Carolina Philharmonic Orchestra Young Artist Competition, a few to name.

The faculty in charge is Christopher Berg, Professor of Guitar at the School of Music. The learners are well privileged to have a chance to perform with artists like Sharon Isbin, Nikita Koshkin, Eliot Fisk, David Russel, and many others.

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9. Guitar by The Juilliard School, New York

The course program started long back in 1989, by Sharon Isbin in the Guitar Department. The teacher gives a chance to all the enthusiasts to learn in association with him, along with the opportunity to handle other instruments like harp and winds. Interactive programs along with classes are an added advantage of the program at the Juilliard School. They also provide chances to perform on their own, and also in groups to enhance a mutual experience.  

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10. Six Strings of Artistry by Sanfrancisco Conservatory of Music

The course organized by the conservatory of music is heavily armed with outstanding personalities who are the best available experts who incorporate music to the pioneering stages of the study of the subject. It takes into account the importance of significant conventional matters with the modernized version of learning guitar.

The students also get a chance to learn about traditional and conventional instruments bequeathed by L. John Harris, a celebrated artist, author, and cookbook specialist.  

Renowned musician, Sergio Assad leads the session conducted online on composing, performing, and guitar arrangement. There are setting up conservatory weeks, which open endless prospects for group classes, projects with other related departments, and masterclasses.

The institute has given the world, some of the best guitarists, out of which some have brought laurels to the institute including winning titles of JoAnn Falletta International Guitar Concerto Competition and Guitar Foundation of America International Concert Artist Competition. Not only there are guitarists who emerged out, but also some great educators who are known internationally keeping up the name of the institute.

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