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Best Online Fashion Illustration Courses

When the mind of the fashion designer is understood well and is illustrated in the form of art leading to the introduction of fashion ideas is what comes under fashion illustration. It requires equally important aspects like creativity, drawing and painting skill, and a sense of art. The scene that comes into being is mainly the fashion industry where they have to think and come up with ideas on paper or in a digital format. Starting every designer costume begins with its illustration. The idea in the naive form is conceived and turned into the creative design in the form of diagrams and drawings. The fashion world identifies, demonstrates, and communicates an idea through an art form.

To work as an illustrator is often closed with the fashion designers. In order to build up a visual image, they can make use of pictures from newspapers, fashion magazines, clothing companies, and even other similar professionals for ideas. They are involved in the creation of apparel, shoes, vanity bags, clutches, hats, and so on. The drawings can be created digitally too to have a more perfect diagram.

To start doing the work there are few important things to be followed, the body proportions have to be properly grasped, placing of clothes, exploring and coming up with new styles, and defining the character pose are the important factors to be considered. The skills in drawing should be fine-tuned in order to succeed in the profession.

A career in fashion illustration can be lucrative and rewarding a well. In the United States, they make an average income of $73,206 on a yearly basis. The highest amount can even go up to $96,000 per annum and the least would not go below $55,000 every year.

Description of illustration courses are available to improve on the skills of drawing and figure construction;

1. Basic Fashion Illustration by Udemy

The course is meant to improve on the figures and postures of the drawing. The duration may be a 2-hour video for 4 months with 15 lecture sessions included. It covers the basics of illustration for a novice and an intermediate.  The drawing techniques for body elements and poses of fashion are emphasized.  The difference between masculine, feminine, and child figures is understood and the know-how of drawing garments on such figures is also taught. The 9-head proportion and the elements of the body from head to toe and the proposed movements after wearing the garments are also to be visualized during the drawing process. The teacher is taking the classes based on the learning experiences acquired personally as well those from teachers and also the innovative and self-developed methods to become a successful fashion illustrator.

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2. The First Steps of Fashion Design: From Concept to Illustration by SkillShare

Drawing being the most inevitable part of fashion designing, the course finds its significance as it trains the learners to develop the skill of drawing with the constraint of time-based on the shape and theme of the fashion scheme. While being part of an enormous collection, the representation should be accurate and should have acquired the complete essence of the theme to come out successful. Drawing in such a case is very crucial as there will not be any extra time for correction or redrawing. The initial creation itself should be the best.

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3. Fashion Illustration Online Short Course by UAL

The course in understanding the illustration with the help of an illustrator, aids in the gaining of visual language to unlock the creativity through drawing skills starting from the conceiving till the rendering.  There are weekly meetings scheduled with the teacher and other students belonging to a similar category. Novel ideas and techniques by the tutors and the introduction to the work of several pronounced illustrators. Practical assignments are provided and make them execute new designs and ideas. Different mediums such as ink, markers, watercolors, crayons and pastels, collage, digital and mixed media are put to use and also learns to outline and illustrate with superior self-reliance. The illustration of the human body and the ability to draw fashionable garments and clothes is acquired through training. The completion of the course assures the learner with novel abilities to alter into an elevated designer and illustrator, thereby being proud to be by realizing the visual ideas more accurately and with expert proficiency.

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4. Fashion Illustration with Marker Rendering for Beginners by Joanna Baker

The course is a complete one that is delivered through successive methods for constructing wonderful illustrations of fashion with artist markers. The learner can acquire the ability to illustrate fashion figures of men and women. The method of identifying the inspiration source and the selection of the accurate material is accomplished. Several vivid patterns like floral, gingham, and leopard along with textures like shine, denim, and fur. The learning of head, face, hair, and hands, and toe are easily represented through simple techniques. The difficult and repulsive stage is overcome during the period of the course itself and leads to the other side where the success of the hard work awaits. All the ways of practicing would help in developing self-illustration ability.

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5. Fashion Illustration by Hamstech Online Services 

The designing-related course helps the learner to design and create garments for women and children using various techniques, mediums used for art, styling, and inspired versions. Different varieties of clothes like Kurti, tops, jeans, fusion clothing, jackets, coats, and dresses are all designed with proper guidance and training. The course assures the ability to design and generate peculiar styled clothes with the program. It comes with 37 lessons, entertaining assignments, with a duration of 6 months to 1 year. Faculty members are experts and ready to solve any doubts at any time.

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6. Fashion Illustration Course by Milan Fashion Campus

The designing of a garment is rather considered an art than just designing based on a drawing. For those who are good at drawing and generating fresh ideas for clothes, the career would be an outshining one. The basics and fundamentals are taught along with sketching with the help of pencil, markers, watercolors, and paint and computer programs at a certain stage. The method of conducting research on the kind of fashion intended to create and the ways to understand the need of the client and to make out the mood of the art through a drawing is also advised in the study. The learner would have earned the fashion illustration techniques, understanding of the core from various artists, coloring techniques introduction, and ultimately the method of development of exceptional styling procedures.

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7. Learn Fashion Design and Illustration Online by Fashion Illustration Tribe

The way of understanding personal style through drawings can be achieved only through experience. But here the course intends to provide such an experience where the learner gains enough confidence to get along with the styling techniques. Each skill is introduced separately so that it becomes thorough and slowly can be progressed to the next level of understanding. Any method of learning can be opted by the learner; whether a self-study mode or learning mediated through teachers.

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8. Fashion Illustration I & Ii by Lasalle College

The course is for those who are in love with fashion and are planning to generate an individual and specific fashion line of their own. Such individuals would surely benefit from this course which helps to understand the techniques of using different media like markers, color pencils, ink, and pastels. Parts I and II are specifically for special entities to detail the nooks and corners of the program.

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9. Fashion Digital Illustration Online by Istituto Marangon

The course is aimed at those who already have experience of drawing or have taken designing and illustration courses in fashion.  It intends to cater to the existing abilities in fashion designing and involves the development of the person’s visualization. The learners are introduced to technical skills of illustration along with even more technical forward designing tools such as ‘Procreate’. All these are mainly for the improvement of creativity and self-confidence. Finally, the learner would be able to communicate through the drawings and the illustrations would be revealing the mind of the client.  

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10. Digital Drawing & Illustration by World University of Design

The course is provided as an undergraduate one specifically for balanced with the changing pace of the fashion market along with the emphasis on art and culture. The drawings are integrated with the conventional methods and illustrated in accordance with the digitalized technologies. Concepts are built strong enough to enable the learner to develop one’s own style. The designed styles can be incorporated with animation and photography skills. Significant thinking ability, modernization, self-assessment, and methods of appearance form a crucial part of the course with a straight introduction to the fashion industry.

The ability to develop the skill of drawing can help the learner to land in special jobs not only in fashion, but also in other areas like automobile, textile, graphic, and fashion design industries along with a profound requirement from the printing and publishing industry, and also getting involved in concept mappings, storyboarding, animation and comic industries.

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