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Best Online Grant Writing Courses

Several nonprofit organizations, schools, foundations, and other agencies rely on grants and other types of funding for their programs. While there’s no specific training, degree, or certification program for becoming a professional grant writer, taking an online class that gives you tips and tricks to prepare yourself better to write grants is not the worst of ideas.

And today, we will be listing down the best online grant writing classes on the internet to hone better your skills of writing that will help you get your grant approved. The list was comprised of a variety of aspects and bases.

I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the article while also gathering some valuable information.

1. Grant Writing Basics : Skillshare

If you’re new to grant writing, Grant Writing Basics’ instructor will answer all burning questions while playing the modules at your own pace. This course focuses more on the initial phases of grant writing for brands new to the field.

The course contains ten lectures that take a total of 50 minutes to watch. The first module covers FAQs when getting started with grant writing, followed by grant myth-busting, and ends with advice on how to think like a grant reviewer.

The course has been referred to as helpful, engaging and exceeds expectations. Note: this course focuses on the grant process for schools and nonprofits, not for any other industry. Students can watch the course on a PC or through Skillshare’siOS or Android mobile app.

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2. Advanced Grant Proposal Writing: Ed2go

The Advanced Grant Proposal Writing offers the best advanced option because it takes a much deeper dive into formatting and writing than other courses. Even the more experienced writers have found it helpful.

The course has 12 lessons covering proper formatting and writing for foundations, corporations, and government grants, making it suitable for people in any industry. Students who have previously taken this course have praised it for its detail and ability to inspire new ideas, even to experienced grant writers. Students can take the course on a Windows or Mac computer with Adobe Reader installed.

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3. Federal Grant Writing 101: Udemy

Explicitly focusing on federal grant writing, Udemy offers the best option for government agencies because it focuses on what you need to write a successful federal government grant and is led by one of the best grant writing instructors in the industry.

The Udemy Federal Grant Writing 101 contains 12 sections with 48 lectures, for an hour and 41 minutes of material. The first section covers how to register on, followed by conducting research, filling out the required forms, writing a statement of need, and submitting your proposal. Students have stated that they enjoyed the course and found the accompanying downloadable resources helpful. Students can access the system on desktop or mobile through the Udemy app.

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4. Grant Writing for Nonprofits and Freelance Writers: Udemy

This course was created to help nonprofits improve their research, writing, and application processes for foundation and government grants. This course offers the best course material, specifically crafted for those who work for small or new nonprofits.

There are five sections and 17 lectures that are an hour and 34 minutes. The lectures walks through how to find foundation and government grants, assemble a thoughtful and strategic boilerplate, as well as critical strategies for a grant application. Real-life examples are used  to clearly understand what kind of language works and what kind of language doesn’t.

Students say that the material was easy to follow and very resourceful. The course can be accessed on both Android and Apple phones.

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5. 7 Steps to Write a Winning Grant:

The course is free. It contains seven pre-recorded video lessons that explain how to set up your grant proposal, what attachments you need, develop your budget, and write your narrative and persuade the reader. You don’t need to create an account to access the system on your browser, so you can start learning as soon as possible. Each lesson has a comment section below it, where students can ask questions about the study and receive a response from the course instructor. Previous students have had very high praises for this course, and Students can access it on both Android and Apple phones and a PC.

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6. Fundamentals of Grant Writing: University of Georgia

The course offers the fundamentals of grant writing, covering the grant writing process in detail and its entirety: from researching to presenting and fundraising. The course contains 12 lessons: starting with research, continuing with networking, writing, and ending with presenting. Past students have praised the system for being easy to understand and helping them build confidence in their grant writing skillsets and advance their careers. The course runs on all computers and requires access to Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader.

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7. Fundraising and Development Specialization: University of California

This course will help you gain an introduction to the basic terminology and concepts in the field, along with an overview of the development cycle from identification and cultivation through stewardship and recognition. You will identify and assess prospective donors, develop a case for support, and match a donor’s interests and needs.

You’ll examine career opportunities in the field, along with issues and trends confronting today’s fundraising tasks. The course will give you a hands-on practice developing an array of written products for your fundraising and development portfolio.

This program is taught by senior and executive members of the award-winning development team at UC Davis.  The faculty creates hands-on assignments covering an array of real-world deliverables. You’ll finish the program with a portfolio that demonstrates your ability to bring value to any organization’s fundraising mission. 

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8. Grant Proposal: Moscow Institute

The course provides guidance on developing a strong application that will allow reviewers to better evaluate the science and merit of your proposal. You will learn how to put your ideas into proper words, arrange a clear and concise paper and search the grant market for potential funder. You will also learn how to react to negative feedback from reviewers and resubmit your proposal. The course focuses on useful project management tools and possible budget pitfalls.

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