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Best Online Dance Courses

Some dance to ease out their stress, some have a passion for dancing, some want to build a career on it. But after the surge of the covid 19, nationwide lockdowns have locked us into our homes and it has been really difficult to find places to become a certified dancer.

Well even after the lockdown eases off, it is difficult to find time in the day to go for dancing classes. If you feel like you have no time for online classes, you should know that you can learn dancing from online classes. If you are opting for a dancing course online, the first and foremost step is to find a dance that will stir up your passion. Be it salsa or bachata or you name it, everything can be learned through online classes and it is necessary to have constant practice. I have enlisted the top 10 online dance courses with good instructional material that help you with any kind of dance. You can take this course from any part of the world, let alone be flexible. So what are we waiting for? Let us get some Clases De Baile!

1. Dance Course by Steezy

If you want to learn some advanced moves and want to step up your dancing game, is a top-class platform to learn dancing. They only cost around 20 dollars per month with 7days free trial options.

The course is designed in a way where you can learn steps from every single angle and the routines are filled with great cinematography. The only disadvantage is they do not offer live classes. Nevertheless, if you pick his course, you can learn dance steps to any genre be it jazz-funk, break dancing, or even dancing in heels, you name it.

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2. Dance Course by Obe Fitness

Obe Fitness is rated as the top dance teaching platform for beginners. If you want to learn some moves for a party or if you are dancing to lose weight, this is an all-rounder course. They offer dance cardio, yoga, or boxing, you name it.

The course is instructed by the best people in the industry. It is offered in a fun and engaging way to make readers look forward to the courses. They also offer live classes as well as self-paced programs which can be chosen according to your preference. It is just 27 dollars per month and just 199 dollars per year. They offer a one-month free trial too. So join their classes already.

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3. Dance Course by The Class Taryn Toomey

If you are looking for a dance class package that primarily focuses on rigorous workouts but not fancy dance steps, this is the course for you. They have the best instructors who will constantly motivate and keep the classes as lively as possible.

The only disadvantage is it is focused more on freestyling and not step-by-step instructions which makes us not master any sort of skills. The classes will make you super sweaty and zenned out. The courses are cost-efficient at just 40 dollars per month. It comes with a 2weeks free trial option.

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4. Dance Course by 305 Fitness offers top-rated dance classes which will help boost your confidence. To convince you’re the next jenny from the block, this course is tailored in an 80s vibe to keep it real and fun.

After taking this course you will no longer feel awkward at dance parties. Rather, People will drool over your moves. These dance techniques are also high-intensity cardio workouts too. 360 fitness does not have different packages, even if you are a professional or a beginner they offer everyone the same routine and package. It is a bit expensive compared to the other classes- the cost is 230 dollars per year.

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5. Dance Classes by CLI Studios

If you are looking for a program that makes you highly professional in a particular category of dance, this is the program for you. The choreographers employed in this studio are top-rated dancers who have worked with renowned celebrities of Hollywood.

Anyway, the course has very limited live classes and rather has a lot of pre-recorded lectures. This course is not for someone who just wants to freestyle. This highly professional course has more than 800 online dance classes in various genres like hip-hop, contemporary, jazz, ballet, modern, tap, musical theatre, and more.

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6. Dance Course by Jazzercise

Jazzercise has been in the field of dancing since the 80s. They offer a wide array of dance programs that are exclusively focused on students who are dancing to lose weight. They only offer on-demand videos and not live classes.

The classes start at 30 dollars a month packages. It is highly cost-efficient as well as top-rated. The packages start from 15 mines to 1-hour of dance classes. Jazzercise offers a 14-day free trial to kick-start your interest in a dance career. You can customize a fitness routine that works for you.

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7. Dance Course by The Sculpt Society

The Sculpt Society is founded by former Brooklyn Nets dancer and celebrity trainer Megan Roup. This course is highly credible for its top-rated classes offered for fitness and cardio. You can choose packages to sculpt your body according to whatever preference you choose.

This program gives you access to 400+ on-demand videos and multiple live workouts every week. This program is used by great influencers, celebrities, supermodels, and actresses. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, unmotivated, or a bit lost when it comes to working out, this is the course for you.

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8. Dance Course by Peloton

Peloton has been in the biz for more than 10 years. Recently they switched their live classes to on-demand video classes which will be available exclusively on their app. The classes are extremely flexible and it is highly recommended for someone who is bored of routine workouts and wants to lose weight in a fun as well as engaging way.

You can have your first 3 months of Peloton Digital for just $12.99 with their Summer Pass. Not only Dancing but from meditation and yoga to a walk/run on the gym tread and cycling on your spin bike, this app has everything you need to get a complete workout.

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9. Dance Classes by Dance Plug

This course offers not only exclusive dance classes but also dance auditions to kick-start your career. Through this course you can browse dance auditions, casting calls, and job openings across the world, including the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Dance Plug has it all when it comes to genres of dance, and their instructors are the best of the best. So pick this course already!

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10. The Ballet Spot

Most of the dance companies do not have ballet options in their packages. The Ballet spot is primarily focused on ballet dance classes. If you want to master ballet at your home, this is the course for you.

The Ballet Spot, based in New York City and Los Angeles, features professional dancers that teach classes ranging from cardio ballet to Broadway ballet. It only costs 7 dollars per class. For the new clients, they offer on-demand classes for kick-starting ballet careers.

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